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"Not sick 101 fitness tips": 101 strokes addictive fitness trick dispel illness pain small action bring fitness health 101 strokes addictive let motion activated vitality rubbing nose 1 with both hands thumb dorsal intermediate section between friction and tip of the nose, chafe under 24. 2 fingers rubbing the nose with both hands on each side of 12. 3 blowing his nose with your fingers, down from the 10. View every morning, evening or brain fatigue, in the balcony or window, a regular rotation of the globe, head up the distant scene mouth 1 sitting in a chair or bed, mouth easily, the rhythm of a, each one lasting 50, about 1 minutes. 2 to 1 times each day and night. Swallow the saliva of 1 keep calm, gently exhale 3. 2 then the tongue tooth lip, upper and lower stirring. 3 when the fluid with the continuous drum rinse, 5 ~ 10, 3 times the saliva slowly into the pubic region, do 3 ~ 4 times a day. Pull the ear and 1 with his right hand over his head gently pull the left ear 27, and then to the left hand over his head, pull the ear 27. 2 pull to ears don't feel pain for the degree, after the early morning and before bedtime to do 2 times. Hot towel rub ears 1 every night with hot towel rub ears, down gently rub ears 40 times each. 2 cold towel, immersion in hot water and then rub. Repeated. Turn neck 1 sit up, rise, try to back. 2 and the lower the chin to the chest, the neck muscles tighten and relax. 3 to about two. 10 ~ 15 times. 4 then back against the chair back, hands and neck hold the rope a moment. The fist 1 hands clenched into a fist, the body at the same time slightly, then let go. 2 repeat 50 ~ 80, sooner or later each day to do 1 times. Knead armpits 1 arms folded, his left hand right axillary, right hand left armpit. 2 using the wrist to, food, the ring finger, gently rhythmic kneading arm muscles of 3 ~ 5 minutes. 3 in the morning and 1 times, not too much force. Shake a leg 1 thighs or forced jitter. 2 jitter of 15 ~ 30 times. On 1 legs slightly forced, lift the heel, toe. Lift 2 inhale, exhale down. 3 5 groups, each group of 10. To find the most suitable fitness methods own select the most effective fitness project in the first chapter, neat facial features, body features exquisite heart magnanimous -- from start chapter second raise the viscera diseases -- can not strong viscera is strong and the third chapter exercise a "hoe" - for skeletal prepared "savings" chapter fourth power type -- body shaping up the fifth chapter nerve does not fade, life is long. The sixth chapter ailments -- practice life, big tricks -- treat 1% with mentality of 100% damage seventh chapter health is the most beautiful woman -- women common diseases prevention chapter eighth men to fitness -- the best doctor program learn to love his -- male common disease prevention and chapter ninth special groups is their tenth chapter "relax" is the best medicine -- don't let the pressure health overdraft
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Introduction to do healthy people, understand people to do the first chapter neat facial features, the heart is delicate body 1 times -- E beware of your eyes from the facial features with Action: prevention of video terminal syndrome, senile vertigo Action 2 pinch earlobe: prevention of tinnitus, deafness. Action 3 rub the nose: anti cold, Lee five internal organs of Action 4 activation Yingxiang acupoint: chronic rhinitis is not hard to treat Action 5 often rub gingival: oral diseases sunshine Action 6 choke point Hegu: save the terrible toothache second chapter raise the viscera diseases -- can not strong viscera is strong and Action 7 exercise six words: the five internal organs of the disease killed five birds in the cradle of 8 Action to the five internal organs: inside and outside and practice, strong Action 9 good temperament can appease the five internal organs: "heart medicine" is a health cure first "big medicine" Action 10 hand rub, rub rub foot: a wonderful strong intention Action 11 knocking drum rinse: spread a hundred years the Glister kidney strong Party Action the 12 day abdomen kneading good appetite: the spleen and stomach health "acquired" worry free Action 13 abdominal deep breathing: keep good lung longevity is the Action 14 two large points: Nourishing Organs and drop patency, a Shun Li third chapter Exercise a "hoe" -- for the skeleton ready "savings" Action 15 head and neck health plan: cervical vertebra disease prevention, reduction of Action 16 stroke shoulder periarthritis of shoulder Action prevention fitness program: 17 thoracic vertebra health plan: the protection of God Action ribs, cardiopulmonary fitness program: 18 lumbar vertebra waist strong body, effort full Action 19 pelvic health plan: balancing pelvic pain, no Action 20 legs health plan: everyone can "the wind" the fourth chapter have the power to shape -- body shaping up Action 21 exercise hand: save your finger Action 22 exercise forearm: grip strength, stronger vitality Action 23 exercise chest: Beauty chest out of the show Action 24 abdominal exercises: you also lithe Action 25 exercise the back: to prevent back pain, a Action 26 exercise the buttocks: sexy "Alice" not difficult to Action 27 thighs: get rid of making Action 28 exercise calf: build slender leg Action 29 exercise ankle: to prevent accidental injury Action 30 exercise toes: impact strength of arch, eight step takes fifth chapter nerve does not fade, life is life -- Practice Long work Action 31 simple combing his hair and not simple: Zhen Yang, God does not ring Action 32 a week to remember: let the brain get smart tips Action 33 "gnash the teeth in anger" do not be angry: prevention of cerebral thrombosis with new Action 34 use left hand: prevention of 35 clever massage to enhance memory Action cerebral hemorrhage: no longer forget Action 36 simple action: Farewell sciatica Action 37 "minor illnesses" do it yourself: headache dizziness massage to get Action 38 drums: prevention and treatment of neurasthenia Action 39 through Du Yang does not fade: spine is your life line Action 40 use your tongue: the prevention of Alzheimer's disease Action 41 irritability of the people is easy to lost love: laughter can live out the Action 42 "heart" have a good life: walking in the morning sunlight, say goodbye to the sixth chapter of small pain and depression, damage of the Action 43 point Laozhen ways -- to 1% with 100% mentality, neck and shoulder pain stiff neck don't worry Action 44 common mistakes, can own massage to relieve Action 45 after sitting low back pain, a pain to find "the Commission" Action 46 effect is extremely good plucking method, lumbocrural pain on the use of the Action 47 strong stock four myo: Pain of knee joint exercise Action 48 critical moment depends on yourself: calf cramp massage except Action 49 effective is the hard truth: 4 points for a Action 50 hero, also don't live three bubble dilute: against diarrhea trick Action 51 excessive dandruff really worry: the scalp massage let beauty from the "head" Action 52 skin itching for massage therapy, the autumn wind SA up skin flawless Action 53 little cough and Chaos: the activation of Action 54 point explicit brave heart palpitations, flustered massage: simple and easy Action 55 chest should not be overlooked: "wide chest Qi" very comfortable every day Action 56 point, smooth stool to fresh Action 57 "312" main and collateral channels exercises through the bladder, urine smoothly be Shi Action 58 sides feet massaging: vertigo was "off" Action 59 is not careful it, properly handled a week ago don't worry the seventh chapter control method Action healthy woman is the most beautiful woman common disease -- 60 menstrual always anxiety: the magic of Yu Ga as a spiritual baptism Action 61 menstrual cycle dysmenorrhea: "general does not hurt," massage Action 62 practice Yu Ga regulate qi and blood, menstruation will follow Action 63 Yu Ga Rest: Endometriosis and support Action 64 cold feet is not terrible: Yang is the person on the antibody Action best 65 massage breast hyperplasia, not Action 66 simple lower limb exercise: prevention and treatment of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease ActioSome people once fell ill, worried and scared, complete mental collapse. A few days ago, chatting and a famous doctor. When talking about the health, he said: "this few days received several families of cancer patient consultation. Asked how to help his family back to health. See them very anxious mood, sometimes really worried for them. However, the disease of conditioning is a very complicated process, need the resources to cope with, are indispensable. Conditioning is not to the patient's body, but the patient's thoughts." Every man wants to own health and longevity, muscular, be full of go. Vitality: every woman wants his slim, rosy, delicate skin, eyes charming. Try various devices to learn all kinds of knowledge, but found that it didn't imagine: dry face to avoid all kinds of pain, but do not know where the pain comes from...... We began to confusion, where the road...... We were wrong? Wrong there...... In "the absurd world", people were induced to believe that various physical, emotional, and mental illness are inevitable in life. Or is the result of bad genes. The only way to deal with health problems, take medicine, doctor, is hospitalized injection etc.. Either the people simply ignore health problems, resign oneself to one's fate, no treatment. We are overweight, out of shape, illness, fatigue and unhappiness degree is more and more serious. Ill just go to see a doctor, to rescue his body, and the young do not need to care, old age care of wrong ideas is harmful for our health. So far, our conception of health to create healthy people have little effect. We need real health. True health it will bring real change, thinking. Real change and cultural patterns. · just another drug or fashion diet program.
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