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Date of publication:2006-3   Press: Economic Daily Press   Author:Wang Hanfeng   Pages:340  

Wang Hanfeng, on 1 July 1946, Beijing City, the standing deputy director of Health Bureau of the Ministry of health, researchers. Graduated from Beijing Second Medical College (now the Capital Medical University), served as deputy director of Department of science and technology, the Ministry of health deputy director, director of the Department of examination, the national medical examination center of the Ministry of health care administration. Writing papers and writing many books and the medical and health system of training materials. In December 14, 2005, the
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Weight loss women of all ages to four seasons fitness program has been the focus of much female attention, bring not exercise not only for weight loss, more important is health. Choose a suitable for their movement pattern, healthy beautiful life. A 30 year old sport, make you beautiful 1 age if the 20 year old female presented with a pure beauty, intellectual beauty that 30 year old female from still lets a person cannot resist. In this age of women began to focus on the shape features of their own, the importance of knowledge connotation temperament. Body flexibility training to help relieve the female occupation disease, alleviate pain, varicose veins of the lower extremities and other symptoms. 2 fitness gym: scheme Rhythm Gymnastics, aerobics, aerobics, aerobics, aerobic gymnastics, gymnastics, Yu Ga, Pilates and so on, are fitness methods designed for women, gentle curve of the. Outdoor: jogging, biking, swimming and so. Interior: sit ups, dumbbell. Two, 40 year old sport health care 1 age 40 year old female body function and the quality decreased. Not girls enter the body of sub-health state, start to suffer from insomnia and other conditions that. During this period, should not be engaged in the exercise great. 2 fitness program focuses on endurance, flexibility exercise, do not insist on speed and strength. For example, ballroom dancing, swimming, rope skipping, shuttlecock. Menopausal women should do some interesting activities, such as ballroom dancing, dancing, doing aerobics. Three, at the age of 50 to 1 age characteristics of motion stay healthy 50 year old female more ample time, many women have joined the ranks of the retired, have more time to take exercise. The female body has started to emerge with some senile diseases. 2 fitness programme, ballroom dancing, kicking shuttlecock, swimming and so on, can also be used for climbing stairs more convenient movement, focus on cardiovascular maintenance. Four, 60 and 1 movement fitness age characteristics of some diseases of old age began to appear. Because of taking care of children, old people sometimes feel more terribly fatigued. Take a walk, 2 fitness program Taijiquan, mountain climbing (should be carefully selected according to the actual situation, goalball etc.).
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The first chapter of daily health care nutrition: nutrition and health, with delicious life you lack which kinds of Vitamin vitamin and supplement "vitamin" right and wrong view of common food nutrition mysteries in test your diet health hazards of smoking and drinking harm daily health care and daily care diet nutrition nourishing food more common collocation errors diet ten experts for you with a delicious and nutritious diet tips week diet second chapter sports health: burning fat, fitness through fat health index physical health test your body how to develop safe and effective exercise for men of all ages in four seasons fitness for women of all ages to the four seasons fitness program fashion fitness market point against heart aging family utility weight loss tips daily calorie list all kinds of sports consumption of calories list the third chapter psychological adjustment for sports: unmoved either by gain or loss, the concept of mental health standards and express your using self defense mechanism to maintain mental health and self adjust good mood leader How to correctly grasp the interpersonal spatial distance to spend a mid life crisis and overcome the occupation pressure psychological tricks "marriage break the silence in the walls of the fourth chapter" common disease prevention and care of chronic bronchial preventive and routine care hyperlipidemia prevention and daily health coronary prevention and care of cerebral vascular disease prevention and care diabetes prevention and daily health cervical vertebra disease prevention and care for osteoporosis prevention and daily health prevention of gout and daily health prevention of prostatitis and daily care of cancer prevention and the daily health care...... A medical guide article @##@ correct medication This book is for the office of the leading group for He Jian in particular. The book focuses on healthy living concept -- "new concepts, pay attention to health care, home care, disease prevention, reasonable medical treatment, medication safety." Hope to be able to help you to set up correct consciousness of health, healthy life concept, improve the quality of life. "Health consultant" from the subtle to start with, from "pay attention to the daily care, daily medication safety, reasonable medical guidance" as the main line, focus on practical and professional guidance in combination. Healthy life from the scientific way of life. "Health consultant" first article for daily health care articles, explain how to achieve physical fitness by changing some daily life purpose from the point of view of nutrition, exercise, psychology, common diseases. In this article and the latter part especially for "death from overwork", "immunity disorder" currently afflicting modern health problems proposed the daily care and preventive method; second for correct use, mainly for some common disease provides daily medication knowledge, misunderstanding with you out of the daily medication; Third Hospital Guide to provide you with some medical skills, help you to better communicate with doctors in medical treatment process, improve the treatment efficiency.
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Medical scholar Wu Jieping inscription: health is the health care is the inscription, Vice Minister of Ministry of health Huang Jiefu: book as source of doctor of the Chinese Medical Association and Professor Zhong Nanshan wrote an inscriptionPreface: This is the experts have long been engaged in medical care and preventive health care experience outstanding care expert Professor Fang Qi trial after reading draft evaluation: the book I have read on, from two aspects of scientific and practical view is best for
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