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Digest human body is a very magical machine, it can make all kinds of complicated, even a as the acme of perfection actions: sit, stand, walk and other routine often proceed from the general people, the only player or acrobats perform prance, rotate, flip, high difficulty action; action to run, throwing and greatly from a smile, frown, subtle movements. We can not help but ask, why can the human body to make such a complex action? Which of course and motion organ of the human body are inseparable. Movement of the human body organs including bone, joint, muscle of three parts. The three part is mutual connection, mutual cooperation, that we have such a rich and colorful movement, various daily activities and interesting sports, art performances and also can be completed. 1 skeletal bone is the strongest part of our body, the human body is greatly small, shapes of bone or cartilage by ligament connected up. The human skeleton consists of 206 blocks, according to the different locations, divided into: the skull, trunk, limbs bone. The structure of bone from the outside to the inside: the periosteum, cancellous bone, cancellous bone, bone marrow, marrow cavity. Is the film outside periosteum bone wrapped, it plays a key role in bone growth, because the nutrients and oxygen is through the periosteum with vascular Everfount to transmit to the bone. Cancellous bone, cortical bone constitute the backbone. The hollow part of the backbone is called the marrow cavity, the bone marrow cavity filled with hematopoietic function of bone marrow. The main components of bone is: calcium, phosphorus and bone collagen. Different ages, the proportions of the three inconsistent. How many collagen content determines the skeletal elastic level, along with age growth, bone collagen decreased, bone elasticity decreases. Bone glue adolescent bone content raw ingredients is high, so the skeletal elastic good, but easy to deform, so young people should pay attention to keep correct posture to sit, stand, walk. To the elderly, content composition bone less, bones become brittle and hard, so the elderly people prone to fracture, and once it happens, it is not easy to recover. The movable part 2 joint bone and bone is called the "joint". For example: the knee is the joints where the thigh bone and tibia squats, we rely on it to complete. And we often say that the elbow joint, waist joint, sternoclavicular joint, wrist, finger joints. The shoulder is a joint surface, joint capsule, the articular cavity. The bone surface of bone ends called articular surface, which is covered with a layer of smooth elastic cartilage, the cartilage can reduce friction caused by the movement and vibration on bone and joint injuries. In and around the joints, the joint surface is sealed joint capsule, the articular capsule can secrete a lubricating function of mucus. The gap between the joint surface and the joint capsule is the joint cavity, its role is to expand the scope of activities and protect articular surface. 3 muscle and joint connects the bones, but the action is not only attached to the bone, muscle contraction, can drive the related bone around the joint activities, action. Can say, the power source of sports is muscle contraction. P3-4
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The first chapter of human physiological exercise fitness equipment common sense organ motion and composition of what is called slow fiber and fast fiber is what power from the three elements of male hormone and strength of the relationship between body movement of the energy supply and demand and oxygen uptake between what is of vital capacity and pulmonary ventilation to treat motion when the pole the movement of the respiratory and what are the features of the cardiovascular system and sports exercise blood cell changes in movement and metabolism of exercise can improve the ability of the body cold heat exercise and brain health movement on the positive impact of the second chapter of psychological fitness equipment basic knowledge of what is in physical fitness and bodybuilding fitness equipment is characterized by what what is the role of the fitness equipment fitness equipment what is the principle of step by step is the most important fitness principles according to their own situation to make a fitness plan preparation before exercise activity is very important movement to relax after finishing also nots allow to ignore the correct breathing in the fitness function to recognize the muscle soreness after exercise Muscle soreness and damage prevention fitness to eliminate fatigue to prevent over training what is exercise hematuria and proteinuria to overcome mental fatigue and how to use the instrument for correcting bad shape fitness equipment and diet arrangement of the third chapter fitness equipment classification fitness equipment origin and classification of common fitness equipment introduction how to buy fitness equipment, fitness equipment use and maintenance specially used for strength training equipment specially used for track and field training equipment Chapter fourth commonly used fitness equipment applications such as how to use the treadmill fitness vehicle types and methods of fitness cycling machine and use method of how to use walking machine rowing machine use clip chest machine why called butterfly machine comprehensive training and exercise a method how to do bench press what is the supine "bird" practicing clip chest exercise action essentials of several "lift" method of exercise several "pull" exercise chinning exercise effect "boating" practice methods what is the heel of the practice of several "squat" exercise fifth chapter Strength training method, describes how to use the equipment exercise chest muscle and how to use the equipment exercise muscles of the neck and how to use the instrument to exercise the shoulder muscles and how to use the instrument exercise the arm muscles to use instruments to exercise abdominal muscles to use exercise equipment back muscles, how to use equipment exercise the buttocks muscles to use instruments to exercise the leg muscles what instrument slimming exercise what is the fitness equipment the sixth chapter family health assessment of dumbbell exercise dumbbell exercise the origins and features of how to choose the correct method of using dumbbells dumbbells dumbbells what is the principle of dumbbell fitness should also pay attention to what issues the dumbbell exercise thin aerobics effect what is dumbbell fitness preparation why to do stretching exercises simple dumbbell exercise dumbbell exercise the chest muscle exercise dumbbell exercise on the shoulder and back muscle exercise dumbbell exercise of the upper extremity muscle exercise dumbbell exercise the abdominal muscle exercise dumbbell exercise on lower limb muscle exercise the sports games the first chapter of family sports tour Play back the knockout wife beater Regatta snowball snowball fight in the sedan chair putt game family blown sugar match ball game to see who the family much stripping pouring bottle who set you can clip much more balanced wood round robin bottle brisk walking second chapter sports game bike race home basketball badminton relay shuttlecock kicking scoring race walking race relay water water water water water then drop ball match race Regatta race car and home ice push the tire running push the tire running to and fro in situ TiC race brace bar round robin beiren running race cacolet race single rope skipping Championship double rope skipping Championship skipping run single leg touch turn time trial double dribble cycling hoop race hoop steeplechase hoop relay run dart points race stairs relay meet on on a narrow path family dumbbell match family relay third chapter quality training of sports game to see who was quasi single leg hop relay relay candle blowing game single gyro Hand ball snow forced march arms hanging bar feet wipe to go double dribble relay badminton shuttlecock kicking shuttlecock alternately double bicycle race around the game slow bike riding. Pass water to pick up treasure floating buoy relay beach ball relay end plate shuttle run fast off game away game wheelchair racing tournament back ups push up hand wrestling tournament carry bag run seat pitch to see who played the quasi who didn't rob to crawl champions sets foot disorder go see who stepped on multi ball race on Wall in table tennisThe ball passing game @##@ dislocation This book is an introduction of fitness method of popular science books, is divided into two parts. The fitness equipment, including human physiological knowledge, basic knowledge of sports fitness equipment, fitness equipment, fitness equipment, classification of common application of strength training methods, family dumbbell fitness method; the sports games, including family sports games, sports games, sports games and training. The book writing concise, specific method, easy to master, entertaining, interesting and physical exercise in one, is a suitable unit, family, personal fitness exercise reference book.
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Review of obesity, can become slim; thin, can be strong; malformation, can be corrected, fitness!
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Obesity, can become slim; thin, can be strong; malformation, can be corrected...... Follow the book fitness, healthy and perfect body is not a dream. The book is divided into two parts, fitness equipment and sports games, including family dumbbell fitness, family sports games, sports games, quality training. Originally, play the game can also exercise!
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  •   I bought this book, mainly want to know the correct training methods some devices, you can make your own fitness can be twice the result with half the effort. But the distinctive feature of this book is not clear. The first chapter is about the theoretical knowledge, behind a half is all about the game, the real part of the very limited to exercise equipment.

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