• Alleviate fatigue small movements of spine

    "Introduction to relieve spinal fatigue small action" content: when your body inexplicable pain, chest tightness, dizziness, hearing and vision loss, memory deterioration, unable to concentrate in such situation, may well be the precursor of spinal lesions! "Pain and relieve the problem of spinal fatigue small action" for the general people meet, puts forward,

  • Please friends drink less let the enemy Do

    "Please friends drink less, let the" enemy "drink" the main content: in order to improve the health status China people drinking, advocating moderate, healthy, civilized consumption concept, Jin licensing company limited since 2007 launched the "healthy drinking China activity", "please friends drink less, let the" enemy "drink" books out,

  • YOU: physical exercise manual

    The true age fitness program, Realage Workout: maximum health, minimum work, "exercise handbook: Real Age Fitness Program" "age" refers to each one of us the actual physiological state, there is a big difference between age and calendar. Some people calendar age may be only 30 years old, but has shown the physiological state of 40 years old, and some people might have been 70 years old, but has maintained a 50,

  • Blue and white fish coach let men have "King" character.

    In 3 years with my fitness friend -- efforts of mackerel coach. Believe him, believe in yourself, your body will change. -- actress Cha Seung Won as "Cha Seung Won's fitness club" broadcast, Cui coach with his perfect figure and charming smile was "ratings,

  • The history of the most effective reinforcement towel.

    "History on the most effective reinforcement towel exercise" author Dr. Lv Shaoda was suffering from the "mouse hand" in the right hand almost paralyzed, even affects the nerve to walk: and he by lacing the towel exercise "soon recovered fully, but also because the force for" thin towel exercise "one month weight loss 6 kg, away from the middle age spread and,

  • Taking the legs to health

    "Taking the legs in health: exercise health comprehensive solution scheme" content introduction: through the movement of our body can get a lot of benefits. Running, mountaineering is strong physique, however the life of some small action is a movement, and belongs to the low intensity aerobic exercise, this low intensity exercise also have good fitness,

  • A man so the practice of "King" character.

    "Men have" King "character." a brief introduction: no one is born with a perfect figure. Is a healthy diet and exercise the day after tomorrow and the formation of a good figure, perhaps, when small emaciated male, years later but sexy body, Youko Junxiu. Good body does not pay attention to maintenance, will slowly lose their charm; bad,

  • In older stereo fitness prescription

    "In older stereo fitness prescription" described and introduced the modern movement, many elderly people in favor of nutrition, psychology, health and other multi-dimensional and individualized exercise prescription, the basic mechanism of life, affecting human health and longevity should enjoy life, human aging causes and how to approach or reach the limit of life,

  • Thermal burn fat dumbbell exercises

    "Thermal burn fat dumbbell exercises" through the exquisite graphic introduction dumbbell beauty custom-made warm-up exercises, joint, muscle activation of preheating, improve the body flexibility, effective prevention of sports injury, and fully mobilize the active factor in the body! The stereo shaping routine vibrant, radiant action, excitation in vivo High yuan,

  • Stereo fitness Body-building Prescription

    "Physical fitness exercise prescription" stereo comprehensive interpretation of much modern sports, fitness crowd looking for nutrition, psychology, health care and other multi-dimensional and individualized exercise prescription, analyzes the reason of special principle and classic method basic principle, physical fitness and muscle bodybuilding exercise, body weight and weight gain,

  • Fitness by

    "Fitness" fitness for Professor Huang Guangmin can be carried out according to a set of sum up the characteristics of the modern people's life style. Whether you are busy all day work brigade, or the age of the elderly, can find a suitable fitness method from. If you want to have a real young state, enjoy healthy,

  • Movement detoxification method is not the same

    Exercise can improve immunity, enhance the body detoxification function, also can be in the Qi and blood, reduce the body and poison, let us have a non-toxic to the body. "Not the same movement detoxification method" for different age groups, are tailored for movement detoxification method itself, in the office and outdoor, guide you,

  • Body posture correction stereo fitness prescription

    "Personalized stereo fitness prescription Guide Series: body posture correction stereo fitness prescription" comprehensive interpretation and introduced the modern movement, more body posture correction nutrition, psychology, health care to the multidimensional and individualized exercise prescription. Exercise particularity of disabled population fitness training rules, for disabled people,

  • College Students Fitness safety guidelines

    "College Students Fitness safety guide" from the safety of fitness, detailed scientific basis, safety fitness students fitness and weight control, exercise safety and nutrition, fitness, safety and heart rate recovery activities, preparations and importance of safety fitness movement prescription, college students health sports safety guidelines and,

  • Take 6000 steps every day

    "Introduction to take 6000 step" contents every day: walk upright was an important step in the process of human evolution, however, with the development of modern technology, the emergence of various traffic, communication tools, people are increasingly neglect the value of walking. Perhaps because of this, a research report points out, contemporary human beings and our fathers,

  • Zhao heart most fitness dumbbell

    "Heart of Zhao dumbbell most fitness" by the famous education experts Zhao Zhixin personally prepared, in addition to the introduction of the dumbbell 38 classic exercises, also designed the "nutrition + Exercise + full fitness plan rest", and for the obese, bodybuilder and office owners, different groups of people, carefully choreographed, science effective,,

  • Tensile

    The best exercise, "stretching: introduction of best movement" content: tensile, the best exercise -- anyone at any time and place can be simple and gentle movements of the. Modern people increasingly health conscious, and one of the indicators of health, is the bones and muscles softness. Want to increase the body's flexibility, the most simple method, that is,

  • Dance of self-cultivation

    "15 minutes!" Fitness series, designed for modern people busy. Each book contains 4 movements, each movement is as long as 15 minutes, starting from the simple action, use the fitness equipment simple, enable the reader to do exercise at home can. Series covers the whole body movement, the movement of the abdomen, waist movement,

  • Sports and fitness.

    "Introduction": fitness by healthy people cannot do without exercise, patients need more exercise. Rehabilitation exercise and not make a lot of the prognosis of the patients is a world of difference. Adhere to the rehabilitation training, many patients get rid of or reduce the suffering and distress pain, greatly improving the quality of life and quality of life, and even creating,

  • The small action of health

    "Little movements health: let your body from head to foot easily" brief introduction: help improve body discomfort and sub health. With the ever accelerating pace of life, more and more people feel great pressure, physical and mental fatigue, lassitude, come one after another to a number of health problems, leading to decline in physical function, physical health,

  • Yizhi Jiannao finger exercises

    "Yizhi Jiannao finger exercise" the main content description: want to let the baby hands flexibly envy letting a person? Want to let the child be Pinyin super baby? 26 letters to make English early acquaintance with the baby? Have fun and finger games, flower basket, to pull out the radish; mysterious animal shadow, peacock, small,

  • To exercise to be healthy

    "To exercise to health" content brief introduction: regardless of the individual, or to the family and society, whether you are old or young, health, is the first important! I wonder if you found a strange phenomenon: with the progress of society, people's living standards improved, medical conditions gradually improved, people's health is,

  • Health crisis stereo fitness prescription

    "Health crisis stereo fitness prescription" in novel conception, stereo and a full range of innovation perspective, comprehensive interpretation and introduced the modern movement, much of the broad masses of health crisis and disease groups in favour of nutrition, psychology, health and other multi-dimensional and individualized exercise prescription, the modern concept of a new health and self health care,,

  • To create the perfect (lower half of fitness DVD, posters posters)

    "Fitness coaches coach" Yu Zhiren "perfect fitness book", fitness [] http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ0NDc5MTY0.html online video "to create the perfect body" is a book to help the female lower body lines of fitness book, by Han Guochao leading fitness professional female education,

  • Too? "!

    "Too? Taiji!: Ma Chang introduction fashion Taiji" content: This is a small beauty fashion Tai Chi Ma Chang for young people to write the Tai Chi book. The Tai Chi champion Ma Chang sang the song "too? Tai chi! "Taste of fashion taste of Tai Chi together with you, to tell you, in fact, Tai Chi is very fashionable! Tai Chi is not the elderly health,

  • The joint decision to return to the youth health of joint extension

    "Remove pain! Joint determinants of health: return to the youth of the joint extension" is divided into 5 chapters to teach us "to return to the youth of the joint extension movement", the concrete content includes: joint can return to the youth do; help joint to return to youth and stretching; use towel to promote joint live dynamic stretching back through the sitting posture,

  • Bodybuilding.

    "Bible" is for the male, aerobics of female body structure and physiological characteristics, how to create the perfect body shape and shape the scientific training of beautiful shape and writing. "Fit" is divided into two parts. The first part is the sculpture body shape, the main contents are the basic principles of bodybuilding, bodybuilding common plus,

  • I do not know the 365 physical exercise common sense

    "I do not know the 365 exercise common sense" exercise is the best tonic. Don't exercise may make you fat, make your physical condition is getting worse, even all sorts of disease. "I do not know the 365 exercise common sense" to explain in detail the muscles, bones, endurance, detoxification and a series of scientific method of exercise,

  • Guide the scientific exercise

    "The scientific exercise guide" is by the Suzhou Municipal Institute of sports science, Physical Education College of Soochow University and Suzhou Institute of Sports Science Research Organization experts, scholars. The book includes three parts and sixteen chapters, three articles in scientific basis, respectively, fitness exercise types and methods, common in patients with chronic diseases of fitness,

  • Happy fitness a basket (Second Series)

    "Happy fitness a basket (Second Series)" to "a basket" happy fitness program group carefully prepared, "happy gym basket" is a daily talk show, is also the Beijing TV sports channel will focus on creating a non athletic programs. Beijing city science fitness instructors secretary, national news agency,

  • Aerobics

    "Aerobics" inventive, self style, unique new idea, stereo and a full range of innovation perspective, discusses and explains the principle and practice method of public concern of bodybuilding, there is a strong forward-looking, scientific, intellectual, systematicness, pertinence, practicability and operation,,

  • Children and adolescents stereo fitness prescription

    "Young children stereoscopic fitness prescription" mainly discusses the physical and psychological characteristics of children, youth fitness special laws and exercise, nutrition and psychological prescription guidelines; introduces young children of different ages of the exercise prescription and dietary nutrition prescription; the best period of development of young son Tong Suzhi, physical and motion,

  • Move a light without disease

    "Move, no disease a light" introduces the method how to use some small action common daily life health illnesses, including living massage, health movement, daily health tips, traditional health preserving exercises and common disease prevention and treatment and other aspects, with simple, easy to understand, real,

  • Hand exercise

    "Fitness" to "one hand" sunshine sports series, mainly introduces the manual exercise. Spirit of Olympic National tonghui. The Beijing Olympic Games approaching, the Ministry of education, the State Sports General Administration, the Communist Youth League Central Committee jointly launched the "millions of young students nationwide sports sunshine". This is to strengthen our country in the new period,

  • The soft body health law ten years younger.

    "Introduction to the soft body health law" ten years old young content: bend down, you can to your toes? Japan, natural health authority Ishihara Yumi in "the soft body health law" ten years old young to every modern people especially young people, have raised the question. Have a look of our own, a lot of people at a young age, but,

  • The small sports health 1

    In order to realize the people's health, we has quietly come to your side, and bring you a lifetime and the authority of the family health care doctor. You only need to spend a few dollars, the "small sports health 1" home, can enjoy a good doctor, under the guidance of it, as long as they can persevere, various,

  • Do your own fitness coach

    "Do your own fitness coach (latest version)" from the five aspects of fitness knowledge, exercise habits, exercise, weight loss fitness and nutrition and fitness. Summarized 120 fitness is apt to make mistakes. In the 120 section. With four plates respectively expounds the cause of the error, and its solution:,

  • Commuters are doing aerobics

    The successful family business coordination, the happiness, the interpersonal relationship, this is an office worker desire and pursuit of the. Facing the fierce competition of the modern society, many white-collar elite success, but success comes at the cost of his health. "People are doing aerobics" featured some suitable for office workers of small animals,

  • Exercise book

    "Fitness book" anatomy from human standard posture to start, briefly discusses the human motion execution system, introduces the energy metabolism of human body physiology and biochemistry, and motion classification and exercise intensity. Includes four elements, physical exercise principle, function, and prevention of sports hidden eight elements. Are also introduced,

  • Move up and health

    "Move up the health (Family Edition)" the main content: movement is the main method for human care of life, active exercise is to ensure that the primary way to physical and mental health. The ancients said: "the move is not bad." Modern scientists said: "life is movement." Therefore. Form a good habit of exercise is very important. ,

  • From head to foot health 2

    Fitness Qigong and a way of keeping good health, with a "from head to foot health" famous Qu Limin, once again launched the "from head to foot health 2". Qu Limin health unique, accurate idea, from the traditional ceremony of "Huangdi Neijing" into the blood. This is explain profound theories in simple language, said medicine, easy to understand about methods, the reader can head to,

  • Super waist.

    "Life, learning strategies: Super refining, waist power (Basic Edition)" content brief introduction: want to exercise, but was afraid of boring; want to lose weight, but difficult to adhere to; want to stay healthy, but couldn't find the right method...... You and the "super power" waist based version of the hero, was confused, and he also, how fortunate -- affinity,

  • 28 days of happiness physique lesson

    "28 days of happiness the physique class:" slimming coach unique influence and charisma of the best-selling book, it can help countless people lose weight successfully, no rebound. More terrible than "don't move" is "touch". Exercise is not scientific cause rebound, the figure is not symmetry. The perfect body shape is not born,,

  • The ten section brocade exercise of Chinese opera

    "Chinese opera aerobics ten section Brocade: introduction sleeves" content: "Chinese opera aerobics ten section brocade", is to figure out some drama of creation of aerobics, project mass body-building and opera opera basic skills and fitness exercise in one, by Professor Tu Linghui of Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera design coding plane. ,

  • From head to foot exercise

    Total body workout, "15 minutes!" Fitness series, designed for modern people busy. Each book contains 4 movements, each movement is as long as 15 minutes, starting from the simple action, use the fitness equipment simple, enable the reader to do exercise at home can. Series covers the whole body movement, the movement of the abdomen, waist movement,

  • More muscle and less fat

    "Introduction of multiple muscles and less fat content:" strong body in 15 ~ sixteenth Century in Italy prosperity of the Renaissance culture are the ideal, thanks in part to Michelangelo and Leonado Vinci. These two great artists try to painting and sculpture to define the ideal human proportions. But in the past,

  • Activity of ten minutes

    Ten minutes: the new "energy office work break exercises (first series)" for the city of Shanghai Jingan District Bureau of sports fitness series first series, including two sets of movement: ① "joint operation", to prevent and improve the office crowd common cervical spondylosis, lumbar strain, shoulder week inflammation, tennis elbow pain, and ridge,

  • Lazy scenario fitness method

    Commuters -- elite social, physical overdraft at most, but because too busy, too tired, often don't have time for exercise. "Lazy scenario exercise: health protective umbrella" work is to solve this problem based on the consideration, combined with the author's own decades of practical experience, specially designed for the day,

  • The secret of health exercise you do not know

    "Health movement" you don't know the secret content: Springfield university mission is "education and cultivate all-round development of virtue, wisdom, body, has the service to other leadership". This purpose is established on the basis of Springfield University Excellent Traditional Sports and health. Many famous China scholars studying,

  • Stretch the Bible

    In twentieth Century 50, the same fitness craze just rising, millions of Americans involved. They experience the joy of movement, harvest health. In the process of movement, people gradually realize that the flexibility of body function. The United States stretching "Godfather" Bob Anderson (Bob Ande,

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