• Palliative medicine

    The young clinical branches of palliative medicine as doctors, for the disease to the radical treatment of patients who do not respond positively, holistic care. The goal is to make the patients and their relatives to get as much of the best possible quality of life. "Palliative medicine" on behalf of the editors of malignant,

  • The micro nanotechnology medical treatment

    "Micro and nanotechnology for medical treatment (photocopy edition)" discusses the emerging therapeutic micro and nanotechnology field. "Micro and nanotechnology for medical treatment (photocopy edition)" covered topics include: cell therapy based on technology, regenerative medicine - cells and micro and nano systems integration (fusion,

  • The Military Health Handbook

    "Introduction to the Veterans Health manual" content: a gift to the soldier friends! The army, is to defend the strength of national territory and sovereignty, national security. While the military, is the soul of an army, is the national security and stability of the guardian, is the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the most direct guardian. The soldier's physical fitness,

  • Typing and rehydration therapy of Cholera

    Typing and rehydration therapy, cholera ISBN:9787506742085, author: Cai Haodong,

  • Modern microbial genetics

    With the rapid development in molecular biology, especially using microorganisms as research material emerge in an endless stream, so that the whole microbial genetics has undergone profound changes. "Modern microbial genetics (Second Edition)" break the traditional structure of microbial genetics and molecular genetics, the combination of,,

  • Miraculous cure neck and back pain

    This book is "effective prescription" series in fascicles of neck and back pain, is a clinical reference book systematically summarizes the application of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain disease. The book is a recipe for treatment of cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, sciatica and other diseases of the nearly 300 songs, including Chinese herbal medicine,,

  • The system theory of military medicine

    "The military medical system theory" from philosophy and the view of system science, reveals the essential characteristics and the moving rules of military medical system, created the military medical system combines military medical ontology, theory in one theory and method of knowledge theory. The book includes introduction and basic theory, engineering features and innovative application of 3 articles, chapters,

  • Cupping therapy to cure all diseases

    "The cupping therapy cure all diseases" is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is an overview of cupping therapy; the second chapter is the theoretical basis of cupping therapy; the third chapter is the graphic cupping method of common diseases. The book focuses on the cupping therapy principle; the normal reaction, cupping process abnormal reaction, focal reaction; the back row of cupping therapy,

  • Nuclear medicine

    "Textbook of ordinary higher education" eleven five "national plan, the national medical colleges and Universities: nuclear medicine (for clinical, basic, oral, forensic, prevention, care, maternal and child health and other professional)" is "eleven five" national planning materials, mainly written for nuclear medicine teaching in clinical medicine and other related professional and,

  • Clinical trauma radiology

    Clinical trauma radiology, ISBN:9787548100560, authors: Yuan Mingyuan, Xiao Jian eds.,

  • Chinese special acupuncture

    Special acupuncture is special acupuncture body acupuncture therapy outside of the disease, is an important part of the science of acupuncture and moxibustion. Compared with the traditional acupuncture technique, special acupuncture has the unique merit in operation method, application scope, effect, can make up for the shortcomings of traditional acupuncture therapy in clinic, which was well received by the clinical medicine,

  • Nuclear cardiology

    Huang Gang, Shi Hongcheng editor of the "heart" as the first domestic nuclear medicine department of nuclear medicine monographs, completed by domestic cardiology and Department of nuclear medicine experts in nuclear cardiology in the realm of common. "Nuclear cardiology" content is divided into basic and method, clinical application and progress and appendix and guide three,

  • Military labour and exercise physiology

    "Military work and exercise physiology" is so far the first systematic exposition of military labor and training books. It brings together the research data of more than 50 years, with the latest research progress at home and abroad such as labor, military training related disciplines, from more than 20 experts to write a. All,

  • Nuclear medicine

    "Nuclear medicine (case version)" textbook conforming to the Ministry of education teaching reform, the action oriented teaching mode, a typical case of foreign advanced into the textbooks. The spirit of improving teaching quality, enhance the practical ability of students, for students to practice, to lay a good foundation on the job principle, with reference to the characteristics of teaching for college success,

  • The utility of folk healing skills Daquan

    The development of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, the deposition of the massive folk prevention and treatment methods, these methods have become an important part of the traditional Chinese medicine to prevent and cure, a part of folk therapy after collision and modern technology, combined with modern medical thinking, also become the treatment methods of modern new, may also become a technology patent,,

  • Radiation protection of medical diagnostic X ray

    Radiation protection of medical diagnostic X ray radiation protection "," the main content of radiological protection training series, medical diagnostic X ray: X ray imaging technology is an indispensable means of modern medicine. It is not only used for general diagnosis, but also for the treatment of certain diseases, such as interventional radiology technology, shock wave lithotripsy, however, as everyone knows,,

  • Research on the key technology of monitoring drug treatment and drug addicts series consists of three volumes

    "Research on the key technology of monitoring drug treatment and drug addicts series (set of 3 volumes)" as the basis, the community as a platform, a professional anti drug social work organizations as the carrier, the urine test for grasper, professional social work methods, to the police station area as the support, to the grassroots health as the basis, through the massive investigation and study,

  • Radiological Protection Foundation

    Radiation protection, radiation protection foundation "" content brief introduction: the French scientist Beequerel discovered in 1896 of X rays, uranium compounds spontaneously emit a radiation make the light-sensitive photographic materials, the discovery of natural radioactivity. Some species can spontaneously emit particles or radiation, or spontaneous fission, called the nature of radioactivity,

  • Nuclear medicine

    Nuclear medicine, "the Chinese Academy of Sciences textbook construction experts committee of planning teaching material, the textbook of medical colleges and Universities: nuclear medicine" consists of 15 chapters, introduces the basic principles of nuclear medicine and new techniques and methods, focusing on nuclear medicine applications the advantages of the project, in clinical work, concise, easy to understand, reaction theory,

  • Modern interventional imaging and therapy

    "Modern interventional imaging and" comprehensively and systematically introduces the basic principle, the basic theory of interventional radiology, techniques and skills, related interdisciplinary knowledge and interventional radiology technology in the application of systemic disease; combined with the latest developments in recent years, the development of interventional radiology,,

  • Nuclear Medicine- and nuclear medicine

    Nuclear medicine, "the reform of medical education textbook series: requirements for nuclear medicine" for the target of nuclear medicine teaching reform under the new situation, prepared to meet the nuclear medicine teaching in our country. "The reform of medical education textbook series: nuclear medicine" chapter twenty-two, "the reform of medical education textbook series: nuclear medicine" introduces the basic principle and nuclear medicine,

  • Ki Kong Ken Ya Ge

    "Chikungunya fever" is by the fighting in the border line, with rich practical experience of the expert group to write. "Chikungunya fever" in the analysis of Guangdong ports of exit and entry found, confirm, based control imported chikungunya real project experience, the new research progress on synthesis at home and abroad, to,

  • Study of modern postoperative analgesia

    Postoperative pain is a response to the human body injury by operation after the stimulation, it has long been assumed that postoperative pain is a natural phenomenon inevitably, only silently bear. With the development of medical science and technology, it is known that pain itself can lead to pathological and physiological some change, such as the effects of the group of the autonomic nervous system,

  • Radiation therapy technology

    Radiation therapy, radiation therapy (medical imaging technology and clinical medicine professional), ISBN:9787040183665, author: Huang Quanrong,

  • Forensic medical care for victims of sexual violence

    Sexual violence is an important issue in public medical and social medicine in the field, the book by the WHO "injury and violence prevention department" and "gender and women's health department" cooperation, describes the prevalence and consequences of sexual violence, the characteristics of all kinds of violence and how to provide to the victims of medical and legal,

  • Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in treatment of high rabbit disease

    Rabbitry is an important part of animal husbandry in China, has the characteristics of high efficiency, return books, the development of space. In order to popularize the knowledge of rabbit disease prevention, troubleshooting problems people experience in the diagnosis and treatment of rabbit disease, book on husbandry workers and advanced disease, the farmers of the treatment experience of the whole,

  • Radiation of human and environment

    "Radiation" refers only to people and the environment of ionizing radiation, and is often referred to as "radiation". "Radiation and environment" in the cooperation between the British National Radiological Protection Bureau by the International Atomic Energy Agency prepared, the effect and to introduce the application of ionizing radiation, radiation, and the measures of safe use of radiation required to take. ,

  • Exercise bone traumatology

    "Introduction" movement of bone trauma: Professor Zheng Huaixian is one of the founders of China's famous Wushu, orthopedic, sports medicine expert. In marshal He Long "sports hospital do up" indicator and the loving care, he founded the first Department of sports medicine in China, and his colleagues disciple, more than fifty years,

  • Multislice spiral CT scan scheme

    "Multi slice spiral CT scan scheme" a Book timely, targeted to CT operation of equipment operators "dependent" problem, expounds some basic concepts of multi-slice spiral CT (most of the CT users of the equipment solution lacking definition of the basic concepts of the increasingly rich); various parts of the examination,

  • Clinical application of electronic bronchoscopy

    "The clinical application of" electronic bronchoscope devoted to the clinical application of electronic bronchoscope reference book, the content focuses on the application of electronic bronchoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, which are integrated into the rich clinical experience, and equipped with plenty of color photographs, is simple, practical, one eye,

  • Radiation protection and safety of radiation sources detection instrument and detection device

    "A brief introduction to the main content of radiation protection and safety" radiation source detecting instrument and detecting device: radiation nuclear detection equipment used for radioisotope source and X-ray device. Source detection instrument is the instrument which is widely used in industrial production, "radiation protection and safety of radiation sources detection instrument and detection device",

  • Sea rescue

    Should be full, Wei Peide, Chen Lifu editor of "maritime rescue" based on actual demand, introduced the characteristics of sea war wound, treatment principle, organization structure and treatment process, and details the common trauma treatment technology, seawater immersion wound treatment, operation, sea water, sea lifesaving, diagnosis and treatment of common diseases in Department of internal medicine sea,

  • Nuclear medicine teacher's book

    "Nuclear medicine teacher's book" is divided into introduction, basic and clinical nuclear medicine consists of 17 chapters, the chapter sequence, content and "nuclear medicine" main textbooks matching. According to the characteristics of teacher's book, refers to the domestic and foreign various textbooks and the recent research results, except for each chapter, more complete system, and the new,

  • Ionizing radiation and human health

    Ionizing radiation and human health, "ionizing radiation and human health" content brief introduction: effect of ionizing radiation on the human body can be divided into natural radiation and artificial radiation two categories. Ionizing radiation from natural sources of radiation are called natural radiation, natural radiation source by humans since ancient times of irradiation is also known as the natural background radiation. From the artificial radiation sources or after addition of,

  • Chemical defence medicine

    "Chemical medicine" is divided into 14 chapters, about 43 words, comprehensively and systematically introduces the medical protection knowledge of chemical weapon damage, characteristics, key content of chemical weapons and chemical warfare agent classification, physical and chemical properties of various kinds of chemical warfare agents, toxic mechanism and treatment measures of chemical reconnaissance. Disinfection and protection, and chemical warfare,

  • The utility of nuclear medicine imaging Atlas

    "Practical nuclear medicine imaging Atlas (fine)" in the form of Q & a system introduced gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, sharp explicit warts, non gonococcal urethritis, genital herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases, including transmission route, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, prevention and treatment knowledge, to promote the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases,

  • Research progress of human movement science

    Research progress of human movement science, research progress, human movement science ISBN:9787811007626, author: Zhang Lin, etc.,

  • Rehabilitation of popular books

    "Rehabilitation popular books (set of 10 volumes)" includes "rehabilitation popular books 1: children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation", "rehabilitation of popular books 2: hemiplegia rehabilitation", "rehabilitation of popular books 3: paraplegia rehabilitation", "popular books 4: mental retardation children rehabilitation", "rehabilitation of popular books 5: adult,

  • Forensic medicine

    "Forensic" is divided into nineteen chapters, introduction of postmortem phenomenon, mechanical injury, abnormal death, special cause blood, paternity testing, knowledge of forensic evidence inspection. ,

  • The reproductive toxicity of different radiator nuclides

    This book is the latest results of internal contamination of different radiators by comparative study of residual hazards occurred in the field of radiation medicine. The book systematically, multi-faceted on induced by different radiators in the germ cells of different developmental stages of the injury, and the embryonic and teratogenic effects of reproductive toxicity of,

  • A medicine.

    "Because of" the study of medicine from a single subject limitation, wisdom, Taoism, philosophy, history, medicine, life science, health science, to me "moral" thought, the Taoism culture of the overall study, systematically expounded the medicine system, technology and its application in contemporary society in the important,

  • Protection and safety of medical uses of ionizing radiation

    "Medical uses of ionizing radiation protection and safety" from the point of view of the urgent need for an urgent need to strengthen the medical radiation protection, this article systematically and comprehensively expounded the problem of protection of medical radiation. The book is divided into three chapters, the first chapter "X ray diagnosis and interventional radiology radiological protection and safety"; second "radiotherapy radiation protection,

  • The treatment and rehabilitation of sport injury

    "The main content of treatment and rehabilitation" movement injury include: basic knowledge and treatment of athletic injuries, sport injury, the sort of sports injury, sports injury, prevention principle of sports injury, a common sports injury, introduction of pathology tissue injury, morphology, tissue injury in inflammation, tissue,

  • Department of radiology management and technical specifications

    "Introduction to the content management of radiology department and technical specifications": in order to further implement the State Council "medical institutions management regulations" and "Regulations on handling medical accidents", improve the medical unit of the modern management level and the standard hospital treatment technology, the medical workers and managers to do rule-based in medical practice,,

  • Forensic medicine

    Forensic science, forensic science textbooks to inherit the traditional textbook contents, detailed introduces the death and postmortem phenomenon, mechanical injury, suffocation, death, poisoning and other content. According to the characteristics and needs of public security, judicial college students, especially for the human life, forensic, medical events, autopsy, forensic entomology, DNA court,

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