The protection of God of life

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: Shanghai Science   Author:Ceng Xiaofei Dong Caiyan   Pages:136  

Good nutrition and health overseas returnees in science education experts, Dr. American International University, composite Europe microphones gamma - 3 food supplements the patent inventor, Professor of nutrition and health at national training center, vice president of Shanghai Ecological Health Sciences Institute, Shanghai Normal University health director Kang industry research center. To study the long-term has been keen to Mediterranean Omega diet, it shocked the world, can greatly improve the quality of life of people China theory introduction, lecture tour Ou MIGA health concept of hundreds of field in the country, because of its speech explain profound theories in simple language, sparkling discourse, which received rave reviews. The nutrition work is very abundant, author of "magic" Omega -3 fatty acids, has a large number of readers.
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The first chapter prolong life if fat is a kind of lipid, body fat and lipid lipid can be divided into two branches. Fat is mainly organic compounds composed of three elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, is composed of acid l molecular glycerol and 3 molecules of fat into fatty ester, which is also known as the three triacylglycerol. Three TG accounted for about 98% of the total fat, widely distributed in the human body each organs and fluids. Adipose derived mainly from animal fats and vegetable oils. Animal fats contain saturated fat rich. Vegetable oil, containing more unsaturated fatty. Lipid is another part of lipids. Refers to the phospholipids, lipid protein, lipid, cholesterol and other lipids. Mainly distributed in the cell membrane lipid body, nerve tissueTissue. Lipid for human body health plays a vital role in. Lipid synthesis mainly by the body itself, less by the dietary fat effect. A sequence of events as everyone knows, fat, body fat from animal fats and vegetable oils. When the fat with into the human body digestive food, in the intestinal tract by lipase into tiny particles, into the bloodstream. But like oil and water, into the blood fat and blood are not fusion, condenses into cannot use the oil droplets. Therefore, in order to let the fat smoothly into the cell, provides the heat for the body, the fat in the liver will be packaged into a protein covered particles, so it easy and blood fusion, and with the blood circulation and flow. This is wrapped into fat, with fat and protein, and thus are called lipoprotein. The protein can not only provide the waterproof function as fat, but it can also make these fat laden particles with the blood circulation is transported to the specified destination.
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The first chapter prolong life, fat fat a sequence of events two, fat 1 family members of the saturated fatty acid 2 single unsaturated fatty acid 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid 4 trans fatty acids three, fat 1 physiological function of providing heat storage heat function 2 function 3 to maintain body temperature function 4 Protection of body tissues function 5 bearing the fat soluble vitamins function four, fatty food misunderstanding 1 completely rejected fat intake 2 vegetable oil security can be assured eat 3 cooking oil a little more good nutrition 4 only animal grease will cause obesity 5 margarine to eat no problem 6 low-fat foods can lose 7 edible oil is refined. Five, vegetable oil faces 1 easy oxidation of peanut oil 2 cardiovascular disease should not eat Rapeseed Oil 3 poor thermal stability of soybean oil 4 high-temperature frying ideal sunflower seed oil 5 nutrient rich sesame oil 6 were most likely to be accepted by the human body olive oil second chapter the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of saturated fatty acids, saturated fatty acid and fatty liver 1 fatty liver often neglected 2 fatty liver and hepatitis 3 wary of fatty liver to cirrhosis 4 fatty liver will likely evolve into cancer two, saturated fatty acid and high cholesterol 1 cholesterol balance 2 to prevent the oxidation of low density lipoprotein 3 raise high density lipoprotein content three, saturated fatty acids and blood 1 blood viscosity high viscosity will slow down the velocity of blood flow of 2 blood viscosity is too high will cause atherosclerosis 3 blood viscosity is too high will lead to the occurrence of hypertension four, saturated fatty acids and artery atherosclerosis in 1 atherosclerotic disease in the diet of 2 low density lipoprotein in atherosclerosis 3 high density lipoprotein can maintain healthy arteries of 4 coronary artery is the most prone to hardened 5 atherosclerosis may cause stroke in 6 early atherosclerosis, traces of five saturated fatty acids and acidification of the blood 1 blood acidification will cause gout 2 blood acidification leads to bone loss of 3 blood acidification will lead to elevated blood lipids of 4 blood acidification increases blood pressure...... The third chapter 100 harm and no benefit of trans fat in Chapter fourth, safe and reliable single unsaturated fatty acid fifth chapter essential unsaturated fatty acid sixth chapter excessive intake will run counter to one's desire Omega -6 fatty acids seventh chapter health hot -- Omega -3 fatty acids @##@. Ou MIGA -3 (ω -3) what is the fatty acid? If this problem in this two years ago, I believe many people cannot be answered. But with the famous scientists, nutritionists, Professor Ou MIGA healthy mother Artemis Simoyprus America reveals the magic Omega -3 fatty acids, Omega -3 fatty acids was gradually understood. In order to correctly, scientifically popularization of Omega -3 fatty acids of knowledge, with the method of writing the author explain profound theories in simple language, fat and omega -3 fatty acids are exposed to human to the full range of interpretation, user-friendly, fascinating. The reader's reading in a relaxed, get rich Omega -3 fatty acids of knowledge. Therefore, this book is a book worth reading popular science work. The scientists were surprised to find, once the adequate intake of Omega -3 fatty acid of human body, the deadly disease symptoms will clear away, until recovery. Originally, the synthesis of Omega -3 fatty acids can effectively prevent the lipoprotein in liver and promote lipoprotein metabolism, reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombosis, improve vascular function, so that the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are greatly reduced. In addition, the scientists were also surprised to find, Omega -3 fatty acids can inhibit platelet aggregation, prevent coronary heart disease and stroke function; have to restrain inflammation spread, prevention of asthma and other inflammatory diseases function; can reduce the blood sugar, diabetes prevention function; can inhibit cancer gene activity, prevention of cancer of breast cancer rectal cancer, and other functions; promote the development of brain cells, improve with brain cell activity, improve memory, prevent Alzheimer's function; can enhance the reaction force of the retina, prevent vision loss function; has three lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood, prevent hypertension and obesity function. Can say, no nutrients with Omega -3 fatty acids that many human health and disease prevention function.
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