Introduction to food safety and control

Date of publication:2009-5   Press: Chemical Industry Press   Author:Zhu Jian, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Dongping et al.   Pages´╝Ü273  
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Agreement on phytosanitary measures "(the SPS agreement) as the mandatory measures in international trade. WHO (WHO) put forward by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) standard, criterion as the authority, to guide countries to develop relevant health standard, especially for the members of the world trade organization, in the event of trade disputes is based on the CAC standard as the criterion, to other proposals for standards, resulting in food the burden of disease assessment, evaluation of control strategies on the development of the national or international level. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) conference also discussed many times to food safety issues, and in the next fifteen year plan will food security as a priority. At the same time, all countries to strengthen food safety supervision work in the great efforts. At present in Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, the food safety regulatory system and gradually tend to unified management, coordination, and efficient action structure, the whole process from "farm to table" food safety control, form the government, enterprises, scientific research institutions, consumers to participate in the supervision mode; in the management of the means, adopt the "risk analysis" as a basic mode of food safety supervision. This book is mainly introduced the books management and control of international, domestic food security in recent years, the content mainly reflects the current international, domestic new system in food safety management and control and implementation. The book is divided into five chapters, respectively introduces general situation about food safety, food safety management of international agreements, modern food safety control technology, the typical international food safety control system, China's food safety management system, the end of the book the newly issued "the people's Republic of China Food Safety Law". The author of this book from the food safety quality inspection departments, health departments, colleges and universities and other different professional staff members. The author participated in the CAC and the EU, American related food safety inspection system, also have the study and participated in the implementation of the Japanese Positive List System of personnel engaged in negotiations, and domestic and foreign research of harmful substances residue monitoring system, in the drafting of the relevant documents and system in China's food safety personnel, master the first hand data. This book for government agencies at all levels of managers, engaged in food related industry management and producers, food production and quality control, quality inspection of food safety, food safety inspection and quarantine, sanitary supervision, supervision personnel; also can be used as scientific research institutes, universities and students apply for civil service and teaching reference books. Although concentrated data collection and research for many years, closely follow the international food safety system development, as far as possible to reflect the latest development of international in the book, but due to the recent international and domestic food safety system (including our in laws and regulations, the management of food safety agencies and various corresponding guarantee system) are constantly improved and perfected, the book is a mistake, please readers criticism. In the preparation process of this book, chemical industry publishing house editor has done a lot of work and made the good advice, I express my heartfelt thanks! In 2009 April in Shanghai @##@ editor The follow five principles of international agreements relating to food safety management the second chapter introduction section five TBT agreement, TBT agreement TBT agreement on basic principles of management of each member of the TBT measure, is consistent with the general principles of the five principles and WTO. 1 avoid unnecessary barriers to trade rules of TBT agreement members have the right to establish its own technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures (hereinafter referred to as technical regulations) in order to realize the maintenance of national security, to prevent fraud, the protection of human health, the protection of animal and plant life and health or Protect environment such as a legitimate target. But such technical regulations shall not be more trade restrictive than necessary, shall not create unnecessary obstacles to international trade. As Egypt regulations textile per 3M plus a sign, then by the European complaints, thinks that exceeds the necessary limits, resulting in unnecessary obstacles to international trade. If the result of the technical regulations of the situation has ceased to exist, or when the situation changes and can be used to deal with a low degree of trade restrictions, should not continue to maintain these technical regulations. 2 non embody the principle of discrimination principle in two aspects the MFN and national treatment. The former refers to the imported from different members of the same goods given the same treatment, a member of goods can not give special care, also made more stringent requirements can not, except members but the establishment of a free trade zone, such as the European Union member states of the free flow of goods in the euro area, while other countries commodity is not; the latter refers to the imported goods from abroad should be regarded as domestic commodities, give the same treatment, can not make their due to imported goods and discrimination.
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