Hygienic evaluation of construction project

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: Chemical Industry Press   Author:Wu Shida, Zhong Weijian.   Pages´╝Ü349  

The first chapter is the first section of the hygienic evaluation of construction projects is outlined along with the rapid development of our national economy and the social civilization, the public and the health workers to more and more by the government and society's concern and attention, these people's health has become one of the important factors to reflect our social harmony and civilization. Since the reform and opening up, due to the need of the development, new construction projects in our country have emerged, including large industrial enterprises and public project. Notably, a substantial increase in industrial and public construction projects, in promoting economic development and social prosperity at the same time, also produced a series of health hazard risks; extensive use of new products, new materials, new technology and new process, based on the health hazards of the original, and adds some the new health hazards. These health hazards threatening the human health, will cause physical discomfort, even lead to the occurrence of various kinds of diseases. Therefore, during the occupation and public construction, from the feasibility study stage to the completion acceptance stage for hygienic evaluation, feasibility and safety of the construction project from a public health perspective, it helps to be from the source to eliminate or control health hazards, to protect the health of the objective.

In human life, need to be engaged in the occupation, social activities in different places, but work and public places is the main activity place. Due to various reasons, work and public places are often exist some factors influence on workers or the public health, life safety and health threat. Therefore, in the work and public places during the period of construction, how to examine the feasibility and safety of the construction project from a public health point of view, to eliminate or control the health hazards from the source, the health sector can not avoid the responsibility. As a part of public health, the hygienic evaluation of construction projects on the basis of the relevant public health of China's laws, regulations, rules, standards and technical specifications, application of occupation hygiene, environmental hygiene, radiation hygiene, health examination, health toxicology, pathogenic biology, sanitary engineering and architectural engineering theory and professional knowledge, health hazards of construction projects completed during the operation were identified; the health hazards of the link and the extent of harm may cause analysis; preventive measures on the health of the validity and rationality of the evaluation and suggestions for improvement. Through the formation of health assessment report technical information construction unit design, construction, technical basis and the public health administrative departments for project approval and acceptance. Book editor is the control center in the hygienic evaluation of construction project professionals in Shanghai city disease prevention, and most of the young people. The editor set experience hygienic evaluation of construction project, and collected data, draw nutrients from the vast literature, after a careful compilation, batted, multiple revisions. Can say, the book has many flaws, but every single word or phrase with each editor work enthusiasm and the. Actively participate in and make concerted efforts to develop hygienic evaluation of construction projects depends on the parties, this book also reflects this spirit. Disease prevention and control institutions as the government in public health, an important technical support agencies, has a multi-disciplinary, multi talentsThe comprehensive advantages, therefore, make the best use of this platform, the discipline construction to promote hygiene evaluation of construction projects, is the bounden duty of institution of disease prevention and control.
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The first chapter is the first section of the hygienic evaluation of construction projects, construction project evaluation of definition two, hygienic evaluation of construction projects three, the purpose of the hygienic evaluation of construction projects is the significance of the second day the hygienic evaluation of construction projects, according to the classification of a construction project evaluation object classification of two, according to the construction period classification section third hygienic evaluation of construction projects on the basis of a, occupation hazard evaluation based on two, three, on the basis of public place hygiene evaluation of centralized air ventilation system in public places health section fourth construction projects evaluation procedure, evaluation of the basic procedures, two different categories of evaluation program features fifth sections construction project evaluation method, checklist method, analogy method three, two quantitative classification of four, single index and comprehensive index method, five set than number six, risk evaluation method seven, method eight experience, comprehensive evaluation method, the second chapter nine other evaluation methods of construction project drawings reading section construction project common sense, building project construction stage two, the construction industry terminology three, Health Science Evaluation of commonly used terms in section second of engineering drawings, drawings of basic knowledge, basic knowledge of engineering drawing two classification third kinds of engineering drawings, process drawings reading a reading of two, construction drawings reading three, air conditioning and ventilation system of engineering drawing reading section fourth examples, identify the images a total construction two plane drawings, process drawings three, equipment arrangement drawings four, centralized air ventilation system drawings. The third chapter construction project occupation hazard evaluation section occupation hazard evaluation summary, occupation hazard evaluation of common terms two, occupation hazard evaluation classification three, occupation disease harm evaluation four, occupation disease hazard evaluation of health five, occupation hazard evaluation reference technology on the basis of the six, occupation hazard evaluation trend of development of the second day occupation hazards pre evaluation, pre evaluation purposes two, pre evaluation scope and content of three, pre assessment data collection four, pre evaluation plan five, pre assessment project analysis of six, analog investigation seven, occupation hazard identification and analysis of eight, occupation hazard protection Facilities of nine, occupation hazard evaluation of ten, eleven, twelve evaluation conclusion compensation measures, pre evaluation report the preparation of thirteen, set than the number method in pre evaluation of third day occupation hazards control effect evaluation, evaluation of control effect of two, control effect evaluation scope and content three, control effect evaluation data collection four, control effect evaluation plan five, occupation health field investigation in six, the overall layout analysis and evaluation of seven, production process and equipment layout analysis and evaluation of eight, building health analysis and evaluation...... Evaluation of public place hygiene evaluation of sixth chapter seventh chapter centralized air ventilation system in public place hygiene evaluation of eighth chapter hygienic evaluation of the construction project quality management appendix occupation and public hygiene evaluation of relevant documents, the standard directory references @##@ occupation disease harm fourth chapter industrial ventilation engineering evaluation of hygiene fifth chapter key industries This book systematically introduces construction project occupation hazard evaluation, evaluation of protective effect of industrial ventilation engineering, key industry occupation hazard evaluation, public place hygiene evaluation, the centralized air ventilation hygiene evaluation basis, principle, method and process and evaluation of quality control, and supported a large number of examples. The paper also introduces some content and is closely related to the above evaluation, for readers' reference. The book writing concise, scientific, practical and strong demonstration, is engaged in the construction project and the safety and hygiene evaluation workers, occupation health management, occupation health monitoring, factories and mines staff occupation health and Teacher College related professional and practical reference book.
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