• Nutrition overall solution - fetal + + pupils in infants

    Fetal and infant and primary school students, "the beginning, nutrition overall solution: fetal and infant + pupil" nutrition is nutrition for people to maintain growth, physiological function, but also refers to the people to seek the process of nutrient. "Nutrition" can be popular explanation for "eat what" and "how to eat". Posters:,

  • China food composition table

    "Chinese food composition table" (2002) into the nutrition, analytical chemistry and food science development and progress in the process of revision of it, reflects the new ideas and new concepts of discipline development; naming, classification in food composition data as well as the expression and to the professional development of synchronization, as far as possible with the international group,

  • Public health

    "Public health" introduced some advanced subject in the field of public health to readers, including the definition of healthy term population problem, theory of measurement, healthy life study. The medical system reform, the social determinants of health, population aging and the support of the elderly, youth and drugs, medical services in the culture,

  • On AIDS

    "On HIV / AIDS (Second Edition)" is a book about AIDS popular science books. The editor to storytelling introduces AIDS etiology, infection, prevention and treatment knowledge, especially for the public on AIDS panic and confusion as the scientific guidance, and from the medical point of the AIDS,

  • Influenza a H1N1 Influenza Prevention Manual

    "Influenza a H1N1 influenza prevention manual" is very suitable for manual as urban and rural communities, enterprises and institutions, schools and other social institutions and groups of epidemic prevention education, distribution and related departments to the public health knowledge propaganda handbook. In the context of globalization, flu epidemic more easily across borders,

  • Be careful

    Disease enters by the mouth.!, "note: introduction Disease enters by the mouth." content: Disease enters by the mouth., is China folk popular proverb. Refers to if you don't follow the diet principle, will lead to physical discomfort and disease; the ancient Chinese traditional wisdom that relevant to human disease mostly associated with unhealthy food and not eating the right way; the old proverb,

  • The pathogenesis of HIV and AIDS

    "The pathogenesis of HIV and AIDS (Chinese translation edition) (Third Edition)" content brief introduction: America California University Jay A Levy is Professor of international famous scholars, HIV AIDS virus (HIV) Co discoverer of natural anti H Ⅳ and CD8+ cell factor (also known as L,

  • A practical guide to the harm of organic solvent protection occupation disease

    "Contains more than 130 kinds of industrial organic solvents commonly used protection practical guide" occupation disease harm of organic solvent, is divided into two parts and the general theory, from two aspects of overall and case describes in detail the prevention of organic solvent occupation disease harm. General from the physicochemical properties, contact toxicity, occupation, health effects, and health,

  • Hygiene of preschool children

    "Preschool education textbook series, pre-school children's health (Revised Edition)" Introduction: hygiene of preschool children is a study of the protection and promotion of preschool children, especially in 3 - 6 years old children's healthy subjects. Understanding of the concept of Health decided the research category, the subject character and research method etc.. Health,

  • Effects of common human disease to human health

    "Effects of common human disease" in human health based on definition, classification, zoonoses epidemic and prevention and control of blanket, system at home and abroad, the re emergence and emerging on the serious harm to the society, public health emergency, huge economic losses, including virus, bacteria, rickettsia,

  • Medical statistics

    "Medical statistics using three type theory are used in modern regression analysis" introduced the modern regression analysis method in most of the content, including multiple linear regression, ridge regression analysis, a variety of complicated curve regression analysis, principal component regression analysis, Poisson regression analysis, Probit regression analysis, the negative,

  • Game and coordination of food safety supervision

    "Game and coordination" in food safety supervision is to modify the preliminary and based on my doctoral dissertation. The reason of choosing this subject, because of food safety related to the broad public health and safety, high degree of public concern, in recent years, food safety incidents occur frequently, also exposed the food safety supervision in china,

  • Social medicine

    "Social medicine: preventive medicine students educational system" is divided into nine chapters. The first chapter is the introduction of social public school, introduces the basic concepts and theory of social medicine, relationship between the development of social medicine science and other related disciplines; the second chapter introduces the medical model, establishes the philosophical foundation for social medical knowledge and theory developed health exhibition;,

  • International public health

    Disease, plan, system and policy, international public health, that is for the use of public health principles to solve the health problems and challenges in low and middle income countries, as well as the impact of these problems of a complex series of global or regional factors. "International public health: disease, plan, system and policy" comprehensively and systematically introduces the international public health,

  • Contemporary history of Beijing environmental sanitation

    "Introduction to the contents of contemporary Beijing environmental health history": 1949, the peaceful liberation of Peking, the new Chinese capital in Beijing, now has nearly 60 years. Sixty years, a Jia Zi, of the people's Republic, the people of Beijing, in the process of creating their own new life, to see how much the joy of success, smooth and comfortable,,

  • The Chinese people how to eat

    Without food, food security for the first, "the Chinese people how to eat: food, food safety first" includes the characteristics and advantages of Chinese cuisine; Chinese wide hybridity, master-slave and matching; hot food and cooked food is a major characteristic of Chinese food; the invention of tofu is absolutely not sub to shock the world "four great inventions"; Chinese fermented food "diet" feature rich,

  • Food safety and health inspection

    "Food safety and health" is the result of teaching reform testing program of the Ministry of education of Higher Vocational Education in the new century, the National Excellent Course "food safety and health inspection" supporting materials. The main contents include: food safety and health, food hygiene inspection knowledge, food hygiene inspection technology, food safety management, food hygiene,

  • The public health emergency management

    "Write the public health emergency management" is the intrinsic request in accordance with the public health emergency management, in accordance with the management idea of emergency management, and strive to both theory and practical application, and highlighted the government emergency decision-making and technical support link needs. In the aspect of theory, "public health emergency,

  • Health examination

    Brief introduction of "healthy" content: the construction of new socialist countryside, the implementation of health project of farmers, is the major initiatives in recent years the national harmonious society. Many well-known domestic experts and scholars have already published professional books and the masses of a large number of high academic level of publicity materials. But in the face of vast rural area, a survey shows that the agricultural,

  • And the crisis.

    "Dance with the crisis: public health emergency management plan" is based on the research group of Harbin Medical University for public health emergencies, to the modern crisis management theory as a guide, with the public health emergency management strategy as the core, takes the crisis strategic leadership for the soul in order to explain profound theories in simple language, the academic science,

  • Said the Analects of Confucius

    "The Analects of Confucius" content introduction said: "the Analects of Confucius" with "benevolence", "Li" as the core, the thought and method of teaching human conduct, behavior norms, always focus on learning in everyday life style and thinking mode. Confucian "benevolence" and the truth of medicine and basic consistent, the medical personnel to pursue "benevolence,

  • Prevention and control of influenza a H1N1 influenza 100 Q

    "Influenza a H1N1 influenza prevention and control 100 asked" to correctly guide public understanding of basic knowledge of influenza a H1N1 influenza prevention and control, enhance the public awareness of prevention, eliminate fear psychology, grasp the preventive measures. The book introduces the influenza a H1N1 influenza virus pathogenicity, propagation characteristics, clinical manifestation,

  • Application and development of vaccine

    "The development and application of" vaccine is composed of province, ground (city) of professional and technical personnel experts and immunization, prevention and control center of two diseases combined knowledge and experience accumulated in the process of application of all kinds of vaccine prepared. The book is divided into four chapters, the 33 chapter, from the history of vaccine development, vaccine theory and,

  • Alert the health hazards of drainage oil

    Food insecurity factors existing in the oil, edible oil has been the basic raw material is essential in the human diet, safety of oil has many new characteristics in the period of social development of contemporary Chinese, some harm of oil products to human health caused extensive concern of the whole society. Drainage oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, contaminated feed, high temperature frying oil,

  • The occupational health guide

    "Occupational health care guide (Second Edition)" a total of eight, regular medical check collection and application, including occupational health surveillance data of occupational health care content, acrylonitrile (cyanide and nitrile compounds such as hydrocyanic acid, potassium cyanide, cyanogen chloride and acetonitrile reference) and other content, the book describes the rigorous, logical,

  • Preventive medicine

    Preventive medicine, "preventive medicine" (Fourth Edition) is the ordinary higher education "fifteen" national planning materials, for basic, clinical and oral medical specialties, is the clinical medicine specialty of five year and seven year students required course textbook. In order to cooperate with the students learning and practicing physician exam review, we have developed a learning counseling book,

  • Developing countries in improving public health guidelines

    Many health problems of developing countries can be solved or prevention through the provision of basic health services, improve the living environment, enhance immunity, adopting a healthy lifestyle and other public health approach. "Developing countries to improve public health guidelines" is to improve the practice guide public and community health, with detailed examples,

  • The eradication of harmful smoke everywhere

    "The eradication of harmful smoke everywhere" readers smokers regardless of whether or not interested in quitting, readers in never smokers is whether or not to help people quit smoking, if we can grasp the basic, where smoking is harmful pests and pesticides, how well, methods of knowledge, they can establish confidence, power generation, action, in the national tobacco control,

  • Food and health

    "A brief introduction to the main content of food and health": "consumer research" magazine company is an organization of the one and only. It has been in the forefront of the consumer movement, the only purpose is to serve consumers. Variety magazine activities are around subscribers demand and development, to the utility,

  • Disease enters by the mouth

    "Disease enters by the mouth.: Food Safety Manual" from grain, fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products, beverages, condiments, snack foods, dairy products, food safety through the case in real life, to convey the correct knowledge of food safety to the reader, the reader to establish awareness of food safety science, master of safe food selection,

  • Chinese rural health survey

    "Chinese rural health survey" in recent years rare large-scale, comprehensive rural health survey for the foundation, interspersed with a large number of the original ecological survey notes and case analysis, in-depth analysis of the current relationship between doctors and patients, the health of rural residents, rural medical service system problems, combined with the current new rural cooperative medical,

  • Nutrition and disease prevention of Scripture

    Dr. Wu on balanced nutrition, nutrition and disease prevention of Scripture: "Dr. Wu on balanced nutrition" systematically introduced the nutrition knowledge, the most practical, introduces the main method of main program and nutrition intervention is simple and practical methods, the nutritional status of judgment of human body nutrition consulting work; and introduces the different people, different living habits of nutrition scheme, the,

  • Practical preventive inoculation Handbook

    "Practical Handbook" is Chinese vaccination by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention and the relevant provinces and cities of institution of disease prevention and control experts organized, is for the domestic first against the vaccination work, content more comprehensive, standardized, practical reference books and manual tools, the purpose of regulating the vaccination process, ensure that the,

  • Hepatitis B

    "Hepatitis B" to "the doctor and you talk about in one of the disease", introduced the related knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, the incidence of hepatitis B causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention and health care, for hepatitis B patients and their family members and grassroots medical workers to read reference. ,

  • Guidelines on food fortification with micronutrients

    "Guidelines on food fortification with micronutrients" content brief introduction: in the past few years, micronutrient malnutrition problems have increasingly attracted attention. One of the main reasons is that people have realized the micronutrient malnutrition is one of the important components of the global burden of disease. Moreover, micronutrient malnutrition in development,

  • Handbook of prediction of human health

    "Human health manual" content brief introduction: prediction of man is a product of natural evolution, like other things, has the inherent law of their own, the body stores the rich information, the human body itself is a information. We hope we can according to natural science, social science, human science and medicine reflected,

  • Patients with chronic disease, how to live a healthy and happy life

    "Chronic disease in patients with chronic disease in how to live a healthy and happy life" self management skills and methods, all from us for many years to carry out health education, health promotion research experience, scientific, effective, practical. Our experience has confirmed that it can effectively help patients with chronic diseases reduce,

  • Quality of life

    "The quality of life (QOL) measurement and evaluation" is a book about the quality of life (quality of life, QOL) measurement and evaluation of monographs, widely absorbs the latest achievements of domestic and foreign QOL research background, the theory and practice of the application of QOL in the research field of. The book is divided into general,

  • A practical guide to modern household food security

    "Modern family food security and practical guide" from the five key guarantee family food security (shopping, cooking, eating and storage and away from the food safety accident) aspects, elaborated on the various details guarantee household food security, from the careful identification, when the choose and buy food selection, the first gatekeeper good food safety,,

  • Analysis of food circulation permit

    The food circulation permit is accompanied by a new "food safety law" the birth of the little known, the social from all walks of life. "Analysis of a food circulation permit" is divided into theoretical knowledge, theory research, theory, theory innovation, sentiment words analytic discourse and the appendix, focusing on the food circulation of the "license" and "license,

  • Behavioral health

    "Health" content brief introduction: to build a new socialist countryside, the implementation of health project of farmers, is the major initiatives in recent years the national harmonious society. Many well-known domestic experts and scholars have already published professional books and the masses of a large number of high academic level of publicity materials. But in the face of vast rural area, a survey shows that the agricultural,

  • Against hepatitis B

    "Beat" China hepatitis B by the most famous carriers of hepatitis B virus website forum "be in perfect sympathy with each other" collective creation, is the domestic authoritative work on hepatitis B the first systematic. "Against hepatitis B" Hong investigated authoritative medical expert experience, well-known media and a large number of patients experience, reveals the popular,

  • Introduction of food safety

    "Introduction of food safety" consists of seven chapters, which introduces the basic knowledge of food quality and safety (the first chapter and the third chapter part), analysis of food quality and safety (the second chapter and the third chapter part), food quality and safety technology system (the fifth chapter), food quality and safety management (Chapter fourth and the sixth chapter,

  • Prevention and treatment of children with hand foot and mouth disease

    "Control" children with hand foot and mouth disease is briefly introduced and clinical manifestations of children with hand foot and mouth disease epidemiological characteristics, detailed clinical diagnosis, differential diagnosis, laboratory examination of hand foot and mouth disease, as well as the western medicine, Chinese medicine treatment, care and prevention measures. Its content is rich and practical, scientific, suitable for pediatric medicine,

  • To respond to public health emergencies

    "To deal with public health emergencies: Apocalypse" is through the elaborate and in-depth analysis on all kinds of emergent public health events occurring at all times and in all countries, summarize the experience and lessons, not only from a technical point of view, is more important from the point of view of management and decision-making, deeply and systematically summarized human in public health emergencies should,

  • The West's Department of internal medicine, twenty-first edition, infectious diseases.

    "The West's Department of internal medicine" was co written by famous international medical experts of medical books. Since 1927 the first edition came out, it discusses rigorous, system, especially the profound elaboration on the principle of Pathology, physiology and other scientific and welcomed by domestic and foreign readers, medical colleges and universities all over the world all this as a textbook, and known,

  • Food oil

    Originally, I have been eating the wrong oil! Edible oil is the life too ordinary, but something that almost no one pay attention to it. Recently, in some domestic food safety incidents, it has made several appearances, caused some concern among consumers. This book from the "know the edible oil, edible oil, food selection of edible oil" three aspects, will eat,

  • Study drug ring.

    "Study on ring with drugs: introduction to explore" from the content of Psychology: issues related to drug and its derivative has become a serious social problem of all mankind to be solved, it is not only related to the individual's physical and mental health, but also related to the family, social health, stability, harmony, it affects the future of human society. ,

  • Infectious disease and immune prevention

    "Legal infectious disease and immune prevention" is stipulated by our country law of infectious disease prevention and control of infectious disease is called "legal infectious disease, infectious disease and immune prevention" in the analysis of legal infectious diseases in China as the main content. According to the nature of the pathogen and the survival way classification, clinical manifestation, one by one the spread of diseases caused by,

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