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Date of publication:2012-4   Press: Yunnan science and Technology Press   Author:Li Hongbing   Pages´╝Ü38  
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The first chapter of Saussurea lappa resources survey and related data and Aucklandia the taxonomic position and morphological characteristics of 1 aucklandialappadecne taxonomic position 2 Aucklandia morphological features two, Aucklandia provenance and geographical distribution of 1 Aucklandia provenance 2 Aucklandia geographical distribution of 3 Aucklandia and other woody sources the difference between three and Aucklandia textual research and modern research situation of 1 Aucklandia textual research 2 Aucklandia 3 study on the chemical constituents of Aucklandia chemical components and other woody difference 4 Aucklandia pharmacological study of 5 Aucklandia clinical application four, Aucklandia trade the second chapter Aucklandia traditional cultivation method a, Aucklandia biological characteristic and growth environment of two, Aucklandia traditional planting methods 1 selected Tun and preparation 2 sowing 3 field management, harvesting and processing quality specifications of 4 5 6 packaging custody third chapter Aucklandia medicine material identification, identification of two and Aucklandia and other woody character identification, microscopic difference three identification of 1 cloud wood transverse section 2 Aucklandia root powder four, physical and chemical identification of the fourth chapter of Saussurea lappa resources protection and development of the corresponding strategy 1 appendix, with pesticides banned the use of Qi medicine 2 genera 3 different tropism of taste 4 different effects of different clinical application of 5 different chemical composition of 6 different 7 pharmacologically distinct appendix GAP of Chinese medicinal materials in the production of two Chinese herbal medicine production quality management standards reference @##@ different germplasm Aucklandia development ways in the future two and Aucklandia needs long time to save three, Aucklandia should be carried out as soon as possible four, variety breeding Aucklandia should be carried out in depth research on the development and utilization of the fifth chapter Aucklandia and Aoki incense Yunnan is the kingdom of plants and animal kingdom famous, its unique climate makes the medicinal resources are important bridgehead to speed up the construction of Yunnan Province, we must give full play to the province's natural advantage. "Aucklandia" from the classification and Aucklandia morphology, characteristics, sources and geographical distribution, textual research and modern research as well as scientific analysis, but in order to ensure the sustainable development and utilization of medicinal resources, the book also introduced cultivation, Aucklandia recovery processing, quality specifications described in detail. Yunnan province famous pharmaceutical botanist, Professor Luo Tiangao of Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was approved.
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