The original meaning of prescription

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The original meaning of "prescription (in Chinese medicine course) / traditional medicine strategy studies series" edited by Wang Xinyuan.
"prescription meaning" formerly (prescriptions of Chinese Medicine Science) is the period of the Republic of China's first Chinese School - "Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of traditional Chinese medicine textbook, mountain legend, the physician Cui Wenlou shrinkage.
the book is divided into sixty-nine sections, the first section is the total towel system theory, general party system; the second section to the ninth section discusses "seven party" relevant content, large, small, slow and fast, odd, even, when seven party "; the tenth section to the twenty-second section discussion of the" ten agents "Wang Guan, namely Xuan, fill, diarrhea, light and heavy, slippery, astringent, dry, wet ten agent of the original meaning, and discusses related excerpts from Tao Hongjing, Miu Zhongchun et al.; the twentieth section to the sixty-eighth section is closely related to treatment and prescriptions, including sweating, vomiting, next, fill, clear, warm, elimination, astringent, Zhen Zhu; the sixty-ninth section is related to the content of prescription kill mountain.
Catalogue of books

the first day of the general
second seven original
third day release and
fourth day release small
fifth releasing
sixth day release emergency prescription
seventh release of odd square
eighth release our
ninth day release compound
tenth day ten agent
eleventh original release Xuan agent
twelfth day release agent
thirteenth day release tonic
fourteenth day release cathartic
fifteenth release light agent
sixteenth day release agent
seventeenth day release slip agent
eighteenth day release astringent
nineteenth day release dry agent
twentieth release moisture agent
twenty-first Dow ten agent addendum
twenty-second Miao's ten.
twenty-third sweat agent to swallow three total Yi (a)
twenty-fourth sweat vomit three total righteousness (two)
twenty-fifth sweat vomit three method Yi (three)
twenty-sixth Khan Yi law (a)
section twenty-seventh Khan law (two)
twenty-eighth perspiration Yi (Yi Khan cases)
twenty-ninth Yi diaphoresis (avoid sweat two)
thirtieth day sweating without dryness drug
thirtieth A sweat can not be too
thirty-second virtual home not sweat
thirty-third section method cause general (a)
thirty-fourth section method cause general (two)
thirty-fifth large general method (three)
thirty-sixth section method (should be a Yi Yi
thirty-seventh section method) (avoid example two)
thirty-eighth day use do not arrest node fecal -
under section thirty-ninth of pathogenic heat not pill
fortieth WPR
forty-first deficiency can not be Junli
forty-second sweat with medicine and Yi
forty-third sweat sooner or later.
forty-fourth Tu Yi method: (a) at
forty-fifth emesis cause general (two)
forty-sixth emesis cause general (three)
forty-seventh emesis cause general (four)
forty-eighth Yi (Yi spit spit cases)
forty-ninth Yi (avoid spit spit in two cases
fiftieth) no spitting syndromes
fifty-first reinforcing method cause general (a)
fifty-second reinforcing method cause general (two)
fifty-third reinforcing method cause general (three)
fifty-fourth Section reinforcing method Yi (flat)
fifty-fifth reinforcing method Yi (Jun supplement)
fifty-sixth reinforcing method Yi (Qi and blood)
fifty-seventh supplement to Yin and Yang
fifty-eighth tonic for cooling
fifty-ninth day no compensation of syndromes of
sixtieth Qing Yi (on the law reconciliation of Qing)
sixty-first (on the Qing Yi Qing method solution of the Qing)
sixty-second Qing Yi (classification method of medication) Yi > sixty-third
sixty-fifth day cancellation cause general (a)
sixty-sixth section law cause general (two)
sixty-seventh astringent Dayi town of law (a)
sixty-eighth astringent Dayi town of law (two)
sixty-ninth < br > Ba Yi general insecticidal
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