The knowledge of traditional Chinese Medicine

Date of publication:2012-9   Press: Military Medical Science Press   Author:Mao Chunyan.   Pages:383   Words:335000  

Mao Chunyan, Niu Yanhui, Yang Yang, Ouyang Bin prepared Chinese medicine "figure knowledge: every day a medicine" through "look, remember, think and guess", to display the Chinese medicine basic knowledge and culture connotation, the interest and the knowledge integration, the subtle help readers every recognition of traditional Chinese medicine, so as to understand traditional Chinese medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine, the use of Chinese medicine. Aims to popularize the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine has played a positive role in promoting health care, health care and rehabilitation and ensuring people's health.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter diaphoretic
second chapter heat clearing drug
third chapter cathartic
fourth chapter antirheumatic
fifth chapter aromatic plant
sixth chapter diuresis medicine
seventh chapter medicine in temperature
eighth chapter Qi medicine
ninth chapter Xiaoshi drugs
tenth chapter anthelmintic
twelfth chapter chapter hemostatic medicine
thirteenth chapter Huatanzhike asthma drug
fourteenth chapter sedative
fifteenth chapter Pinggan Xifeng drugs
sixteenth chapter resuscitation drugs
seventeenth chapter tonic
eighteenth chapter astringent drug
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  •   The book collection of reading for beginners
  •   The feeling is very practical, there are pictures and text, stick out a mile.

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