The four hundred kinds of oral solution resistance.

Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Chinese medical science and Technology Press   Author:Zhang Lei   Pages:247   Words:145000  

The song "resistance comprises four hundred flavor vernacular solution" is a study of Chinese enlightenment books, is the Ming Dynasty written by Gong Tingxian. The book is in four words rhyme style, introduces the function and application of 392 kinds of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, the book is concise, easy to learn, widely spread for hundreds of years by beginners welcome. But because of the age, some of the text is more profound, because the four character verse is limited, not easy for a reader to understand. In order to meet the need for beginners to learn Chinese, Zhang Lei compiled the "resistance song comprises four hundred flavor vernacular solution" one book, by Gong Shizhi is based on the original text, the annotation and commentary. The language is simple and clear, rich in content and practical. The song "resistance comprises four hundred flavor vernacular solution" for Chinese college students reading and studying.
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"Song" song of four hundred kinds of resistance include the original
resistance song comprises four hundred flavor vernacular solution
ginseng Astragalus Atractylodes

root Poria cocos Angelica Paeoniae Radix Paeoniae Alba

rhizome Rehmannia Ophiopogon

Scutellaria Coptis ASP.
Huang Bo

Forsythia Gardenia plaster


cohosh Radix Bupleuri Radix Peucedani.

ephedra Platycodon grandiflorum Perilla

root peppermint wind

herb Asarum notopterygium Duhuo
> Anemarrhena
drug name stroke index
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