Operation standard drug inspection

Date of publication:2012-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Wu Lisun   Pages:541   Words:850000  

Wu Lisun, Liang Lijun editor of "operating norms" drug inspection department inspection personnel training of pharmaceutical enterprises professional textbooks. The book is divided into 9 chapters, respectively from the drug inspection and inspectors work duties, basic knowledge of drug testing, drug testing classification, standards and inspection procedures, laboratory equipment commonly used equipment and the rules and regulations, preparation work before the drug test, the basic skills of drug inspection personnel, inspection method of generic drugs, commonly used drugs inspection standard and inspection method, the original records and inspection reports, as well as the current situation and Prospect of chemical analysis and other aspects of the drug inspection process. The book with exercises and answers and 23 appendices to the reference review and work. "Operating norms" drug testing can be used as pre job training professional institutions drug inspection textbooks, but also as a daily reference book pharmaceutical professionals and medical management.
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The first chapter
second chapter drug inspection classification, standards and procedures of
third chapter drug inspection room management and common equipment
fourth chapter drug testing for
fifth chapter drug inspection personnel basic skills of
sixth chapter of generic drug test method
seventh chapter of commonly used drugs inspection standards and method of
eighth chapter of original records and inspection report writing
ninth chapter analyzes the current situation and Prospect of
chemical reference
exercises and answers
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  •   Similar to the Bureau standard, more refined, conducive to learning
  •   In general, rather than operating rules

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