Diagnosis and generous

Date of publication:2012-6   Press: Academic Press   Author:Zhang 即吾 for reference, Duan Xiaohua, Zhao Yan and other finishing   Pages:123   Words:82000  

"Diagnosis and generous (in Chinese medicine course)" formerly (TCM) is the period of the Republic of China's first Chinese School - "Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute" textbook, from Chinese legend Zhang 即吾 series the mr..
"diagnosis and generous (in Chinese medicine course)" was divided into two parts, twenty-four chapters. The first is general, ten chapters, discusses the origin, diagnostics of traditional Chinese medicine in the diagnosis of TCM essence, diagnostic methods, three nine candidate, the ancient anatomic diagnosis test content and related texts; part two is the theory, fourteen chapters, and various theories of citing, detailed methods and facilities condition, pediatrics, gynecology clinic diagnosis diagnosis and surgical diagnosis, and the use of medicine diagnosis, diagnosis of death, endowment diagnosis etc..
Catalogue of books

the general
the first chapter diagnostics on
second chapter diagnosis of
third chapter diagnosis often Ping Dan
fourth chapters of ancient three nine
fifth chapter Cunkou significance of Renying port resolution
sixth Zhang Qi thesis examination
the seventh chapter off lattice
eighth chapter four veins in the stomach.
ninth chapter Ming body parts attached
tenth chapters of ancient anatomic diagnosis test
the first chapter each on internal examination palpation accompanying
first pulse distribution of viscera of
"Chu's suicide" flat vein section
second fingering the severity of manipulation of
third section seven diagnosis and ten degree
Fourth dead pulse and strange pulse
fifth day of peace and later number
second chapter vein for main diseases and
the first floating floating pulse Kou leather powder
second artery
third big vein Dahong real length of
Fourth slippery slide
fifth pulse number
sixth section sink tight pulse
seventh volt circuit 细濡 Festival astringent pulse astringent.
eighth string string pulse
ninth Weak weak micro
tenth slow delayed node generation slow
eleventh stops
third chapter pediatric diagnostic
the first section 3
second resolution fingerprint crying in children respiratory and diagnosis of various method
third children all died of disease when
fourth chapters examine at color
the first section at flat
Color prophet second facial features internal viscera
third section five main viscera disease
Fourth colors to moisten the
fifth section five for four day and night and
sixth section between the rich and the poor and low and different
fifth chapters examine heard
the first section sound internal organs
second day speech voicing micro Li
third distinguish cough asthma
sixth chapters examine asked card
section directly asked
third day to ask indirectly word.
seventh chapter qualitative diagnosis of syndrome differentiation of
the first section examination blood
second diagnosis Khan
third diagnosed sputum
fifth diagnosis diagnosis urine stool
eighth chapter body diagnosis
the first diagnosis of nasal
Second Diagnosis of
Fourth diagnosis diagnosis ears mouth
fifth diagnosis
sixth lip tooth
seventh diagnosis of laryngeal
eighth tongue
ninth diagnosis of
tenth referral diagnosis back
eleventh abdominal
twelfth diagnosis diagnosis of umbilical attached
thirteenth diagnosis breast model
fourteenth and
fifteenth referral diagnosis of nail
sixteenth skin striae
seventeenth diagnosis diagnosis hair man
ninth chapter states diagnosed
first diagnosed sleep sitting
third referral diagnosis thinking dream
> first diagnosis of
second day menstrual diagnosis morbid
third diagnosis of pregnancy
Fourth diagnosis of diseases.
eleventh surgical diagnosis of
the first section between yin and Yang and several
second distinguishing pus off cards clockwise
twelfth chapter uses drug diagnosis method
thirteenth chapter death diagnosis
fourteenth chapter endowment diagnosis of
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