• Yunnan reuse herbal single prescription.

    Yunnan reuse herbal single prescription assemble, ISBN:9787541625527, author: Liu Yi, Chen Xizhi,

  • Application of adsorption resin in pharmaceutical industry

    "Application" adsorption resin in the pharmaceutical industry and introduces the basic principle of adsorption resin and purified in separation of antibiotics, vitamins, natural products, biochemical drugs. The book is divided into the principle of application and article. The principle consists of adsorption and adsorbent, adsorption resin, the ion exchange resin, adsorption tree,

  • And clinical study of three seven pharmaceutical

    Clinical study of three seven "and" pharmacy to show medical history people three seven long, from the Ming Dynasty to the modern, history spanning over four hundred years, relates to the large number of modern literature history, collecting three seven prescriptions, the famous treatise and clinical application of modern clinical trial system, evaluation and analysis of adverse drug reaction. The name, production,

  • Flowers unilateral disease treatment.

    "Flowers unilateral disease treatment" introduces the meta peony, orchid, rose, azalea, lotus, sweet scented osmanthus, YuLan, Narcissus, Petunia, lilies and other 97 kinds of flowers more than 2340 treatment of common diseases and difficult diseases flower unilateral. These flowers not only have high ornamental value, make people be good to hear or see, but also has many aspects of,

  • Commonly used Chinese medicine name check the manual

    "Traditional Chinese medicine name check the manual" to "Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China" (2005 Edition) as the main basis, with reference to the other 27 kinds of ancient and modern literature of TCM, the income of more than 750 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine of income, and more than 10000 corresponding alias. A total of two check on the way, one is according to Chinese medicine name,

  • The traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Traditional Chinese medicine" is the form and the analysis of the form, to the national standard textbook "pharmacy" interpretation of a popular student books. The drug in the book list content is required to grasp and familiar part, include the basic content of the examination, analysis of text and table belongs to the list of failed,

  • Commonly used formula table

    "Prescriptions" is the form and the analytical form of national standard textbook "prescription" of interpretation of a popular book. "Prescriptions" table by table and analytic forms of content, the formula of stick out a mile, particularly conducive to compare the composition and function of the similar formula. Analysis of calcite,

  • 2009 Pharmaceutical (intermediate) exam grading analysis (Second Edition) (report of 30 meta learning card 1) (Paperback)

    "The 2009 Pharmaceutical (intermediate) exam grading analysis (Second Edition)" published by people's Medical Publishing house. ,

  • Innovative drug pharmacokinetics research and evaluation

    "Innovative drug pharmacokinetics research and evaluation of" wide coverage of knowledge, innovative content, strong practicability, is engaged in studies on pharmacokinetics of reference book is very useful to the people. Pharmacokinetics as a quantitative discipline in research and development, drug evaluation, clinical rational drug use plays an extremely important,

  • Department of internal medicine, Handbook of Clinical Prescriptions

    Department of internal medicine clinical prescription "manual" for the clinical treatment of books, mainly serves for the young doctors, including specialist and general practitioner. "The Department of internal medicine clinical prescription Handbook" in every department of internal medicine disease in a clear diagnosis, in clinical prescription as the center to launch the elaboration, not only introduces the treatment principle and treatment, list,

  • 2009- Pharmaceutical (intermediate)

    2009 pharmaceutical problem sets (intermediate), ISBN:9787117108461, author: Zhu Daling, Sun Jianping eds.,

  • Chinese herbal medicine identification ceremony (upper and lower)

    Chinese herbal medicine identification ceremony (upper and lower), Jiankang, Yanshan press, Beijing,

  • Pharmacy chart solution series - Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry chart solution

    "Natural pharmaceutical chemistry chart solution" mainly graphically describes the "natural pharmaceutical chemistry textbook" basic theory, basic skills, through simplify the complex problem, the abstract problem visualization methods to improve readers' learning efficiency, will become the first graph form teaching reference books and students,

  • Medicine integration

    "Drug" tried to use the integrated computer database principle to realize the drug information query "integrated information system", the innovation of a new drug retrieval thoughts, bring convenience for clinical medication, and drug production and operation management of teaching and scientific research of drug application, query, analysis, statistics work. 1 "integrated" light drugs,

  • Gleaning insects medicine syndrome

    The main content of "governance" by insect drugs license: insect drugs is an important member of the big family of traditional Chinese medicine, has a long history and rich experience in the treatment of. As early as 4000 years ago in oracle bone inscriptions, the ancestors has recorded the snake, musk deer, rhinoceros and so on more than 60 species of medicinal animal. "Zhou Li" in the "five drug" say, east,

  • Four inverse scattered

    "Four inverse scattered" main content: four inverse scattered is one of the most famous prescription, clinical application scope is quite widespread. "Four inverse scattered" is divided into three parts: theoretical study, clinical research and experimental research. The theoretical research, discusses in detail the party name, basis of legislation, and calcite, efficacy and indications, ancient and modern medicine exposition,

  • Theory and Application Study of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Research on theory and application of traditional Chinese medicine: Anhui inheritance and innovation of TCM doctor Technology Forum" mainly introduces the ideas and methods, basis and theory etc.. My province is a culture of Chinese medicine resources are very rich provinces, from Xin'an medical school the famous doctor Hua Tuo to Ming and Qing, can be said to doctor, come forth in large numbers, the bottom,

  • Chinese medicine in comprehensive knowledge and skill exercise test

    "2008 national licensed pharmacist examination and TCM comprehensive knowledge and skill exercise test" is the national licensed pharmacist examination of comprehensive knowledge and skills in pharmacy part of the review of reference books. The book according to the syllabus requirements for writing, is divided into 14 chapters, a total of inductive sites 226, 1200 selected exercises,

  • For the effectiveness of skin disease

    "Cure" the effectiveness of skin diseases systematically summarizes the new methods in recent years, the application of Chinese medicine treatment of skin diseases, a selection of 365 kinds of effective, easy to use traditional Chinese medicine prescription, each prescription respectively introduces the composition, usage and effectiveness, practical, easy to understand, with curative effect etc.. For traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Health and medicine

    "Health and medicine" mainly for institutions of higher learning elective use, so the content in addition to basic theory, combined with some more life practice. And try to make content in melt into the advanced idea, and has strong practicability and maneuverability. The book is divided into twelve chapters, the main contents include: the standard of health and,

  • 2009 pharmacy

    "The 2009 Pharmaceutical (judges) exam grading analysis (Second Edition)" published by people's Medical Publishing house. ,

  • Color atlas of Chinese herbal medicine

    "Chinese medicine Yinpian color atlas" is a book aimed at the national occupation qualification training Chinese medicine dispensing member exam reference books, including Chinese herbal medicine 400 contained is TCM dispenser tutorial identification of traditional Chinese medicine under the provisions of the varieties. "Chinese herbal medicine Chinese herbal medicine color atlas" contained in traditional Chinese medicine "national vocational,

  • 2009 pharmacy

    "The 2009 Pharmaceutical (judges) exercise test: the test questions of fine (Second Edition)" is the national health professional and technical qualification examination professional review with reference books, available in pharmacy in primary (Wales) (code 001) examination candidates to use. The book according to the syllabus requirements for writing, consists of base,

  • Pharmacy (intermediate)

    The 2009 national health professional and technical qualification examination guidance: Pharmacy (intermediate for pharmaceutical intermediate professional), ISBN:9787117107662, author: national health professional and technical qualification examination committee experts to compile,

  • Application of antibacterial drugs in verse and prescription

    "Antibiotics application of songs and prescription" to commonly used antimicrobial agents, antimicrobial effect, classification of indications, adverse reactions, matters needing attention, drug interaction, application of basic principles and all kinds of bacterial infection pathogen treatment content induction, consolidation, as verse, to deepen understanding, enhance memory. At the same time also listed,

  • Analysis of natural drug chemistry spectroscopy

    "Analytic" natural pharmaceutical chemistry component spectrum for the purpose of structure identification of the chemical constituents of natural products and drugs. The book is divided into two parts: and the general theory. Introduction briefly introduces the ultraviolet spectrum, infrared spectrum, nuclear magnetic resonance and mass spectrometry, four spectroscopy technology basic principle, application and the latest progress in the press,

  • Traumatic injury folk prescription therapy

    "Traumatic injury folk prescription prescription therapy" included in TCM clinical treatment of traumatic injury very fruitful folk prescription prescription 460, to attack the system side, pay attention to the accuracy of syndrome differentiation and treatment, each prescription in composition, usage, indications, detailed, practical, strong operability, suitable for the masses and grass roots,

  • Pediatric Clinical Drug Handbook

    "Pediatric Clinical Drug Handbook" combined with the clinical application and research of our experience, with reference to the latest clinical data, collected old drugs recently listed on the effect and has reached a consensus with new applications. The clinical use of drugs will be eliminated or not included. The name of the drug according to the Pharmacopoeia of the people's Republic of China or countries,

  • Gastrointestinal disease cure effect

    "Recipe" gastrointestinal disease effect systematically summarizes the application of the new method or medicine for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in recent years, more than 320 selected for effective, easy to use traditional Chinese medicine prescription, each prescription respectively introduces the composition, usage and effectiveness, with the method is practical, easy to understand, curative effect etc.. Suitable for,

  • Compared with the commonly used Chinese medicine prescription

    "Compare" commonly used Chinese medicine prescription is divided into two parts: the first part introduces the comparison of 100 commonly used formula, mainly compare from composition, function, the indications and key points of differentiation: the second part introduces the application of 100 kinds of commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, mainly from the drug's efficacy, indications,

  • Quick clinical dosage

    "Quick" clinical dosage were recorded more than 3000 drug, according to the actual needs of clinical work, like no other drug handbook will content pharmacological action, mechanism of action, adverse reaction theory listed, but only the drug name, in the treatment process to the most commonly used commodity name, type specifications,

  • The contemporary male division recipe

    "Contemporary male division recipe (Second Edition)" revision on the basis of the first version, the author from a large number of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions contained in domestic medical literatures in recent years, featured a clinically proven effective, and easy production, easy to get male prescription medicines nearly 1000 songs, obstacles, according to the function of abnormal sperm, spermatic cord and,

  • The western medicine and the ion channel anti arrhythmia

    "The western medicine and the ion channel" anti arrhythmia aims to improve clinicians use antiarrhythmic drug level. The book consists of four parts: the first part is the anti arrhythmia medicine, describes how the drug of choice, how to consider the basic concept of dose, also on drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is introduced in this paper,

  • Practical Handbook of severe drug for the treatment of acute crisis

    "Practical Handbook" in treatment of severe acute drug editors with common critical as the key link, for the purpose of taking medication, combined with the practice, emergency medicine, two 47 chapters briefly introduced the principle of diagnosis and treatment of critically ill patients in emergency departments, this explains the drug treatment, drug use and points for attention clinical experience,

  • Huanglian Jiedu Decoction

    "Huanglian Jiedu Decoction" for "difficult disease of odd square series", set, three, respectively, from the theoretical research, clinical research, experimental study of Huanglian Jiedu Decoction to elaborate the theory, including its origin, Huanglian Jiedu Decoction composition usage, effect, the ancient and modern medicine, Huanglian Jiedu the soup in the Department of internal medicine, gynecology, son,

  • The original Chinese medicine plant chemical diversity (3 volumes)

    "Chinese medicine raw plant chemical composition set (3 volumes) (fine)" is a structure and pharmacological activity of chemical constituents of traditional Chinese medicine as the core information, involving a wide range of pharmaceutical botany, TCM chemistry, TCM Pharmacology reference book. Including the text part and biologically active compounds, compounds Chinese index index name,,

  • Chinese medicine treatment of diabetes

    "Chinese medicine treatment of diabetic" around the Chinese medicine for diabetes prevention and treatment of the subject, the system introduces the understanding of etiology of diabetes mellitus, and pathogenesis of TCM syndrome differentiation, treatment and herbal treatment of diabetes, introduces the ancient classical prescription and commonly used single herb, and diabetes diet therapy and traditional Chinese Medicine since the,

  • Pharmacy (intermediate)

    2009- pharmacy selected exercises analysis (intermediate), ISBN:9787117107853, author: Zhu Daling, Sun Jianping eds.,

  • Handbook of clinical intravenous injection drug use

    "Clinical intravenous injection drug use manual" is a movie about clinical intravenous infusion of the drug use of the manual, is divided into two parts. For the first part of article introduced the process, intravenous drug allocation center quality management and work flow, total parenteral nutrition solution configuration, cytotoxic drug disposition and processing, vein,

  • 2008 pharmaceutical professional knowledge pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry test

    "Pharmaceutical professional knowledge: pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry simulation test" is the 2008 national licensed pharmacist examination, pharmacy professional knowledge (pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry) simulation test, exam sprint. "Pharmaceutical professional knowledge: pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry simulation papers" on exam outline, real combat simulation, synthesis,

  • Pharmaceutical professional knowledge

    "Pharmaceutical professional knowledge (two) exercise test: the test questions -" has the following four characteristics: knowledge test point -- point as basic elements, the outline requirements knowledge explain them one by one, a comprehensive breakthrough; test exercise -- exercises to fill in the blank in the deformation throughout the test sites, there are problems in point, enhance memory,

  • 2009- pharmacy

    "The 2009 national health professional and technical qualification examination problem sets series: Pharmacy (Division) simulation test" is divided into three volumes, respectively is: "exercises" set "selected analytical problem" "test". For the implementation of the national Ministry of personnel, the Ministry of health "on the strengthening of health professional technotogy work notice",

  • Two hundred and thirty home remedies

    "Homely recipes two hundred and thirty" there are two hundred and thirty prescriptions. "Two hundred and thirty" domestic remedies "recipe", is a language with the folk customs, the simple and curative effect and significant unilateral, recipes are called "folk prescription", in fact, Chinese medicine prescription, not partial, is divided, who can cure the sick, it is "Affirmative". ,

  • Chinese medicine gejue will remember the pocket book

    "In the 'pharmacy' verse is written" the pocket book seven character verse form of a summary of the Chinese medicine theory essence. "In the 'pharmacy' verse is written" the pocket book chapters divided according to them, a tactic, verse after the drug properties, functions, characteristics and compatibility, usage, matters needing attention, and singing in antiphonal style Jue said to explain,

  • Effective unilateral secret code

    "Effective" unilateral secret code in a popular language describes the Department of internal medicine curative effect, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, Department of Dermatology, Department of Otolaryngology, good and easy to use small prescription. Such as wash the fresh celery juice beverage service, 2 times a day, each time 1 cups, can treat cough Tan Chuan; Ye Huogen pineapple 50 grams, shuijianbi,,

  • Traumatic injury miraculous cure

    "Good" is "traumatic injury effect of traumatic injury. Effective prescription" in the series, is a systematic summary of the use of traditional Chinese medicine for treating traumatic injury clinical reference book of common diseases. The book is a recipe for nearly 300 songs, including Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medicine for external use, acupuncture, massage therapy, comprehensive,

  • The application of traditional Chinese medicine syndrome identification means

    "Traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation" refers to such application to traditional Chinese Medicine Classification by function, and list of Chinese herbs in common between the sex and heterosexual, convenient to the physician identification applications. Chinese medicine in the long-term development, forming a combination method of multiple drugs, but in practical use, the two above clinical indications, both has the similar work,

  • Pharmaceutical professional knowledge

    Pharmaceutical professional knowledge, Lin Rong, Fu Qiang, ed., China medicine science and technology press,

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