The children with respiratory diseases

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: Henan science and Technology Press   Author:Dong Zongqi, Wang Hongtong   Pages:156   Words:102000  

This book consists of basic knowledge, basic knowledge of diagnosis and treatment of pediatric drugs, three, in the form of interlocution introduces the basic knowledge of children with respiratory diseases, etiology, clinical manifestation, diagnosis and treatment and preventive measures.
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Pray for Dong Zong, graduated from Zhongshan Medical College in 1957. Professor, Wuhan city children's hospital chief physician. As the Chinese Medical Association of Pediatrics respiratory group deputy chief of emergency medicine, pediatrics Deputy group leader, vice chairman of the Hubei Provincial Academy of Pediatrics and Wuhan academy of pediatrics. Deputy director of Chinese Practical Journal of Pediatrics, Chinese Journal of Pediatrics, Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, China Contemporary Pediatrics, children.
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One, basic knowledge of 1 respiratory system includes what organs? The structure and morphology of 2 tracheal, bronchial is what? The structure and morphology of 3 lung is what? What is the 4 children with nasal features? What is the 5 pediatric pharyngeal characteristics? What is the 6 child trachea, bronchus characteristics? What is the 7 pediatric pulmonary structure? What is the 8 child cell profile characteristics? 9 Why do people breathe? What is the clinical significance of 10 observation of breath? 11 why do children breath than adult fast? 12 hypoxia occurs when what effect to have to the body? 13 children with respiratory what defense function? 14 what is the cough, cough in children what are the characteristics? 15 dry cough which features? 16 wet cough which features? 17 spastic cough which features? 18 barking cough which features? 19 what is cyanosis, what are the common causes? 20 what is the rales, what are the characteristics? 21 what is the difficulty in breathing? What are the characteristics of 22 pulmonary dyspnea? What are the characteristics of the 23 cardiac dyspnea? What are the characteristics of the 24 hematogenic dyspnea? What are the characteristics of 25 toxic dyspnea? What are the characteristics of the 26 neuromuscular respiratory difficulties? 27 what is the effect of oxygen therapy, oxygen indication of what? What are 28 commonly used methods of oxygen therapy? To judge the effect of standard and the matters needing attention 29 oxygen therapy is what, what is the role of 30 chest X-ray examination in diagnosis of respiratory diseases? Two, 31 what is the diagnosis and treatment of neonatal wet lung, how to treat? 32 what is the neonatal apnea, how to treat?...... Three, strengthen the basic knowledge of medication in children with acute respiratory infection prevention and control work
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