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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company   Author:Macdonald   Pages´╝Ü429  

"Neonatal clinical operation map" reflects changes since the publication of the second edition 1993 neonatal medical aspects of the occurrence of. Since then, in many ways, some reliable detection technology has been developed, many treatment methods improved. There are some very promising technologies, such as local transcutaneous bilirubin monitoring, to be a greater range of tested and confirmed. The end of the mercury thermometer era of particular concern. Widely used in mercury thermometer clinical prototype design in 130 years ago, is a major achievement of medical history. Technical progress thermometer so that people no longer accept the risk of mercury poisoning caused by rupture of the thermometer. Therefore, in 2001 July, American Pediatrics Institute of Environmental Health Committee recommended, the mercury is no longer used in pediatric patients. Improved prevention and treatment uterine abnormal immune hemolytic disease within the application, with light therapy, the infants born after exchange transfusion requirements significantly reduced, so that now some perinatal medicine training programs do not require this operation. However, the normal term neonatal nuclear jaundice again the importance of retaining exchange transfusion revised chapters highlight. The version used in cold therapy premature retinopathy by laser treatment to replace, added a section ostomy care. Seepage damage, vascular spasm and thrombosis treatment section is to solve the problem of iatrogenic often appear in the neonatal intensive care and additional. A new section on perioperative death specimen collection for sudden death or accident detection provides a guide to death occurs. "Neonatal clinical operation atlas" provides the latest information on each type of operation complications, in order to facilitate the readers better weigh the advantages and disadvantages, do know the score.
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Author: (USA) Macdonald (Mhairi G.MacDonald) (USA) Rama Seth (Jayashree Ramasethu) translator: Liu Geli Zhang Qiufeng Zheng Rongxiu
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The first chapter preparation and support 1 on neonatal operation informed consent scheme 2 to maintain the stability of the environment 3 operating constraint method of operation 4 aseptic preparation 5 neonatal analgesia and sedation in second chapter 6 physiological monitoring body temperature monitoring 7 cardiac / respiratory care 8 blood pressure monitoring and blood gas monitoring 9 continuous 10 carbon dioxide tracer third chapter blood samples were collected 11 blood vessel irradiating 12 vein puncture 13 arterial puncture 14 capillary blood fourth chapters other specimens of 15 lumbar puncture 16 subdural puncture 17 suprapubic bladder aspiration in 18 bladder catheterization 19 tympanocentesis 20 tibial bone marrow examination 21 skin punch biopsy specimens of 22 eye surrounded by 23 death specimen collection fifth chapter 24 peripheral intravenous vascular access (I.V.) catheter 25 fluid extravasation injury treatment 26 umbilical artery catheterization 27 umbilical artery incision 28 umbilical vein catheterization in 29 peripheral arterial intubation 30 central venous catheterization of the general principles of 31 percutaneous central venous catheterization 32 operation incision placement of central venous catheter 33 in vitro membrane oxygenation catheterization and withdrawing catheterization 34 vessel Spasm and thrombosis of the sixth chapter nursing of respiratory tract of 35 endotracheal intubation 36 tracheotomy catheterization, seventh chapter 37 pleural cavity stoma catheter 38 pericardiocentesis and drainage in 39 gastric and pyloric tube 40 gastrostomy in 41 neonates with fistula and gastrostomy nursing eighth chapter 42 blood transfusion and blood transfusion Article 43 exchange transfusion in ninth chapter other operating more than 44 finger and skin papilloma 45 circumcision 46 surface drainage of abscesses 47 phototherapy 48 intraosseous infusion liquid storage tank 49 ventricle puncture 50 retinopathy of prematurity laser treatment of 51 peritoneal dialysis in Appendix A, appendix B and appendix C and appendix D color
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