Modern Practical Pediatrics

Date of publication:2004-12   Press: Fudan University press   Author:Ning Shoubao   Pages´╝Ü1153  

"Modern Practical Pediatrics" comprehensive system, has the following three characteristics: 1, emphasize the health and medical services in the implementation of dynamic knowledge of children's growth. 2, introduce a large number of pediatric professional in recent years, new information, new ideas, new methods. In addition to the chapters according to contents introduce outside, still set up a "new chapter" pediatric diagnostic technology, including molecular biology technology, nuclear medicine, radiology and other new technologies, new methods in pediatrics and its application characteristics. Child care part elaborates on mental health and adolescent health, the introduction of the new direction of reproductive health. Neonatal medical prominent neonatal medicine foundation and clinical progress in the twenty-first Century. 3, in close connection with our own practical experience and research results, and has higher practicability and pertinence. In addition to the introduction of international famous psychological intelligence scale, also introduces our country established the city of 0-6 just intelligent screening scale for adolescent sexual precocity, elaborated our country combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine theory and control scheme, the neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in new results near China's research, the rescue of respiratory distress syndrome using our homemade pulmonary surfactant experience of congenital heart disease, diagnosis examples of China's massive heart color ultrasound Beckoning map data, and the application of renal biopsy greatly facilitate the diagnosis of kidney disease, improve the level of prevention and treatment of kidney diseases.
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Ning Shoubao, born in 1932, 1956 graduated from the medical department of Shanghai first medical college. Former Shanghai medical university pediatric hospital dean, director of the Institute of Pediatrics, Chinese Medical Association of Pediatric Association vice chairman, chairman of committee of Shanghai Academy of Pediatrics and the "Chinese Journal of Pediatrics" deputy editor. Department of internal medicine, the doctor's tutor Professor of Shanghai Medical School of Fudan University, the smedical Association of pediatric cardiovascular disease study group, etc.. Diagnosis and treatment and study mainly engaged in pediatric diseases of the cardiovascular system, has won the award of achievement of science and Technology Ministry of health 2, published more than 50 articles, write "Pediatrics" and other works of the 8.
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1 Introduction 2 the growth and development of children 3 little nutrition, feeding and dietary 4 child care 5 neonatal medicine 6 nutritional diseases 7 immunodeficiency diseases and allergic reaction in 8 infectious diseases 9 respiratory system disease, digestive system disease, 11 of 10 circulatory system diseases and 12 urinary system diseases 13 hematopoietic system diseases 14 endocrine and metabolic diseases 15 God with 16 psychology, behavior and mental muscle disease was abnormal in 17 of genetic diseases in 18 poisoning 19 emergency medicine 20 pediatric diagnosis technology 21 pediatric treatment
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