Handbook of childhood lead poisoning prevention

Date of publication:2005-6-1   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Xu Long   Pages:332   Words:302000  

Lead has been the attention of the world the hazards to human health, eliminate environmental pollution in China, the protection of children from lead poisoning problem is imminent. This book is designed to appeal to the community, especially in control departments of medical and health, environmental protection and the government to pay attention to the lead poisoning. The book is divided into six chapters, introduces the basic knowledge of lead elements; relationship with lead poisoning of children's intellectual development; reason and harm of lead poisoning of children lead poisoning; diagnosis; treatment and prevention strategies of lead poisoning in children. Rich in content, explain profound theories in simple language, scientific and practical, for the overwhelming majority of pediatricians, scientists, environmentalists, parents and teachers to read reference.
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Xu Long, deputy chief physician, associate clinical professor at the Shantou University School of medicine. East West Nanchang was born in 1963, graduated from Beijing Medical University (now Peking University Health Science Center), now the Seventh People's Hospital of Shenzhen (formerly Shenzhen Yantian District People's Hospital), once successively in No.1 Hospital of Peking University, Jiangxi Medical College, Jiangxi province children's hospital work; not as and health, health education in Shenzhen
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The first chapter is the basic knowledge of the first section elements and trace elements, element, a two element in the body, the human body is composed of three non essential trace elements, four elements and five health, harmful trace elements in six, Pb second quarter lead, lead and application of ancient civilization and modern civilization two, lead three human exposure to lead, increasing opportunities for four, lead poisoning causes the second chapter the intelligence development of the children with lead poisoning first day children's physical and intellectual development, two, a growth of intellectual development of children's intelligence and behavior evaluation in section second, two, an intelligence test behavior rating three, reaction time test, section third examines four attention lead poisoning of children cognition process, reviews the history of lead poisoning in children, two children lead poisoning in three, the global epidemic of childhood lead poisoning as a public health problem in the four world, lead poisoning to children American disaster five, American for children lead legislation six, production seven, America lead-free bullets USA expert advice again lowered the blood of children lead standard eight, lead poisoning of children know change nine, the concentration of lead over Gao Zeng Add the individual risk of death ten, lead poisoning of four stage fourth China lead poisoning of children in the third chapter of children lead poisoning causes and harms of environmental lead exposure section second first quarter lead metabolism in the human body third children easily lead poisoning causes fourth health hazards of lead in the fourth chapter of children lead poisoning diagnosis first section second segment of symptoms and signs for determination of lead content in the third segment of the determination of lead content in common method of section fourth and lead injury related laboratory examination of the fifth chapter of childhood lead poisoning of children lead poisoning treatment section classification and treatment principle second drug lead expelling third day food drive to lead the sixth chapter childhood lead poisoning prevention strategy first day children lead poisoning prevention measures second childhood lead poisoning prevention strategy reference
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