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Date of publication:2005-6   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:The Chinese Medical Association   Pages:476  

"Clinical guidelines, pediatric department of internal medicine" written by: Department of the people's Republic of China Ministry of Health commissioned by the China smedical association organization national famous expert. Including child care, pediatric each system disease. The clinical features, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric common principles, and the drug and dose. The book is rich in content, strong practicability. For pediatric clinicians use.
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The first chapter of children's health and growth and development of children health care management section second first quarter growth third sugar inspection section fourth neuro psychological development inspection section fifth plan immunity sixth listening care seventh day oral health section eighth eye care second chapter nutritional disorders first child nutrition disorder second infant feeding bad third obesity fourth section of vitamin A deficiency in section fifth, vitamin D deficiency in section sixth, chapter third neonatal iodine deficiency disease section of neonatal asphyxia neonatal apnea second day third day fourth day of wet lung of newborn hyaline membrane disease of newborn meconium aspiration syndrome fifth section sixth section of seventh neonates with infectious pneumonia in neonatal pulmonary hemorrhage in eighth section I section gas leak syndrome in section ninth, chronic lung disease of prematurity in section tenth section eleventh neonatal convulsion in neonates with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy neonatal intracranial hemorrhage, twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter fourteenth section of neonatal jaundice neonatal anemia fifteenth hemorrhagic disease of newborn sixteenth neonatal polycythemia early in the seventeenth quarter. Son of patent ductus arteriosus in Eighteenth neonates with persistent pulmonary hypertension of neonatal vomiting nineteenth day twentieth festival of neonatal necrotizing enterocolitis twenty-first neonatal septicemia twenty-second neonatal purulent meningitis of newborn twenty-third section first shock twenty-fourth neonatal congenital infection in twenty-fifth section, twenty-sixth section neonatal hypoglycemia in neonatal hyperglycemia twenty-seventh neonatal hypocalcemia twenty-eighth neonatal cold injury syndrome of twenty-ninth low birth weight infants and main problems of genetic diseases in fifth chapter, fourth chapter of immune and allergic diseases in the sixth chapter of infectious diseases in seventh chapter, eighth chapter of tuberculosis in digestive system diseases of respiratory system disease ninth chapter tenth chapter circulatory system diseases of urinary system disease eleventh chapter twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter blood system diseases of nervous system diseases the fourteenth chapter endocrine system disease chapter fifteenth pediatric emergency and critical care appendix: pediatric drugs and dosage
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Syndrome hemolytic uremic syndrome eleventh hemolytic uremic comprehensive (hemolytic uremic syndrome, HUS) is a group of diseases caused by a variety of reasons. The clinical manifestations of common for hemolysis, thrombocytopenia and acute renal failure. The typical HUS and bacterial, viral infection. Among them and can produce Shiga like toxin (SLTs) of Escherichia coli O157:H7, Shigella dysenteriae is closely related to the. Onset often have severe gastrointestinal symptoms, and popular. Atypical cases are sporadic, non gastrointestinal symptoms, belong to autosomal dominant or recessive, one family member can have other disease, and tends to recur, the prognosis is poor. [] 1 precursor disease clinical manifestation mostly gastroenteritis, manifested by fever, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, may be associated with bloody stool. Atypical cases no antecedent disease, but may have a family history, especially the compatriots in. 2 symptoms and signs in 5 ~ 10 days after the precursor disease of sudden onset, appear pale, irritability, fatigue, sleepiness, Shao Niao or no urine, blood, skin and mucosal bleeding. There can be dehydrated or edema, jaundice, hepatosplenomegaly etc.. Severe cases occur convulsions and coma. [1] the above diagnosis clinical manifestation. 2 intravascular hemolysis laboratory evidence and progressive anemia, reticulocyte increased moderately, anisocytosis, polychromatic dyeing, triangular, awn shaped or helmet shaped. 3 thrombocytopenia is often less than 100 × 109/L, usually lasts 7 to 10 days, and then gradually rose. 4 diagnosis of renal failure. Kidney failure section standard. 5 urine samples, mild proteinuria, hematuria, urine hemoglobin and tube type. 6 renal biopsy HUS most of clinical diagnosis, no renal biopsy. When it is difficult to diagnose, feasible renal biopsy. Pathological features of injury and thrombosis of small vascular endothelial form. [treatment] 1 in treatment of acute renal failure refer to acute renal failure, with dialysis treatment as soon as possible. 2 correction of anemia when peripheral blood hemoglobin
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