Cerebral palsy infants intervention

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Business school is Henan Province, director of the Luoyang municipal maternal and Child Health Hospital of pediatrics. Graduated from Henan Medical College in 1955, 1960 in Beijing Children's Hospital pediatric department of internal medicine study, in 1990 the first national birth palsy prevention classes to Jia musi. Clinical and research work is mainly engaged in child care, child development disorders and cerebral palsy and brain injury disease. Good at adopting internationally recognized as a valid Bob
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The first chapter of mental retardation, the human is how to understand the mental retardation, mental retardation and two of definition three, intelligence low prevalence rate was four, the aetiology of mental retardation, mental retardation behavior five unbalanced six, mental retardation, mental retardation and clinical manifestations of seven children's mental and physical development, mental retardation in eight diagnosis of nine, intelligence test ten, mental retardation, mental retardation in eleven treatment and education to prevent the second chapter accompanied by mental retardation disease, neonatal hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in two, three, four with bilirubin encephalopathy epilepsy, down five, microcephaly, six of fragile X syndrome in seven, Wilson, eight hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria nine ten, drunken imbecile, our eleven children lead poisoning in the third chapter of low intelligence special type A, idiot scholars two, Beast Boy growth and environment, the fourth chapter three autistic children early intervention, early intervention, early intervention of the history of the two early three, meaning the intervention object four, early intervention mode five, early intervention, early six Intervention time of six, early intervention, how to guide the content of seven mentally retarded children learn eight, early intervention, early intervention of nine case reports of fifth chapter early intervention training in the areas of the sixth chapter is retarded school education reference @##@ children This is a book devoted to children with mental retardation of the intervention of the book of knowledge, the system introduced the definition, etiology of mental retardation, clinical classification, diagnosis, comorbid mental retardation disease, focuses on the early intervention (training) concept, object, content, when, how to guide the low intellectual children learning. It is a family training textbooks, knowledge, teaching methodology and materials as a whole, to parents guide children through many games in daily life in their own home, complete with the children, rehabilitation training, so as to improve their life skills, healthy growth. This book is easy to understand, deputy scientific and practicability, doctors use and reference for mental retarded children, parents and children's health care and primary pediatric department.
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