• Pediatrics

    "Storm type medicine course, pediatrics" brief introduction: "color atlas" Pocket Medical Series is from the world first-class medical press - UK ChurchiU Iivinsstone company introduced the copyright issue. The series includes: heart disease, Department of orthopedics, emergency, pediatrics, dermatology,,

  • Massage (volume six)

    "The Chinese medicine massage: Children's common diseases, volume (Volume 6)" is expert at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, College of acupuncture set more than 20 years of clinical and teaching experience prepared. The book consists of two parts, part one introduces the common methods of massage therapy, acupuncture; the introduction of specific massage treatment of common diseases. For each,

  • Child health care and prevention and treatment of common diseases

    "Child care and prevention of common diseases" and according to the arrangement of primary care physicians, physician is often encountered in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of pediatric in question, to be introduced in the form of interlocution. Is divided into fourteen chapters, the first chapter for the parents of children should know the common problems, the second chapter is the basic knowledge of Pediatrics, the third chapter for children's health and disease prevention,

  • Modern pediatric surgery operation

    "Operation of modern pediatric surgery (fine)" comprehensively and systematically introduces the common operation of pediatric brain, neck, chest, abdomen, limb and spine of the urinary system in the field of pediatric surgery, including classical operation and improved operation. ,

  • Pediatric department of Internal Medicine

    The book follows the following principles: 1 "new", in order to adapt to the new century, the book to reflect the domestic foreign minister before the new pediatric progress and clinical medicine major changes in twenty-first Century. 2 "special", one is to introduce the basic theory and the latest technology today, including modern immunology, cell apoptosis theory, stem cells, human genome and,

  • Pediatric digestive endoscopy

    Along with the people to the health care consciousness of children increased year by year, and in the diagnosis and treatment of digestive diseases in children is more. Department of digestive endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of Xinhua Hospital, Xinhua Hospital Department of internal medicine was digestive endoscopy room, was founded in 1980 by China's famous expert Professor Lu Hanming digestive disease. After pediatric and,

  • Pediatric department of Urology operation diagram

    The book consists of 36 chapters, according to the types of physiological, anatomical characteristics of itself and the urinary system diseases in children, the pediatric department of Urology commonly used operation mode are summarized, and introduces some gradually in the domestic popularity of minimally invasive operation. First introduces various radicals and pediatric department of Urology operation,

  • 1D know-how

    "1D trick" is currently the first devoted to the lottery 3D additional play 1D books, can be described as "open innovation". The book first introduces the method in the Beijing 1D games in all parts of the country: followed by statistics, probability and mathematical analysis methods, combined with the example of the purchase experience and winning,,

  • Neonatal disease treatment technology

    "Neonatal disease treatment technology / community physicians practical pediatric series" edited by Earl Don Gogh Va and Yang Shunhai. "Neonatal disease treatment technology / community physicians practical pediatric series" consists of 5 chapters, including high-risk characteristics, different types of neonatal management, disease,

  • Genetic and hereditary diseases in children

    With the development of society and science technology, disease spectrum has changed. On the paediatric range, past threaten children's life -- the first enemy of infectious diseases and infectious diseases have been effectively controlled, replace sb. accident, malignant tumor, congenital and genetic diseases,

  • The utility of pediatric medical handbook

    The book is divided into fifteen chapters, including the prevention and health care, newborn, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular, urinary system. We have for many years clinical medical and nursing work, see the medical monographs and some relevant data of recent years, the sublimation and summary. Outstanding knowledge of novel, practical content, a wide range of,

  • Method and principle of infant hip ultrasonic inspection

    "Method and the principle of" infant hip ultrasonic inspection, this book introduces the method and principle of infant hip ultrasound examination, including equipment, ultrasound anatomy structure recognition, standardized measurement, check point, typing, ultrasonic classification and measurement techniques and other aspects, the book brings together a large number of domestic and foreign,

  • Pediatric diseases of TCM clinical research techniques

    Ma Rong, Hu Siyuan editor of "pediatric diseases of TCM clinical research techniques" pandect, two, a total of 30 chapters, which highlight the tool and practicality. The introduction part, mainly describes the basic method of clinical research on new drugs designed to help readers solve, summary of clinical research on new drugs of traditional Chinese medicine, by design,

  • Prevention and treatment of mental disorders in children and adolescents mental guidance

    Prevention and treatment of mental disorders in childhood spirit guide Xia Yilu, Meng Xianming compiled the "(Revised Edition)" for the children and adolescents of various common mental disorder and related mental disorders of the system is introduced, and its risk factors, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, treatment methods and prevention measures,

  • Understanding of children's growth disorders

    Zhang Zhixin compiled the "understanding of growth disorders -- children's growth monitoring and growth disorders in children with" growth rule and growth of developmental deviation as the clue, elaborated the determination of growth and gonadal children height rule is normal development, explained the whole process and growth of children growth deviation syndrome,

  • Child care and practical technology

    The book includes children's growth and development, nutrition for children, children's mental health, children's facial care, integrated early child development, child care, health education. ,

  • How to let children with oral treatment (in English control)

    "Oral clinical points quickly master series" is a famous international Q uintessence Publishing Group recently published the basic technology and latest oral courses of medical theory professional books. This series since 2004 published one after another, I first time introduced to Chinese readers, synchronization,

  • Prevention and treatment of children febrile diseases

    "Prevention" infantile fever disease in question and answer form introduced the basic knowledge of febrile diseases, heating, heating characteristics of common clinical manifestations of the disease, treatment, nursing home care, diet and health knowledge. Rich in content, practical, easy to understand, is a family of essential books, also can be used for medical staff,

  • Pediatric basic skills

    "Differential diagnosis and treatment of pediatric basic skills step" from the clinical history and physical examination, the most common pediatric symptom, diagnosis, treatment of the common diseases in various organs of the system, has done a detailed account. The appendix lists monitoring diagram and sequence diagram of bone growth in children, pediatric dose usage of commonly used drugs,,

  • Thinking of clinical diagnosis and treatment of pediatric surgery diseases

    "Son of surgical diseases clinical diagnosis thinking" is the clinical thinking of children's hospital surgery, doctors usually work in the process description and presentation of self, it is not a textbook teachings, copy is not a general reference books, but the knowledge and experience of the exhibition. In the book were all from real clinical cases, including typical and not,

  • Children with hearing disability rehabilitation assessment files

    "Hearing impaired children rehabilitation assessment files", the main contents are: the basic situation of children, family and individual development, test and evaluation for hearing aid recording meter, hearing capacity evaluation table, language ability assessment record table etc.. ,

  • Pediatric clinical syndrome and the bone and joint deformities

    He Rong, Mei Haibo edited the "pediatric clinical syndrome and bone and joint deformity" to introduce the clinical relatively uncommon or rare pediatric syndrome 150, according to the characteristics of each syndrome were anatomic site or system will be divided into fourteen categories, each syndrome have bones, joint,

  • Breast disease

    The books follow the precautionary principle, the three grade prevention thought, around a disease or a health problem in the book, introduces the basic knowledge and method from the etiology, treatment, rehabilitation aspects. This book is scientific, pertinence and practicability. The author is an expert in medical services and the first line, the,

  • Technology for the treatment of pediatric surgical diseases

    "Technology" in treatment of pediatric surgical diseases by Ma Xiangyi, Wang Zhifei, Ma Yuquan, editor in chief, is divided into 13 chapters, including basic knowledge of pediatric surgery, pediatric anesthesia, infections in pediatric surgery, pediatric perioperative treatment, children with acute injury, craniocerebral injury, pleural and mediastinal disease, cardiac disease, peritoneal cavity and peritoneal disease, elimination,

  • Pediatric department of Hepatobiliary Surgery

    Pediatric liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen disease, especially hepatobiliary diseases, congenital is very common in our country belongs to the Asian people, and its incidence is much higher than that of Europe and the United states. Therefore the development of pediatric department of hepatobiliary surgery for the broad masses of the people, especially our children's health, health is very important, for our country in the field of academic,

  • Children's rehabilitation training materials

    "The child welfare agency staff training materials, children rehabilitation training materials" is divided into eight chapters, the content includes: the working mode of early childhood development; early training and development of children; children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation; rehabilitation therapy for children with mental retardation of children with language disorder; rehabilitation therapy. "The children's welfare institutions,

  • Pediatric blood and cancer diseases

    This book describes the content of pediatric hematology and oncology and recent advances in clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The book consists of four sections and thirty-five chapters, detailed introduces the children's erythrocyte disease, leukemia disease, hemorrhagic diseases, malignant hematologic diseases and tumor diseases. The content of the new, practical, very suitable for all levels of pediatric clinicians,,

  • Jaundice of the newborn

    "Introduction" content: neonatal jaundice neonatal jaundice neonatal early is a physiological phenomenon, but also after the birth of various pathological disease clinical manifestation of. In the neonatal jaundice incidence has an increasing trend in china. Multi center epidemiological investigation according to national neonatal professional group recently conducted, in 2005,

  • Rehabilitation training of practical scheme

    "Rehabilitation education and training of practical scheme" comes from practice, and in turn serves practice, highlight the scientificity, practicability and maneuverability, is designed for the rehabilitation of educators and parents of deaf children tailor-made and provides a set of system, scientific and operational programmes, to use, convenient, effective and clear. ,

  • Common pediatric diseases through herbal essence

    Tong Zhi Fang, is aimed at several syndrome clinical departments of a disease, or for a specific syndrome of many diseases can Prescription Treating attains the effect, the former or the party, such as Xu Dachun "Lantai criterion" said: "the cures a disease." It is traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation and disease differentiation treatment combination. "Pediatric often,

  • The pediatric clinical handbook

    The pediatric clinical manual, this manual consists of four parts: the first part for all levels of staff duties and various medical management system; the second part routine treatment for common pediatric disease; the third part is the technical operation standard commonly used in pediatrics clinic; the fourth part is the physical development of children. ,

  • The integration of Pediatrics of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "TCM pediatrics integration (second set)" is a review of 1981 ~ 1999 domestic medical journals and national pediatrics of traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and Western Medicine Pediatric Academic Conference Papers concentrate on Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and Western Medicine Department of Pediatrics literature large reference book. The extracted set during this medical rookie learning inspection of,

  • The utility of pediatric emergency medicine

    This book is mainly composed of experts of Beijing Children's Hospital, based on clinical experience and the latest scientific research and writing. In addition to the version revision of the first edition, also increased the multiple organ dysfunction syndrome in children by Zhou Jingmai, central venous catheter, hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis and other content, and to the new theory,

  • Pediatrics

    Pediatrics, "Pediatrics", book practice part operation skills according to the clinical workflow coherence show that focuses on pediatric common technical operation, history examination collection, and pediatric common disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Comprehensive test combined with clinical practice, combined with the assistant practicing doctors' qualifications,

  • The understanding of disease - Doll disease

    Doll disease, the main contents include: the principle of diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases, common symptoms of pediatric, developmental and behavioral problems of children period, newborn and neonatal diseases, nutritional disorders, diseases of the digestive system. ,

  • Clinical diagnosis thinking path series

    Analysis of the pediatric classic case, "the editor with clinical experience in pediatric long-term analysis" of classic cases, divided into 13 chapters detail the children's psychological and behavioral developmental disease, disease of chromosome and genetic metabolic, immune, rheumatic disease. Common diseases and infectious diseases of digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, selected typical cases,

  • Experimental and clinical diagnosis of pediatric

    "Pediatric laboratory diagnosis and clinical" Content Description: development of pediatric laboratory diagnosis, clinical value is very important to improve the diagnosis level of pediatric clinicians and guide treatment and prognosis have know. "Pediatric laboratory diagnosis and clinical" consists of 2 chapters. The "technical" consists of 6 chapters, the "application",

  • Common pediatric medication errors analysis

    "Common pediatric medication errors analysis" is one of the common clinical medication errors of analytical series. The book has 22 chapters, the book introduces common pediatric drug usage, indications and points for attention of general medicine knowledge, more classical, but also for each drug, the clinical vivid examples of cases, prescription,

  • Diseases of infants and children.

    Fever, vomiting, diarrhea...... Seeing this, the young mother panic, "ah! Not anymore". With this book, so you can rest assured to. Small problem processing method, physical and mental aspects of the events and issues of the assured vaccination and constant,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases.

    "The old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Zuotang" series includes Department of internal medicine diagnosis and treatment of disease "," unique skill "surgical diagnosis and treatment of disease, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases" trick "unique skill", "unique skill", "the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric diseases of male disease diagnosis and treatment," trick "Department of Dermatology disease diagnosis and treatment." 6 volumes, this paper introduces in detail the main features of common disease subjects, how to diagnose how,

  • Pediatric imaging diagnosis and clinic (chest abdominal volume)

    Thoracic and abdominal volume, Ye Binbin compiled the "pediatric imaging diagnosis and clinical" is divided into three volumes, in accordance with the characteristics of children's growth and disease, head neck, nervous system, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, urogenital system, bone and joint system seven parts to write. "Pediatric imaging diagnosis and clinical" for thoracoabdominal volume. Coding,

  • Pediatric surgical principles

    Pediatric surgical principles (Second Edition), ISBN:9787810719971 (USA), author: O'neal,

  • Pediatrics

    Pediatrics, ISBN:9787560545332, author: Xu Youhui,

  • Standard of diagnosis of pediatric diseases

    "Basic standard" diagnosis of pediatric department in the domestic and foreign medical information for tens of thousands of, to the scientific, accurate, practical for the purpose, the spirit of novelty, representative, broad, organization principles prepared. The book is a diagnostic criteria, classification (class) of about 1800, which WHO (,

  • Clinical imaging of bone and joint in children with learning

    "Clinical imaging of bone and joint in children", the book features for imaging diagnosis of bone and joint soft tissue diseases in children, and with the clinical, treatment and prognosis of clinical, pathological and comments on every disease. Including conventional radiology, CT, MRI, DSA, ultrasound and radionuclide imaging. According to the need of each,

  • Department of Pediatrics and neonatology focusing

    The book contains a large number of clinical photographs, line concise and comprehensive, through various independent chapters illustrated to describe some common and rare diseases. This enables the reader to understand knowledge more directly, help medical students and medical personnel with this book to identify and diagnose diseases. ,

  • Defects of environmental etiology and controllability of birth

    "Birth defects of environmental etiology and controllability study", the book includes: birth defects research cause environmental new perspective, environmental exposure and birth defects, defects of environmental controllable content. ,

  • Pediatric surgery clinic path

    Clinical pediatric surgery, "clinical path management series of pediatric surgery clinical path", this book according to the Ministry of health clinical path of development, according to the compilation of pediatric diseases. The content relates to Hirschsprung's disease clinical pathway, congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis clinical pathway, hypospadias clinical pathway, acute intussusception in children with atrial septal defect path,

  • Technology for the treatment of pediatric diseases in Department of Internal Medicine

    "Technology" in treatment of pediatric department of internal medicine disease by Wang Xiaodong, Liu Jianhua editor, from the basic concept, the Department of internal medicine disease etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, treatment principle and scheme, prevention and prognosis were reviewed, and the observation is described from the doctor's point of view, and pay attention to the doctor-patient communication, experience etc.,

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