The utility of oral microbiology

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Yang Shenghui science and Technology Literature (2008-05)   Author:Yang Shenghui   Pages´╝Ü222  

"Practical Oral Microbiology" contains oral microbiology complete, system, and from the actual clinical medical work needs, has strong practicability, Department of Stomatology, students and clinicians are engaged in the study of the Explorer essential reference books.
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Quiredpellicle) formed a special biofilm (biofilm), called plaque (dentalplaque). Plaque bacteria in oral streptococci (oralstreptococci), in different tooth surface bacteria content and different. Under normal circumstances, the number of species has a certain proportion. The surface of the tooth plaque is formed, clear the dynamic process and the formation of long-term retention, will make the flora imbalance, so as to form a susceptibility to dental caries, periodontal disease conditions. The oral cavity dental dentition due to anatomical characteristics, as well as in the treatment of abnormal development resulting in some susceptible retention area. Plaque of common residence area. 1 natural retention area of premolars and molars (occlusal) face nest nest ditch and buccal sulcus, deep is the morphological diversity of bony blind bag, sulcus plaque can not be removed. Two adjacent tooth surface contact area of plaque is not easy to self cleaning, which made a good retention area of dental caries. In addition, gingival, gingival sulcus is plaque retention sites, long-term poor oral hygiene, aggravate the bacteria retention is susceptible to chronic gingivitis factors. 2 abnormal development forward and horizontal impaction retention area common, difficult to remove plaque formation in the lower three molar ectopic and the lower two molar retention area. Easy cause between the three molar caries, gingivitis, periodontitis distal two disease and periodontitis. In addition the irregular dentition patients, also can have the retention area varied caries susceptibility.
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