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Date of publication:2004-5   Press: Shanghai science and Technology Press   Author:Deng Dajun   Pages´╝Ü191  
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An oral health care please understand our oral health needs of oral health for healthy teeth with us for a lifetime "pest" -- two alert erosion hazard dental pulp disease dental caries pulpitis and periapical fires carious tooth disease and health of older friends talk about dental diseases three protect teeth, healthy growth -- occurred children's dental disease and Prevention of milk, the permanent adorable and replacement tooth decay is affecting the growth and development of children's dental pulp and periapical disease enemy children dental trauma four to resist the invasion, the protection of home -- periodontal mucosal disease healthy periodontal tissue bleeding gums Mo lightly loose teeth why adolescents have periodontitis and oral the first line of defense is one of the most annoying oral mucosal disease several striped oral mucosal disease infants are susceptible to oral mucosal disease periodontal mucosal disease and psychological nursing and rehabilitation of five healthy beautiful teeth -- malocclusion or malocclusion malocclusion and orthodontic treatment of adult preventive measures can teeth teeth week of disease to orthodontic treatment of temporomandibular disorders and occlusion does the relationship between orthodontic surgery you need Several common malocclusion six gaps, functional reconstruction -- dental dentition defect and dentition defect restoration of edentulous artificial crown tooth fixed partial denture defect of dentition removable partial denture dentition defect full mouth dental implant children what is missing teeth do loose teeth how do choose a material sense seven danger, @##@ psychological rehabilitation instruction -- be prepared against want oral and maxillofacial diseases extraction ankyloglossia in pericoronitis of wisdom tooth sialolithiasis facial furuncle and carbuncle maxillofacial injury of congenital cleft lip and cleft palate oral cancer oral and maxillofacial diseases nursing home patients with oral and maxillofacial diseases Book in popular language, concise form, the family of oral health knowledge to the readers, etiology, symptoms, treatment method of common oral diseases and family nursing measures. Including the general knowledge of oral health care, dental, dental care and treatment of common diseases, incidence, prevention and treatment of children dental, periodontal mucosa nursing care and treatment of common diseases, malocclusion and the harm, prevention and treatment methods, various dental dentition defect repair, deletion, and treatment the common diseases in oral and maxillofacial disposal method and family nursing measures. The book is rich in content, with a strong operational, suitable for readers of a certain cultural level of reading, as the family standing of popular science books.
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