• Fixed prosthodontics

    Stomatology is shortage of specialty in China, the dental manufacturing process is lagging behind, domestic no bachelor's degree class teaching. Textbook is very scarce. In recent years, the domestic development of the professional education, the shortage situation to a certain extent increase has changed, but the situation is still very grim, China needs a lot of high quality,

  • Endodontic surgery practical tutorial

    "Dental surgery" for practical tutorial a classic monograph oral dental surgery, edited by Professor Arens USA Indiana University School of dentistry. The book is divided into the examination and diagnosis, pre operation preparation, operation skill, postoperative nursing, dental problems of surgical treatment of 5 parts. "Dental surgery teaching,

  • Cleft palate speech training

    "Cleft palate speech training" are introduced in detail. The pathological causes functional speech disorder after cleft palate repair and how to correct training. This paper introduces the basic features and basic knowledge of cleft palate speech Mandarin normal voice; also introduces the basic principles and psychological treatment of cleft palate speech therapy of cleft lip and palate sequence,

  • In the oral cavity disease trillion

    "In the oral cavity disease trillion" in a professional perspective and the popularity of the language, some of the common diseases of oral medicine such as dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth defect, bad breath and so on. The clinical features and treatment of early signal; oral tumor and discovery; denture repairing method and the crowd and dentition not neat and straightening,

  • Clinical application of oral and maxillofacial cone beam CT

    "Introduction" clinical application of oral and maxillofacial cone beam CT content: oral and maxillofacial cone beam CT brings a revolutionary progress in oral and maxillofacial radiology, greatly promoting the development of oral clinical medicine. In recent years, an increasing number of cone beam CT models continue to emerge, also more and more to enter the market of china. However,

  • Treatment of oral and maxillofacial malignant tumor

    "Treatment" oral and maxillofacial malignant tumor is the common malignant tumor of oral and maxillofacial monograph, the book is divided into 14 chapters, repair, 1~4 chapter tells the comprehensive treatment of oral and maxillofacial malignant tumor of advanced malignant tumor treatment, oral and maxillofacial malignant tumor operation principle of treatment and oral and maxillofacial defects of the original,

  • Oral disease diagnosis and treatment strategies

    "Oral disease diagnosis and treatment flow strategy" according to the latest trends, oral medicine according to clinical thinking process, introduce new technology, new methods of clinical diagnosis and clinical treatment of oral diseases, the latest progress and related diseases. "Oral disease diagnosis process and treatment strategy" is divided into seven parts, respectively,

  • Oral Biochemistry

    "The national medical colleges and universities teaching, Oral Biochemistry" comprehensively and systematically introduces the basic theory and knowledge of the chemical composition and biochemical characteristics, oral tissue of common oral diseases, the pathogenesis of Oral Biochemistry, strive to make the concept clear, focused. "The national medical colleges and universities teaching, oral biochemistry,

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dental caries

    Diagnosis and treatment of dental caries, "diagnosis and treatment of dental caries (CD-ROM disc 1") for CD-ROM disc. "The diagnosis and treatment of dental caries (CD-ROM disc 1)" tells the story of the caries process overview, etiology and pathogenesis, clinical features and diagnosis, introduced during dental treatment, including the principle of treatment, non repair,

  • Oral local anesthesia Handbook

    "Oral local anesthesia Handbook (Fifth Edition)" the main content: in 1884 Koller in Vienna with cocaine for surface anesthesia in Department of Ophthalmology, William Halsted and AIfred Hall cocaine for regional nerve block, then opened the modern local anesthesia,

  • Experts talk about four major stomatological diseases and dental aesthetics

    The party's sixteen plenary session made the strategic plan of building the new socialist countryside. In the process of building a new socialist countryside, vigorously develop the rural cultural undertakings, to cultivate a culture, understand technology, new farmers management, an important sign of progress since new rural construction, is also the socialism new countryside,

  • Dental and orthodontic

    Author in popular language describes dental and orthodontic knowledge, more than 60 questions concerned by people and is a tooth. It is not only related to the appearance, chewing and vocal function, and the tooth is expensive, if there is no formal orthodontic plan, do not understand the relevant knowledge of correct tooth, not only may not,

  • 99 Department of Stomatology, knowledge of farmer friends must grasp

    This book introduces the prevention of dental caries, periodontal disease, halitosis, stomatitis, oral disease, treatment and nursing, and to the new teeth whitening, braces, the repair knowledge makes a detailed interpretation; that cannot ignore the oral disease symptoms, illustrate the importance of the relationship between oral and beauty, it is for everyone the,

  • Medical experts to answer - oral disease

    The new dialogue series reader is the majority of patients, inquiry from answer the patient's point of view, summarize clinical patients ask doctor answer most questions, present the latest drug and new methods of treatment, the latest scientific research and the latest medical results. Based on the doctor patient communication, in the prevention and treatment measures,

  • Oral pathology

    "In color" Pocket Medical Series is from the world first-class medical press - UK ChurchiU Iivinsstone company introduced the copyright issue. The series includes: heart disease, Department of orthopedics, emergency, pediatrics, dermatology, gynecology, obstetrics, neurological diseases, infectious diseases, Department of Ophthalmology disease,

  • Oral diseases and health care medical solutions

    "Oral diseases and health care doctors answer" by oral doctor of medicine, chief physician, Professor Niu Zhongying and Professor Shi Shenggen led their team to write. It will lead us to the oral health and self management, this usually does not understand the world. The book to understand the language of the shallow depth,

  • Oral health care service

    Book in popular language, concise form, the family of oral health knowledge to the readers, etiology, symptoms, treatment method of common oral diseases and family nursing measures. Including the general knowledge of oral health care, dental, dental care and treatment of common diseases of children, dental,

  • The utility of oral microbiology

    "Practical Oral Microbiology" content from set up the oral micro ecological conception, detailed oral micro ecological environment and oral microbial physiological function; briefly introduces the classification and characteristics of oral microorganisms, elaborates common disease of oral cavity and an important factor related... Dental plaque; combined with the clinical prevention and treatment,

  • Oral Science

    "Oral Science (case version)" by non stomatology medical students as the object, content mainly includes oral anatomy and physiology, oral Department of internal medicine, oral surgery, oral health and children's dental knowledge, at the same time to teach the "Oral Science" adds basic knowledge and oral cavity Orthodontics Oral restoration. "Oral science,

  • The new technology of new clinical therapy of oral

    "New technology of oral clinical therapy" is the first in the country to make reference to the clinical cases, oral medical reference books, new technology and new therapy. Set of dental pulp, periodontal disease, prosthodontics, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery as a whole, collecting about 2000 amplitude case photos, introduction, discussion and summary,

  • The oral medical dictionary

    "Chinese Medical Dictionary" common input Chinese words treaty 4500, relative English word about 4100 and the relevant English and Chinese abbreviations many 2200, entries by Chinese phonetic order, the collection of items in terms of oral medicine commonly used nouns, mainly, and keep a certain coverage and full, new, fine,

  • Dental care and dental prevention and treatment

    "Dental care and dental prevention and treatment" briefly introduces the components and functions of the teeth, this paper focuses on the traditional prescription and use hundreds of convenient Chinese medicine treatment of dental disease, on the part of raw materials, production, usage of prescription, efficacy and the matters needing attention are also explained briefly. The recommended children, women, elderly people,

  • Preventive dentistry

    Structure and content of the textbook reflects the discipline of international development, including industrial and developing countries, but also reflects the current state of development of this subject in domestic, therefore, this book teaching material has the following characteristics: 1 it is an attempt to write bilingual teaching, help to,

  • Oral local anesthesia

    "Oral local anesthesia" includes pain and analgesia pharmacological basis, neuroanatomy, neurophysiology principle, basic principles and discuss oral local anesthetics and local anesthesia operation. "Oral local anesthesia" also introduced the maxillary mandibular anesthesia anesthetic technique, technology, palatal anesthetic technique, bureau,

  • Biological orthodontic incremental technology

    This book is the first comprehensive and systematic introduction of Ricketts biological progressive technology books. The main contents include: (1) the meaning, origin and development process of biological evolution technology. The reader can realize the biological spirit of progressive technology. (2) the Ricketts diagnostic analysis,

  • Clinical manifestations of oral and maxillofacial diseases based on X-ray and pathology

    The book of Beijing Stomatological Hospital affiliated to Capital Medical University for decades collecting medical records based on the hospital, after experts engaged in oral and maxillofacial surgery, oral imaging diagnosis and pathologic diagnosis to discuss and write. The book consists of 9 chapters and 63 sections, including the most common diseases of oral and maxillofacial surgery, illustrated. ,

  • The utility of Oral Science

    "Practical Stomatology (fine)" focuses on the clinical application of oral medicine, also reflect the "new". Write format to maintain the original style, diseases and technical articles, plus appendices. The diagnosis and treatment of clinical and basic content of unified interconnected in a disease in the narrative, is convenient for readers to check. Single row technique article. ,

  • A common disease in Department of Stomatology control

    The "New Science Series: prevention and treatment of common diseases prevention and treatment of common diseases of the new Department of Stomatology" content basically covers the most common oral and maxillofacial diseases in china. First, to outline form on oral, origin and development, oral and maxillofacial anatomy and physiology, commonly used in Department of Stomatology examination, as well as prevention and health care of a general,

  • Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery (intraoral repair volume)

    "Journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery (intraoral repair volume)" second edition brings together the strongest in oral medical China academic team, the latest research achievements of academic work, not only is this century a major event in the history of the development of oral medicine China her publishing, but also to the crystallization and efforts Chinese oral medical experts put the collective wisdom,

  • Department of Stomatology Assistant Handbook

    This book is the first book about Department of Stomatology assistant training set, the monograph. The author consulted a lot of literature at home and abroad, combined with China's oral medical clinical practice experience, from the occupation localization, the basic requirements of Department of Stomatology assistant, recruitment, training, especially when combined with clinical department of Stomatology Department of stomatology in various different professional help,

  • Atraumatic filling in dental caries

    "Dental caries atraumatic restorative treatment (ART)" a total of eight chapters, including for minimal intervention method development and caries and prevent the best way, the development of the bonding repair material, ART filling operation steps, the development direction of ART in future. ,

  • Periapical disease therapeutics

    This book is a monograph on periapical disease. The book is divided into 15 chapters, microbial infection and host response including periapical disease, anatomy and physiology of pulp - dentin and periodontal tissue, etiology and pathogenesis of periapical disease, pathological periapical disease of periapical disease science, microbiology, periapical disease radiation,

  • Dental clinical standardized operation Atlas

    "Dental clinical standardized operation atlas" content brief introduction: Dental is a clinical discipline requires precise operation. This map to promote standardized operation concept, help the masses of oral physician master dental standardized operation, improve the efficiency and efficacy of clinical treatment, improve the standardization of Chinese oral physician operated water as soon as possible,

  • Oral medicine digital photography

    "Oral medicine digital photography" was written by a medical doctor orthodontics, dental, oral Department of internal medicine, Department of oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental implant, more professional, more experienced, covering all the important field of oral medicine. The book introduced the basic knowledge of digital photography, oral digital photography,

  • Management of dental clinic and opened

    Basic knowledge creation and management of community dental clinic of a more comprehensive introduction to the book, the book includes the opening preparation, clinic design renovation, equipment purchase and installation and maintenance, clinic infection control, document management, human resources management, team building, financial management, marketing, improper behavior prevention,

  • Dental Technology (three volumes)

    This book is the three volume, informative, covering almost all dental technology mature and international. And a considerable number of content are first introduced at home, such as "heap wax technology," "BPS" "Gerber full denture manufacturing technology", so that readers can understand the technology of all kinds of. ,

  • Clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Department of Stomatology of Pragmatics

    "The clinical diagnosis and treatment of diseases in Department of Stomatology practical science" by Dr. Zuo Jinhua, according to his medical experience, a large number of clinical data, details of oral diseases, clinical symptoms, pathogenesis, etiology, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, examination and treatment, and detailed, clinical case typical value for reference and study with very good,

  • Clinical oral maxillofacial surgery anesthesiology

    This book comprehensively and systematically elaborated the modern clinical oral and maxillofacial surgery anesthesia operation in theory and technology, especially in the past 10 years and the new technology in the field of theory, theory with practice, combining clinical, very practical. The book consists of 22 chapters, which relates to the clinical oral and maxillofacial surgery operation,

  • Oral clinical medical experiment course

    Oral medicine is a discipline with very strong practicality, the students are required to master the relevant theoretical knowledge, basic operation of power must also possess excellent. Clinical experiment lesson is an important link in stomatology teaching, is before entering medical students in clinical practice, in the simulation of the clinical conditions and environment of the base,

  • Oral general physician clinical operation manual

    "General practitioner of Stomatology clinical operation manual" by the The Fourth Military Medical University dental hospital emergency and comprehensive clinical department of tissue preparation, a total of 9 chapters, to abide by the norms, practical principles, and strive to use simple language, rich graphical, from reception, doctor-patient communication, examination, diagnosis and differential diagnosis to treatment planning, correct operation of body,

  • Export signal and health disease

    "Orofacial disease signal and health" from a practical point of view, associated with the health status of facial changes were summarized, and the related disease etiology, pathology, from the clinical symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis were further elaborated, hoping to provide some help for clinical diagnosis and treatment of workers, the readers health benefit. ,

  • Biomechanics of orthodontic treatment for CD-R

    Biomechanics of orthodontic treatment of CD-R, "bio mechanical principle" orthodontic treatment planning for the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" published national electronic publication, the Ministry of health medical CAI courseware. "Bio mechanical principle" orthodontic treatment to set text, pictures, animation way introduced the related biomechanical concepts, orthodontic treatment of orthodontic treatment,

  • Mouth ulcer

    The most valuable in life is life and health, health and disease are the whole society are very concerned about the problem, which is related to every person, every family interests. The Ministry of health and the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine leadership attaches great importance to the whole society are very concerned about the issue, they made not on the disease to cure, and the,

  • Orthodontic ideas and clinical operation skill

    "Orthodontic ideas and clinical operation skill" the book is divided into 19 chapters, the content relates to orthodontic entry knowledge, clinical common fault as abnormality of ideas, skills, equipment manufacture and difficult complex fault lift deformities of case analysis, the "orthodontic orthodontic ideas and clinical operation skill" in,

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology school

    According to the clinical course in fascicles, namely: "Department of internal medicine disease misdiagnosis case analysis", "surgical disease misdiagnosis case analysis", "infectious disease misdiagnosis case analysis", "Department of gynaecology and obstetrics misdiagnosis case analysis" and "otolaryngology -- oral and maxillofacial disease misdiagnosis case analysis" the 5 section. Each of the book,

  • Modern endodontics

    "Expert Professor of modern endodontics" editor for stomatology College of Wuhan University and other domestic famous universities, also includes the famous experts in the field of part of Hongkong, Taiwan and Europe endodontics. The contents of the book from the editors many years of clinical experience and nearly ten years of accumulation of a large number of clinical cases, in-depth,

  • The reform of medical education textbook series

    Oral science, "the reform of medical education textbook series: introduction of Oral Science": The book includes 12 chapters: introduction to dental and oral anatomy, cariol,

  • Let your smile is more beautiful

    "Let your smile more beautiful" is a book about malocclusion of the popular science books, including the matters needing attention in the course of treatment, the clinical manifestation of malocclusion and the causes, prevention methods and patients. The book in question and answer form introduction to basic theory and method of modern orthodontics treatment. And with a few,

  • Application of SPSS in the oral cavity in medical statistics

    The book is divided into 11 chapters. In the English control mode, mainly introduces the analysis method of commonly used statistical research on the basic concept of the basic operation, SPSS and oral medicine. The basic contents of SPSS profile, descriptive study, t test, analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis, nonparametric test, multiple regression,

  • Guidelines for clinical practice of Oral Science

    "Guidelines for clinical practice of Oral Science (case version)" comprehensively and systematically make clear guidance on the key content contained in the practice of Clinical Stomatology, clinical thinking in clinical typical cases, at the same time with the corresponding reference answer, clinical practicability and operability, highlight the "Three Basics" content, can make the clinical medicine,

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