Surgical treatment of gastric cancer and clinical practice

Date of publication:2007-1   Press: Jiangsu science and technology   Author:Chen Erdong   Pages´╝Ü355  

Gastric cancer is the harm China's public health one of the most common malignant tumor, its incidence and mortality are very high. In many other treatment remains to be perfect today, operation treatment is still the first choice for the treatment of gastric cancer. The book in 1981 and on the 1992 edition of the collection, new desk referring to the information at home and abroad, gather and personal clinical experience has been revised significantly. The book is divided into 17 chapters, systematically describes the history of surgical treatment for gastric cancer, gastric cancer, gastric cancer surgical anatomy and pathology staging, surgical treatment for gastric cancer in the basic theory and principles, and a detailed description of lymph node clearance gastric cancer combined with graphical necessity and operation procedures, a variety of stomach cancer resection range and more than 90 digestive tract reconstruction style.
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The first chapter of surgical treatment for gastric cancer, gastric resection operation history evolution of two gastric cancer lymph node clearance, operation Li Chengsan, gastric endoscopy and gastrointestinal kiss (joint) is the development history of the second chapter of gastric surgical anatomy, the stomach a position, shape and each name two, stomach three, stomach ligament and omentum vessels in four, gastric lymph system and group five, third chapter of gastric cancer gastric nerve pathology and staging, gastric carcinoma and two gastric cancer growth, proliferation and metastasis of gastric cancer in three, pathological type four, the staging of gastric cancer surgical treatment for gastric cancer in fourth chapter, the basic theory and principles, operation of gastric cancer the embryological basis two, operation of gastric cancer tumor biology three, surgery for gastric carcinoma lymph node metastasis and flow theory, the principle of operation of four gastric cancer five, gastric cancer palliative resection operation of chapter fifth gastric cancer operation approach, anatomy of a local two, gastric cancer operation path selection principle and type three gastric cancer operation, several common path and the special path of chapter sixth lymph node clearance, gastric cancer lymphadenectomy meaning and clinical pathology in two, gastric cancer lymphadenectomy step three, gastric cancer lymph The seventh chapter gastric injury accidents and processing oriented operation, operation in four gastric resection of gastric cancer, gastric resection of a range of two, gastric resection and indications of eighth chapters of gastric cancer and other organ resection combined with splenectomy, two, save Kuo Qingsan, resection of pancreatic No.10 lymph node spleen (report: preservation of pancreatic N0.11 lymph node metastasis), four with liver resection...... Common disease complicated with other fifteenth chapter gastric cancer patients in several surgical treatment of eleventh chapter ninth chapter of gastric cancer after gastrectomy digestive tract reconstruction in tenth chapter twelfth chapter expand operation early gastric cancer treatment of the complications of gastric cancer the thirteenth chapter unresectable gastric cancer surgical treatment of gastric cancer surgery (Fourteenth chapter in peri operation period management) for the sixteenth chapter of gastric cancer patients preoperative and postoperative management of seventeenth chapter of gastric cancer postoperative complications and treatment of appendix references
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