Oncology Clinical Drug Handbook

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Wang Jinping Jiangsu science and Technology Press (2008-05)   Author:Wang Jinping   Pages´╝Ü392  

"Oncology Clinical Drug Handbook" in clinical practice, included the clinical accepted exact antitumor drugs and new drug just listed, for the clinical use less or obsolete drugs not included. The drug name the first standard for the new version of the "Pharmacopoeia of people's Republic of China" and the Ministry of health of the popular name, followed by a common name, trade name, is conducive to the readers. "Oncology Clinical Drug Handbook" is divided into two parts: the first part is a common medicine department of Oncology; the second part is the common disease in Department of oncology drugs.
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The first part of the clinical common anticancer drugs the first chapter to alkylating antineoplastic agents, nitrogen mustard and its derivative two, ethylene imine three, methyl sulfonic acid esters four, nitrosourea class five, epoxide and other second chapter common disease medication antimetabolite antineoplastic drug second part Chinese drug name index English drug name the index
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"Oncology Clinical Drug Handbook" by the Jiangsu science and Technology Publishing house.
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