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"Clinical lung cancer study" included clinical and laboratory knowledge of lung cancer, with emphasis on clinical, the biology of lung cancer, clinical manifestation and multidisciplinary treatment etc.. Focus on the content of the clinical manifestations of lung cancer, diagnosis, staging of lung cancer, lung cancer, operation treatmentRadiation therapy, chemical therapy of lung cancer, mainly discuss the basic principles of lung cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy. "Lung cancer" release to clinical motivation is to provide an extensive reading for all people interested in lung cancer, a useful tool for cancer clinicians, and hope to help to expand the medical students, general practitioners and oncologist for theoretical basis, and provide materials for tumor training class. "Clinical lung cancer" theory is the reference and reference based on the results of domestic and foreign monographs and over the same period of lung cancer on the latest research of comprehensive knowledge, diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in many aspects, runs through the lung cancer treatment of editing thought, to the concept of the people as a whole, and this idea is extended to the clinical disciplines, so the independent Chengzhang content interpenetration. Since 2000 the clinical and laboratory knowledge has increased, especially in the treatment of lung cancer in a biology. Will introduce the new content of immunology and gene therapy of lung cancer, lung cancer to the clinical and laboratory work integration, hoped that can provide the space of thinking for clinical and laboratory workers expanded platform. "Clinical lung cancer" about 70 words, including lung cancer related disciplines, clinicians working content. Also contains a foundation for the study of lung field. Clinical diagnosis is more focused on lung cancer. In lung cancer operation treatment a, operation treatment for lung cancer and the operation steps are described in detail, including the recent advanced technology, operation methods, the new and standard operation mode, and illustrate an important step, especially the key steps of successful operation and operation resection and complete detail. From the clinical practice and the doctor urgently needed perspective, to conduct a comprehensive, systematic introduction to the lung tumor, is related to medical departments, especially in young doctor ideal tool book.
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The first general chapter chest application anatomy of trachea bronchial tree in section third, section second of chapter second of pulmonary lung section airway occurred second day postnatal lung development in section third of chapter third lung deformity of pulmonary respiratory physiology section respiratory mechanics second lung capacity of third section of respiratory control section fourth lung defense mechanisms in section fifth, lung metabolic and endocrine function in the fourth chapter the breath of lung pathology section second day hypoxic hypoxia body metabolism disturbance of acid-base balance in section fourth section third acute pulmonary edema, fifth respiratory failure second lung cancer the first chapter of lung cancer epidemiology section section second lung cancer area distribution in section third the fourth section of lung cancer lung cancer epidemic trend of population distribution of Xuanwei and Fuyuan section fifth of chapter second of the epidemiology of lung cancer lung cancer diagnosis first day the clinical manifestations of lung cancer second lung cancer diagnosis and progress of third lung cancer histopathological diagnosis in Chapter third, lung cancer staging of lung cancer the first festival international staging system TNM is defined in section second lung cancer international staging system stage third lung cancer: combination of new TNM Application of several stages described in section fourth stages of lung cancer, including clinical stage, surgical pathologic staging and re staging fifth day treatment conditions of the hospital, can explore the molecular staging of lung cancer fourth chapter of surgical treatment of lung cancer the first surgical treatment of lung cancer history section second lung cancer operation indication, contraindication and affect the treatment effect. Factors section third lung cancer operation preoperative preparation section fourth lung cancer postoperative treatment in section fifth section sixth kinds of lung cancer surgical operation for lung cancer operation excision seventh tracheal carina reconstruction eighth quarter sleeve resection of lung cancer postoperative complications and treatment of lung cancer ninth day postoperative local recurrence in surgical treatment of tenth day Television Thoracoscope in lung cancer surgery eleventh day treatment before and after operation twelfth lung cancer surgical operation therapy in the fifth chapter the radiotherapy of lung cancer the first radiation therapy of tumor pandect of second commonly used terms in section third radiotherapy radiotherapy for non small cell lung cancer fourth small cell lung cancer radiotherapy fifth brachytherapy bronchial lung cancer sixth the sixth chapter section stereotactic irradiation lung cancer chemotherapy in Section 1 Overview section second chemical treatment of third lung cancer targeted therapy of lung cancer biotherapy seventh chapter 1 overview section second cytokine immunotherapy third adoptive cellular immunotherapy fourth monoclonal antibodies in the treatment of cancer using section fifth nonspecific immune therapy of tumor vaccine sixth day seventh day eighth day anti angiogenesis therapy of lung cancer gene therapy for lung cancer ninth day hot new chapter eighth lung cancer staging treatment first implicit treatment of non small cell lung cancer second stage I non small cell lung cancer third section II non-small cell lung cancer (T1N1M0, T2N1M0) concept in the second day of multidisciplinary treatment for sixth small cell lung cancer treatment of fourth stage III non-small cell lung cancer treatment fifth section IV non comprehensive treatment of small cell lung cancer staging the ninth chapter comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment of lung cancer the first day for lung cancer lung cancer multidisciplinary treatment of lung cancer model on the basis of the third section fourth of multidisciplinary treatment of lung cancer development section of the implementation of multidisciplinary treatment of multidisciplinary treatment and the relationship between the target fifth lung cancer trend tenth chapter of multiple primary lung cancer The first section of multiple primary lung cancer incidence of second day of multiple primary lung cancer etiology third multiple primary lung cancer diagnosis standard fourth day of multiple primary lung cancer pathology section fifth of multiple primary lung cancer diagnosis and clinical manifestation of sixth multiple primary lung cancer treatment in Chapter eleventh, lung metastasis tumor pulmonary metastatic tumor of lung metastatic tumor second day incidence of lung metastases third day common displays fourth lung metastases at diagnosis and differential diagnosis of fifth pulmonary metastases in twelfth chapter tracheal tumor section of epidemiology in second day third Festival causes tracheal anatomy section fourth tracheal tumor pathology fifth day sixth day seventh day clinical diagnosis of tracheal tumor treatment in section eighth of chapter thirteenth of the prognosis of malignant pleural effusion for diagnosis and treatment of the first section normal thoracic anatomy and physiology of the second malignant pleural effusion of third malignant pleural effusion etiology pathogenesis in section fourth, the diagnosis of malignant pleural effusions and fifth day sixth festival in differential diagnosis of malignant pleural the seventh section effusion treatment of malignant pleural effusion in eighth section of chapter fourteenth judging prognosis malignant pericardial effusion The first section of fluid in diagnosis and treatment of pericardial anatomy and physiology of normal section second of malignant pericardial effusion pathological section third of malignant pericardial effusion diagnosis of fourth malignant pericardial effusion in fifth day treatment of malignant pericardial effusion efficacy evaluation in Chapter fifteenth lung cancer complications section of superior vena cava syndrome in second sections of brain metastases of lung cancer third spinal cord compression. The sixteenth chapter the first section of lung cancer thermotherapy of tumor hyperthermia biology section second hyperthermia in the treatment of lung cancer lung cancer hyperthermia principle seventeenth chapter third section of lung transplantation pulmonary transplantation donor, recipient selection section second of single lung transplantation in third sections of double lung transplantation in fourth sections of lung transplantation in fifth day postoperative sixth day after operation the eighteenth chapter seventh section treatment complications of lung cancer in TCM section of lung cancer etiology and pathogenesis of lung cancer diagnosis in third day second day fourth day syndrome differentiation and treatment of lung cancer with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment of nineteenth chapter of nursing care of patients with lung cancer the first section of lung cancer patient's psychological nursing second operation patient care third radiotherapy patient care fourth day chemotherapy nursing care of patients with lung cancer patients fifth day life nursing Effects were evaluated second anticancer drug toxicity in treatment of twentieth chapter of life quality of patients with lung cancer and treatment response evaluation section of lung cancer prognosis evaluation section third influence on quality of life of prognostic factors in lung cancer of fourth lung cancer patients and fifth lung cancer evaluation reference
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In recent years, the diagnosis of lung cancer, surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have achieved great development, targeted therapy has also made considerable progress. At present. Clinical lung cancer is in a period of major change, the twenty-first Century clinical medical need model development from thousands of years of experience is evidence-based medicine. "Clinical lung cancer lung cancer related disciplines" contains clinicians working content, also contains the basic research of lung field. Clinical diagnosis is more focused on lung cancer. In lung cancer operation treatment a, operation treatment for lung cancer and the operation steps are described in detail, and illustrate an important step, especially the key steps of successful operation and operation resection and complete detail.
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