Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of tumor

Date of publication:2007-7   Press: 7-80231   Author:Wang Wenping   Pages´╝Ü238  

Away from the tumor confusion you healthy living, the best way to teach you to prevention and treatment.
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Diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine article conclusion bibliography @##@ first review article second article tumor diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine third reports of tumor "TCM diagnosis and treatment" tumor mainly Chinese medicine from the point of the etiology and pathogenesis of different cancers and the prescription of old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experts, patients and family members can see and understand the relevant medical knowledge, in order to better cooperate with the doctor for treatment and conditioning self in everyday life. Although these drugs are proved in clinical trials, but in the application to the specialist consultation, not simple. At the same time, this booklet can also be used as a young doctor reference books.
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