Chinese cancer studies

Date of publication:1996-1   Press: Shaanxi science and technology   Author:Jia Kun   Pages´╝Ü612  
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A summary of the motherland medicine, a, of cancer two, cancer of the reasons for the formation of the seven six of her hunger, fatigue three cancer pathogenesis of qi stagnation and blood stasis phlegm accumulation of damp heat and Blood Stasis Toxin of main and collateral channels of organs dysfunction, syndrome of deficiency of Qi and blood in four, carcinoid tumor (a) diagnostic dialectical inquiry inspection auscultation palpation (two the eight principal syndromes of yin and Yang) and cold and heat, principle of treatment of five trace elements in cancer clinical research six, tumor seven, Shuijianbi technique for Chinese medicine eight, cancer patients after chemotherapy or radiotherapy reaction of nine, silent treatment ideas B, improve the taste, increase food diet C, a, two, three ordinary diet diet four, food, fruit, food taboos e, cancer prevention, strengthen the immunity of human body two, open-minded, happy three, to develop good health habits, smoking on human harm four big five, early preventive treatment six, anti radiation and free radical scavenging seven friction, chest and back...... Already, anti-cancer anti-aging of vegetables, fruits, general introduction g cancer symptoms, common symptoms, tumor differentiation of union, common, multiple tumor differentiation and treatment, prescription index @##@ sebacate "Traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese medicine science" series: cancer in 1979 work "of" TCM in prevention and treatment of cancer and cancer in 1989 "TCM scholarship" two books published a new book. According to the two book since offering was valuable advice throughout the medical workers and patients and their relatives and friends to write. Based on the two book on the add new content. Arrangement of prevention, so named for the "cancer" of traditional Chinese medicine science. Including traditional Chinese medicine on tumor outlines, etiology and pathogenesis, syndrome differentiation and treatment of tongue, pulse, the card is the treatment, prevention, therapy, prescription drugs, are introduced. At the same time, by adding trace elements in clinical research on cancer, how Decoction Chinese traditional medicine, treatment, radiotherapy or chemotherapy of cancer patients reaction silence ideation, prepare food, diet, drug free radical scavenging, and add lip cancer, tongue cancer, thyroid cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, prostate hyperplasia and prostate cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer and retransmission cancer, accompanied by some cases. At the same time, introduced a 30 years ago I treated and released, self-taught, now a doctor, he recently wrote, to encourage cancer patients can persist as long as the treatment can conquer stubborn cancer physical rehabilitation. I and Hu Fengming (Yu Fang) has been married for fifty years, before I published articles and books written by her in the most copy proofing; this book is finalized, unfortunately she died in August 1, 1992, put forward in the preface to this book, in memory of her past.
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