The diagnosis of gynecological disease

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"Standard" diagnosis of gynecologic is China's first comprehensive and systematic introduction of domestic and foreign gynecological disease diagnostic criteria, classification (type of) books, system based on access to domestic and foreign medical information for tens of thousands of, to the scientific, accurate, practical for the purpose to compile. "Standard" diagnosis gynecology common disease diagnosis of more than 900, among them WHO, international gynecological professional associations, conferences and dozens of national academic organizations and experts and scholars to gynecological disease diagnostic criteria, classification (class) of about 400; the National Conference of Chinese society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, each subject meeting, the Ministry of health, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and some experts and scholars propose gynecologic disease diagnostic criteria, classification (class) more than 500. For gynecological medical workers and physicians, medical students and medical staff at all levels, general practitioner as a tool book, reference book.
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The first chapter types of abnormal pregnancy abortion threatened abortion threatened abortion score of threatened abortion inevitable abortion incomplete abortion abortion abortion abortion expired completely from recurrent abortion habitual abortion septic abortion ectopic pregnancy bilateral tubal pregnancy fallopian pregnancy tubal pregnancy type persistent ectopic pregnancy ectopic pregnancy old ectopic pregnancy ovarian pregnancy (SPIEGELBERG) of ovarian pregnancy (XIE P Z) ovarian cervical pregnancy on pregnancy (Wang Shuzhen) of cervical pregnancy (PARENTE) in cervical pregnancy (MCELIN) of cervical pregnancy (RUBIN) of cervical pregnancy (SCHNEIDER) of cervical pregnancy (DUCKMAN) of cervical pregnancy (LLOYD) of cervical pregnancy (PAALMAN and MCELIN) of cervical pregnancy (KOBAYASKI) of cervical pregnancy (FLANAGAN and WALSH) of cervical pregnancy (RASKIN) of heterotopic pregnancy (HP) (DAM)...... The second chapter of pregnancy complications in Chapter third, abnormal delivery fourth chapter fifth chapter childbirth complications of female genital inflammation in sixth chapter seventh female genital tumors and tumor like lesions of female reproductive tract lesions in Chapter eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth endometriosis trophoblastic disease emmeniopathy eleventh chapter chapter chapter twelfth fetal, neonatal breast disease disease thirteenth chapter obstetrics and gynecology unclassified diseases in Fourteenth chapter, combining Chinese and Western medicine of TCM syndrome
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Abdominal pregnancy; abdominal pregnancy refers to the outside of the fallopian tube pregnancy, ovarian and broad ligament of the abdominal cavity, is a rare ectopic pregnancy, but the most serious, the incidence is about 1:15000 times of childbirth. Abdominal pregnancy most is secondary, so the incidence of abdominal pregnancy should be related to incidence of pregnancy and tubal. Diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy history, frequent abdominal pain, check the uterine outline is not clear, feel the carcass in the abdominal wall, malposition, fetal position is higher, fetal intrauterine pregnancy (different from the limbs not buckling in the anterior trunk). Bimanual examination often can be found in the fetal uterus aside, the diagnosis is. In case of suspicious, can use the following methods: 1 B ultrasound examination: B ultrasound findings: 1. Outside the uterus cyst embryo and fetal heart beat pregnancy, fetal month see; ② bureaucratic found outside in oligohydramnios placenta. 2 abdominal X-ray: can display abnormal fetal potential, fetal limb often stretch, presenting part is very high, the lack of normal uterine pregnancy showed soft tissue shadow. 3 hysterosalpingography: removal of intrauterine pregnancy, fetal death, to further confirm, can be applied. Angiography revealed intrauterine fetal bone on the outer. As for the live fetuses, as well as fully prepared before laparotomy should be serious consequences, to avoid the occurrence of embolization with lipiodol. 4 with uterine probe into the cavity after abdominal radiograph, such as the uterus is pushed to the side, visible fetal bone and uterine probe distant. 5 pituitrin test: small injections of posterior pituitary Ye Suhou, such as the Department of intrauterine pregnancy, the shape of the uterine contraction is more obvious, no such changes, abdominal pregnancy. But for intrauterine pregnancy, especially live births, there is a certain danger, rarely used clinically. 6 special diagnosis of difficult cases, when conditions feasible mri. Primary abdominal pregnancy Studdiford was the primary abdominal pregnancy provides 3 diagnostic conditions: (1) on both sides of fallopian tube and ovary must be normal, no recent pregnancy. (2) without the uterus abdominal fistula. (3) early implantation in the peritoneal surface, excluded from the fallopian tube, but abdominal pregnancy often into large clumps and the surrounding tissue adhesion, it is difficult to discern whether compliance with these conditions. Abdominal pregnancy type abdominal pregnancy for pregnant egg in the abdominal cavity growth, primary and secondary two. 1 primary abdominal pregnancy refers to the fertilized egg: planting in the abdominal cavity of peritoneum, mesentery, greater omentum or pelvic endometriosis, continue to grow. Diagnosis of primary abdominal pregnancy must possess the following several points: (1) both sides of fallopian tube and ovary were normal, no new crack; (2) there is no fistula of uterus and abdominal cavity; (3) pregnant egg attachment in the peritoneum and so on, is not connected with the uterus, fallopian tube, ovary. But whether primary abdominal pregnancy there is doubt. 2 secondary abdominal pregnancy: often occurs on the rupture of tubal pregnancy or abortion, embryo sac into the abdominal cavity.
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