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The copyright page: gynecological infection is a female common disease, is caused by the infection of various pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms of vulva, vagina, palace neck and pelvic uterus, tubal, ovarian, pelvic inflammation, and pelvic connective tissue. Inflammation can be limited to a single site, also can affect multiple organs, it is symptom free, even as the scramble for the inflammation can cause acute diffuse peritonitis, yin disease, septic shock and even death. The female reproductive tract anatomy, physiological and biochemical characteristics and has the perfect natural defense function, of course, the defence function damaged, or machine on immune function decline, endogenous microflora changes or exogenous to the disease bacteria invasion, which can lead to inflammation. Reproductive system inflammation classification: including the lower reproductive tract infections: such as vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, disease: include endometritis, salpingitis tubal ovarian inflammation, pelvic peritonitis and pelvic connective tissue inflammation, genital closely tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. In general, gynecologic infections has three characteristics: 1, to disease bacteria common mainly from the reproductive tract of normal parasitic bacteria group; 2, pressure of oxygen bacteria infection accounted for the larger ratio: 3, often occur in mixed infection, such as aerobic bacteria or facultative aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria can exist together, mutual influence, resulting in treatment of difficult. At present the common pathogenic microorganism of inflammation of Department of gynaecology include various microorganisms such as bacteria or facultative, viruses, fungi and protozoa.
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The first common gynecological
the first chapter reproductive system inflammation.
the first section vulvitis.
A, non-specific vulvitis
two, Bartholin lesion
a vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis.
two, candida vulvovaginitis trichomonas vaginitis.
four, senile vaginitis
third young women vaginitis cervicitis.
A, acute cervicitis
Fourth chronic cervicitis pelvic inflammatory disease
fifth genital tuberculosis
sixth sexually transmitted diseases.
A, clap
three syphilis, condyloma acuminatum
four, cytomegalovirus infection of
six, genital herpes, genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection of mycoplasma infection.
second gynecological tumor.
@##@ reproductive endocrine It has three characteristics: first, highlight the novel
. Introduction of new theories, new concepts, new technology, new method, and also consistent with evidence-based medicine. Although still can not do the article are from the "A" and "8" standards, but to do well founded. But there must be consensus, clinical application, not just theory or research.
two, to highlight the practical. Clinical effect in clinic, say, do, operable and guidance. Admittedly, guidelines or standards for "common", special and rare case, concrete analysis of concrete problems, the standardization and individualization combined. But the individual is not equal to "free" or "random", personal experience is still important, and the impact and the concept and selection of patients.
three, prominent convenient. The routine is different from textbooks or other books and reference books, should be easy to carry, easy to find, and writing is concise, clear manual, that's one of the basic principles of books.
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