Obstetrics and Gynecology

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The book according to Ministry of education "2004-2007 occupation education textbooks all preparation plan" (our faculty into the letter [2004]13) spirit prepared. The book is divided into 19 chapters, including introduction, female reproductive system, reproductive system, and the physiological physiological pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy clinical care and health, normal delivery, normal puerperium, pathological pregnancy, abnormal delivery, delivery complications, abnormal puerperium, gynecological history and physical examination, the female reproductive system inflammation, abnormal menstruation, the female reproductive system tumor, gestational trophoblastic disease, other common gynecological diseases, family planning technologies commonly used. Its content be concise and to the point, easy to understand, with good communication, learning. Chapter tests with various types of testing standards for students, financial knowledge, occupation technical ability and improve the occupation training quality as a whole. This book can be used as a vocational nursing, pharmacy and medical related professional college students, five - year students, three year system vocational students teaching materials, but also for the clinical workers and Gynecologists, nurses to learn reference.
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The first chapter of second chapter tests the female reproductive system anatomy of external genital organs in the second section of the third chapter of women's genital examination of reproductive system of female life physiological section in each period of physiological characteristics of second day menstrual clinical manifestations of third ovarian periodic change and function of fourth cyclic changes of endometrium fifth day menstrual cycle adjust the detection problem in Chapter fourth physiological pregnancy first fertilization and zygote development, transport and implantation of second day fetal growth and physiological characteristics of third day fetal appendage formation and function of fourth day gestational maternal change detection problem in Chapter fifth, pregnancy diagnosis first day of early pregnancy off the second section, third section births and late pregnancy interruption type, fetal presentation, fetal position detection problem in Chapter sixth pregnancy clinical care and health care in seventh chapter eighth chapter normal puerperal normal childbirth ninth chapter pathological pregnancy eleventh chapter tenth chapter abnormal delivery delivery complications twelfth chapter abnormal puerperium chapter thirteenth gynecologic history and physical examination of the fourteenth chapter and fifteenth chapter of female reproductive system inflammation Abnormal menstruation of female reproductive system tumors sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter eighteenth gestational trophoblastic disease chapter nineteenth other gynecological diseases chapter family planning technologies commonly used
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The copyright page illustration: (a): bleeding, hematoma over stretch, clamp and damage the fallopian tube or the membrane induced by, or because of wound vessel ligation is not tight, cause hemoperitoneum or hematoma. For the prevention of hemorrhage and hematoma, incision shoulds not be too small, the operation should be light, thin; found bleeding should identify the reasons, find the bleeding site, given the broad ligament suture bleeding; larger hematoma, should open the peritoneum, remove the blood clot, then hemostatic. (two) in the original infection foci of infection without treatment, such as gum, nasopharynx, pelvic organs, postoperative wound infection caused by endogenous; dressing disinfection operation instrument, not strict aseptic operation or operation concept is not strong. In order to prevent infection, should be strictly aseptic operation, given antibiotics to prevent infection after operation; such as the discovery of incision swelling or induration, should be systemic antibiotics, topical 75% alcohol wet packing, physiotherapy; if the abscess formation, should be dismantled suture or incision and drainage. (three) organ injury of bladder, bowel injury, due to anatomical relationship illegible or caused by rough handling. To prevent damage, to empty the bladder or urethral catheter before operation; to be steady, quasi, light, fine operation. The injury was found, timely repair. If the bladder injury, postoperative retention catheterization 5-7 days. If the intestinal injury, postoperative fasting, intravenous infusion, treat anal exhaust after eating. Postoperative administration of antibiotics to prevent infection. (four) sterilization sterilization measures failed itself flaw, causes the technical error. The results happened intrauterine pregnancy, still need to be wary of possible formation of tubal pregnancy. So the operation for tubal umbrella end must see, in order to avoid ligation, ligation line elastic should be appropriate, to avoid causing tubal fistula or spondylolisthesis.
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("obstetrics and gynecology nursing, pharmacy and medical related professional)" recommended teaching materials as the Ministry of education, occupation education and adult education department, one of the experimental teaching reform of health occupation school books.
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