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Date of publication:2007-10   Press: Beijing science and technology   Author:Liu Yuanjiao   Pages:260   Words:200000  

The copyright page: illustration: most occur in women of childbearing age, normal menstrual period still have rules to follow, only the performance of the menstrual cycle shortened, polymenorrhea, often not easy to conceive after conception, or easy to abortion. The excessive menstruation: menstrual period and menstrual cycle were normal, but by volume, blood clots, red. The basal body temperature dual phase, cervical mucus and vaginal exfoliated cells smear showed a continuous normal cyclical changes. A small amount of vaginal bleeding: ovulation estrogen levels in serum of ovulation in minority women decreased fluctuation, cause uterine bleeding. Often lasts 1-3 days, do not require treatment, can be naturally stop bleeding. The anterior vaginal bleeding: refers to the normal menstruation before a few Coffee color blood, which lasted a few days later, the amount of vaginal bleeding increased, lasting 3 to 5 days to stop, this type is often premature luteal function decline. Menstrual period: atrophy of corpus luteum insufficiency induced by estrogen and progesterone, the body can not be decreased rapidly, causing the endometrium irregular shedding, the prolongation of bleeding time.
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Obstetrical article obstetric physiological constant term placental cord gestational weeks and amniotic fluid volume expected date of calculation the pregnancy period of early pregnancy diagnosis clinical manifestation of early pregnancy diagnosis method at present days of pregnancy and uterine size for gestational age and height of fundus fetal monthly features on the development of the fetal body length of prediction of fetal weight prediction of fetal weight fetus in the size of the starting point and B ultrasound determination of normal value of fetal maturity amniotic fluid analysis to determine fetal maturity placental function determination of fetal malformation intrauterine diagnosis of fetal heart sound identification of external pelvimetry normal internal pelvimetry normal pelvic entrance plane diameter of pelvic plane diameter plane pelvic outlet diameter of uterine contractions, uterine pregnancy physiological contraction, false labor the differential diagnosis of labor labor primipara with normal progress of labor law labor stage placenta of perineal laceration indexing neonatal Apgar score method in differential diagnosis of abortion abortion abortion abortion special medication abortion treatment of incomplete abortion treatment of complete abortion treatment of missed abortion treatment of habitual abortion premature diagnosis treatment Predicting preterm premature state points...... Department of gynaecology obstetrics and gynecology operation appendix @##@ produce small articles Obstetrics and Gynecology belongs to clinical medicine in a broad, strong integrity subject, there are a large number of medical information to master, in order to give the obstetrician provides a concise, information consult Handbook, we prepared a "quick" obstetrics and gynecology. This is a small tool, easy to carry, can quickly access to relevant knowledge of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in preparation for clinical need. Department of Obstetrics, gynecology articles, articles in obstetrics and gynecology operation for the spindle in the small book, in a concise, the outline style language lists clinical manifestations, disease management program. Content not seeking system, but practical, can say, "quick pocket, healing the heart does not panic". In the process of writing in this book, we refer to Professor Le Jie, Zhang Fanglin, Feng Youji, Shen Keng and other written works and cites some data, here together to thank.
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"Quick" 2011 obstetrics and Gynecology was published by Beijing science and technology press.
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