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"Doula training materials" of Doula delivery of the entire process by professional doctors, nurses, midwives and doulas personnel, with women as the center, 2 hours from production to production, providing professional and comprehensive, thoughtful, meticulous, humanity medical service to the medical staff in the production process, close observation of labor and mother and infant situation, choose appropriate midwifery, maternal parent safety in production process.
"Doula training materials" because of the use of non pharmacological analgesic, no inhibition of motor nerve, avoid the levator muscle inhibition on the abdominal muscles, anal, maternal body relax, full of confidence, labor force is adequate, correct breath hard, fully cooperate with the delivery, the natural childbirth over Cheng Gengduan, more healthy, more secure, more comfortable.
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the first chapter and
doula Doula delivery concept and significance of
the first section provides an overview of
second doula Doula delivery service and the concept and development of
third section of Doula delivery and the significance and role of
fourth section of Doula service should pay attention to several issues of
second chapter delivery process and women at all stages of the requirements of
the first section provides an overview of
second day delivery room environment
third perinatal mental health
fourth day labor and birth
fifth of intrapartum care
third chapter occipital presentation of normal delivery mechanism of
the first section plane of pelvis and diameter
the second section fetal skull with diameter
third births, fetal presentation, fetal position
Fourth occipital presentation delivery mechanisms
fourth chapter childbirth pain mechanism and non pharmacological analgesic
the first delivery pain mechanism of
second day labor analgesia mechanism and method of
the third section drug analgesia
Fourth non pharmacological analgesic
fifth chapter doula interpersonal skills.
the first language communication skills.
second non language communication skills
Third listening skills
appendix: role play The required play
sixth chapter doula practical skills.
the first section doula various practical skills of
second acupressure
third aromatherapy
fourth day delivery activities and position selection
fifth segments of the local press: relieve back pain
sixth cold and heat application of
seventh massage
eighth 3R (relaxation, rhythm, custom program) application skills of
ninth day delivery workstation (Teaching Practice)
tenth childbirth ball using
appendix: accompany delivery. Share three < br > seventh chapter of Doula delivery analgesia instrument
the first section pain characteristics of
second pain grade
third day labor analgesia species
fourth section of Doula delivery analgesia instrument technology principle of
fifth section of Doula delivery analgesia instrument features
sixth section of Doula delivery analgesia instrument use and contraindications of
seventh section of Doula delivery analgesia instrument using time
eighth section of Doula delivery analgesia instrument procedures
ninth section of Doula delivery analgesia instrument use matters needing attention
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: a childbirth analgesia method currently used in Europe and the United nations. Includes the following content: 1 prenatal education. The pregnancy and childbirth education to pregnant women and their families, to eliminate tension. 2 respiratory analgesia. The need for training in the prenatal, exercises in breathing techniques. 3 massage method. Contractions can be in the lower abdomen massage lumbar Di ministry massage or maternal side lying position, can be matched with a deep breath, stop uterine clearance. Control of the 4 nerve muscle. (three) to accompany delivery at the time of delivery is a husband or family members to accompany and comfort can be eliminated to a certain extent, women fear and meet the emotional needs. Research shows that accompany delivery can make the process can reduce the pain. Doula is an American doctor Claus (M.Klaus) in recent years advocate. During labor and childbirth puerpera, accompanied by experience, the delivery of interpersonal communication skills of women. This is an important mode in current psychological therapy, has been widely used in the world. Doula in prenatal and parturient couple relationships, answer the doubts, issues related to childbirth education, intrapartum and postpartum accompany maternal, always give maternal physiological and psychological, emotional support, and help parturients take comfortable posture, do massage or compression techniques, to meet women both dependent and independent psychological. And make them feel comfortable and safe, so as to achieve the purpose of smooth delivery. In recent years, along with the obstetrical quality, carry out optimization services, many domestic hospitals Doula delivery, or by midwives, obstetricians accompany delivery, shorten the birth process, reduce unnecessary dystocia operation, reduce the rate of cesarean section, postpartum hemorrhage and postpartum depression, and is conducive to breast feeding. For details see Chapter fifth.
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