• Guidance for discharged patients (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology fascicle)

    Obstetrics and Gynecology fascicle, "guidance for discharged patients: Obstetrics and Gynecology fascicle" details of the obstetrics and gynecology patients after discharge from the hospital to continue treatment during and after the matters needing attention, focus on the activity intensity, after how to use, whether need to review, self-care and self-help, diet and nutrition, daily life and emotional, rest and exercise each party,

  • Gynecological jade feet

    Gynecological jade feet, "gynecological jade feet" for the Qing Dynasty famous doctor Shen Jinao in the field, was our country ancient times is the impact of a gynecological monograph. "Gynecological jade feet" in six volumes, the theory is rich in content, divided into Qiuci, menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriage, birth, postpartum, leucorrhea, metrorrhagia and women's diseases nine, systematically introduces all kinds of gynecological diseases,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology and pediatrics.

    Obstetrics and Gynecology and pediatrics clinical sciences, "" three bases "training guide and problem sets series: Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics Section" for obstetrics and Gynecology and pediatric section, each college is divided into basic knowledge and basic skills of two parts. The sections after matched with the corresponding reference exercises, exercises including choice, cloze questions to determine the problem, explaining words, questions and answers,

  • Obstetrics and gynecology clinic thinking skills

    "Obstetrics and gynecology clinic thinking skills" by clinical diagnosis and treatment of gynecological made new progress based on years of clinical diagnosis and treatment, combined with their own practical experience, introduces in detail the gynecological inflammation, cancer, endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, Gao Miru endotoxemia, polycystic ovary syndrome, dysmenorrhea,,

  • American new clinical medical question answering

    "American new clinical medical question answering (Obstetrics and Gynecology Second Edition)" in question and answer style reveals the secret of Obstetrics and gynecology. Include a part quite large in obstetrics and gynecology. Including general gynecology, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, gynecologic oncology, obstetrics, maternal complications, fetal, placental, labor and,

  • A special clinic tratch menstrual disorders

    "Special treatment" thaw tratch menstrual disorders in western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine as a whole, the etiology and pathogenesis, syndrome differentiation methods, a variety of treatment methods menstrual disorders from the Chinese perspective. The physiological and pathological, menstrual disorder diagnosis and treatment from the western perspective. Introduced the famous traditional Chinese medicine special clinic tratch menstrual disease experience and test case. ,

  • Fu Qing, master of men and women

    "Fu Qing," men and women for Fu Qingzhu "male", "female". This is one of the classic medical classics in ancient china. Mainly introduces the method of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and various, and equipped with prescription corresponding. In addition, also briefly introduces several kinds of disease treatment. ,

  • - Obstetrics and Gynecology fascicle clinical consultation and comment

    "Chinese medical book series, clinical case consultation and comment: Obstetrics and Gynecology fascicle" collection of Obstetrics and gynecology disease in 219 cases, in early pregnancy in the second trimester pregnancy pathology, pathology, pregnancy complications and pregnancy complications, perinatal complications, abnormal delivery, abnormal puerperal and vulvovaginal diseases on these diseases,

  • Imaging diagnosis of breast disease of 100 cases

    Imaging diagnosis of breast cases of disease essence, radiologists Zhang treasure series is for the internship and residency design, each fascicle are explained in the radiology specialized range of 100 of the most important diseases related to important content. The diagnosis for each kind of disease, you will get a detailed image / illustrations plus specific formatting, to,

  • Maternal fetal medicine evidence-based guidelines

    "The maternal fetal medicine evidence based guidelines (fine)" compiler [America] Beller (Berghella, V.) "maternal fetal medicine evidence based guidelines (fine)" Abstract: evidence based medicine refers to the concept of clinical evidence for the treatment of patients with the best. The original English version of the nearly 20 common maternal fetal medicine,

  • Glass outpatient gynecology

    "Glass'outpatient gynecology (Sixth Edition)" is a content rich and practical reference books, suitable for the study of the obstetrics and gynecology doctors, students, medical students and women's health study reference. The development of modern obstetrics and Gynecology, evidence-based medicine as a guide, the more points the more detailed, more professional more strong, this is the,

  • Maternal and child health care and Midwifery

    "Maternal and infant health care and midwifery" jointly prepared by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and maternity and child health experts, elaborated theory, obstetric midwifery skills and techniques of mother and infant health care. Including female genital anatomy and physiology, diagnosis of pregnancy and prenatal care and pregnancy abnormal clinical and concurrent diseases, of the production process after processing, abnormal intrapartum and section,

  • Obstetrics

    "Teaching materials, Ministry of health planning materials, national secondary health school: Obstetrics (Third Edition) (for women and children, with" Midwifery) mainly for midwives, maternal and child healers professional students, writing in highlighting the characteristics of cultivating practical talents, the implementation of the new teaching program, teaching outline of the spirit. In order to reflect the teaching content,

  • Evidence-based treatment for gynecological tumor

    "Department of gynaecology and obstetrics, gynecology tumor famous products series of evidence-based treatment for" from the perspective of evidence-based medicine in large monograph tumor treatment, the book the 19 chapter about 1400000 words. The content includes the characteristics of tumor treatment concept and basic principles, the tumor treatment method of the theoretical foundation, a variety of common malignant tumors and its complications,

  • Uterine myoma and adenomyosis

    "Uterine myoma and adenomyosis" based on the progress of the extensive collection of uterine fibroids and uterine Quan myopathy based research achievements and the latest technology, combined with his own clinical experience rich, systematically expounded the uterine leiomyoma and uterine muscle pathology, etiology of spring, clinical manifestation, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment, and good,

  • The food and the rational use of drugs

    The food and the rational use of drugs, EMEA defines drug interactions for the combined medication and dietary factors or social habits caused the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic changes". Thus, the human daily life habits will also affect the efficacy of the drug. "Food and reasonable use of" focusing on food on the effects of drugs at the same time, the appropriate,

  • Doula delivery of training materials

    "Doula training materials" of Doula delivery of the entire process by professional doctors, nurses, midwives and doulas personnel, with women as the center, 2 hours from production to production, providing professional and comprehensive, thoughtful, meticulous, humanity medical service to the medical staff in the production process, close observation of labor and mother and infant situation, choose,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Obstetrics and gynecology (experimental books with health occupation school teaching reform of nursing pharmacy and medical related professional), ISBN:9787040173543, author: Zhang Rui,

  • Gynecological manuals of integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine

    "Manual" tells the story of Gynecology of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine: Traditional Chinese medicine is our country medicine advantages, it combines traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine knowledge, not only can play the advantages of Chinese and Western medicine in two aspects, improve the clinical efficacy, improve the ability of prevention and treatment of disease, protect and promote people's health, but also can bring knowledge,

  • Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of common gynecological tumor

    "Common gynecological tumor diagnosis and treatment guideline" (Second Edition) in vulvar cancer treatment of inguinal lymph processing and the concept of the past are very different, is no longer recommended extraperitoneal pelvic lymph node dissection, but the vulva local operation widely, thorough requirements higher, often need to plastic surgeons to assist; emphasis on cervical cancer sieve,

  • Obstetric clinical path

    Obstetric clinical path, "obstetric clinical path" according to the Ministry of health of the clinical pathway developed included obstetric clinical path. Including: premature rupture of fetal membranes of vaginal delivery of clinical pathway, natural labor of vaginal delivery of clinical pathway, complete placenta previa clinical pathway, postterm pregnancy clinical pathway, medical induction of clinical pathway, forceps delivery of clinical pathway,

  • Bonney gynecological operation

    Operation still occupy an important position in the treatment of gynecological disease. This book will be an important operation of gynecological expression concise and comprehensive, for practical purposes, style arrangements reflect concise and practical, effective help junior doctors get experience in a relatively short period of time. This book is about the international gynecologic operation,

  • The utility of gynecological laparoscopic operation

    The development of modern medical science change rapidly, there are many new advances in the field of Obstetrics and gynecology. In recent years, application of gynecological diagnosis and treatment of new technology is more and more widely, for the public interest. Diagnosis and treatment of laparoscopic technique in our country female diseases began in twentieth Century at the end of 70, in twentieth Century 80,

  • Experience in diagnosis and treatment of gynecological tumor

    This book is "one of the China tumor clinical experience series". Author Gu Meijiao chief physician, Department of Tongji Hospital gynecologic oncology experts. This book summarizes the author and the hospital for decades clinical gynecologic tumor diagnosis, treatment, prevention and treatment experience of standardization. The book is divided into nine chapters, including the vulva, vaginal,

  • Clinical gynecology

    "Clinical gynecology (English Edition)" from the perspective of clinical practice, to explain the common gynecology, gynecological infectious diseases, gynecology, gynecological urinary tract in children and adolescents, and other related areas of common gynecological issues. Describes the etiology, diagnosis, treatment, screening, testing, to provide clinical guidance. The minimally invasive gynecological operation,

  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Standard Handbook for diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases

    "Obstetrics and Gynecology infectious disease standard of diagnosis and treatment of manual" is a very strong practical obstetrics and Gynecology infectious disease Standard Handbook for diagnosis and treatment, in order to make gynecologists, family physicians, general practitioners, to clinical practice of medical students in a short period of time to improve obstetrics and Gynecology infectious disease, cognitive ability, improve the clinical practice,

  • Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment of gynecological routine treatment

    Department of gynaecology routine treatment, "Peking Union Medical College Hospital medical routine treatment: gynecological clinics routine" describes the common disease of Department of gynaecology routine treatment and general treatment technology of routine operation. Book through the union of the "Three Basics" (basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills) and "three strict" (a serious attitude and strict method, strict requirements,

  • Modern gynecological oncology

    The book consists of 190 words, content relates to the gynecologic cancer epidemiology, molecular biology, gynecological tumor markers and their operation, radiation, chemical, biological treatment principle, method in the diagnosis of gynecologic tumor imaging, cytology, colposcopy, hysteroscopic, interventional imaging applications in gynecological cancer, gynecologic tumor and pregnancy induced hypertension,

  • Modern Chinese medicine treatment of menstrual disease.

    Modern medical science inspection Ju Feng, stunt cabala, have ready plans to meet a situation, so the clinical often exchange ability of severe illness, change danger into safety, such as: Cai 小荪 to fill into fat, dissipating phlegm and amenorrhea; Wang Xizhen traffic heart kidney treatment of premature ovarian failure; Xu 受天 treating dysmenorrhea experience; Deng Tietao treating irregular menstruation; Cai Xiaosun treating metrorrhagia and metrostaxis prescription...... These stunts,

  • Iron Lindy gynecological operation

    This book includes content introduced before the previous versions and summarizes some new chapters in the field of operation in this edition of science, introduces a chapter of gynecological primary care, to cause gynecological operation doctor to primary medical attention, and the book also introduced the electric operation principle, intraluminal ultrasound operation extractor and the use of two,

  • The diagnosis of gynecological disease

    "Standard" diagnosis of gynecologic is China's first comprehensive and systematic introduction of domestic and foreign gynecological disease diagnostic criteria, classification (type of) books, system based on access to domestic and foreign medical information for tens of thousands of, to the scientific, accurate, practical for the purpose to compile. "Standard" diagnosis gynecology common women,

  • Clinical obstetrics and Gynecology emergency

    Zhang Jingsong editor of "obstetrics and Gynecology clinical first aid" is the gynecology and obstetrics and neonatal and family planning emergency professional reference book. The book consists of six articles, a total of 36 chapters, focuses on the emergency theory knowledge, emergency management system and standard, diagnosis and treatment of gynaecological and obstetrical and neonatal, family planning and other emergency, obstetrics and hand,

  • Complications of gynecologic surgery

    "Complications" series: the complication of Obstetrics and gynecology operation is divided into seventeen chapters, including the operation of short-term and long-term complications, incision complications, gynecological surgery, obstetrical, fetal surgery, endoscopic surgery and family planning surgery complications. Each chapter systematically expounds the causes of common complications in obstetrics and Gynecology surgery,,

  • Handbook of clinical gynecology and obstetrics

    "15 minutes" Clinical Handbook Series is composed of the hospital affiliated to Zhongshan University, experts have long been engaged in clinical medical and teaching writing practical reference books, in a concise, novel, easy to use features, is to guide the clinical work of practical handbook for physicians at all levels. This book for the series of Obstetrics and gynecology,

  • Intensive monitoring and treatment of high-risk pregnant women

    "High-risk pregnant women with severe monitoring and treatment", the book is divided into 4 parts and 38 chapters, divided into the basic theory, monitoring, the theory and basic technology and medicine, the pathological and physiological changes of high-risk pregnancy complications such as stress response, microcirculation, metabolism and inflammatory medium, severe infection and severe hypoxia was,

  • Gynecological clinical classic series

    "Classic" pooled clinical gynecology of spring and autumn and the Warring States to the late Qing Dynasty famous doctor of medicine, according to academic contributions, your doctor's thought and the modern clinical practicability and guidance, from more than 50 Chinese classics, featured in the "Yellow Emperor", "birth", "Golden Chamber", "Chu's suicide note",,

  • Open and close the abdominal surgery and accessories

    The basic operation of Raiders, book from knowledge to application of the most basic are discussed. In the basic interpretation, expounds how to according to the anatomic knowledge of incision, cut off or expand operations. ,

  • Gynecological endoscope Atlas

    It was expected on endoscopic diagnosis of diseases in the open, even hope to rely on the endoscopic treatment of disease. Gynecologic laparoscopic and hysteroscopy, colposcopy include. Although the colposcopy, hysteroscopy earlier used in gynecological diseases, but the application of laparoscopic diagnosis technology began in the 70's of the last century 80's,

  • Female pelvic floor

    The whole theory book application is PE PaPa professor Petros according to its nearly 20 years of research and development of clinical practice of female pelvic floor dysfunction and describe the function, a new therapeutic theory. Concepts, methods and techniques of the theoretical description was influenced by the scientific methodology and philosophy. ,

  • Handbook of obstetric outpatient

    "The main content of obstetric outpatient service manual": in clinical practice, obstetricians are often faced with pregnant women and fetal two lives at the same time problem, need to make a prompt decision is reasonable, effective. The clinician, especially obstetricians young when clinical experience is not enough to be able to freely deal with,

  • Want to have a child

    "I want a child: the main content of infertility reading" is: with the development of modern social life rhythm speeding up, infertility has gradually become an important disease on many couples, friends, and colleagues looked at the bosom of the sweet baby, my heart unspeakable suffering. Want to have a child became infertile patients most,

  • Breast oncology

    "Breast cancer" is a famous breast oncologist mainly according to the basic research of breast oncology, Tumour Hospital Affiliated to Tianjin Medical University of nearly 50 years of clinical experience, combined with domestic and foreign latest research prepared medicine monograph, the book has 31 chapters, about 1100000 words, 295 photos, drawing,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Info - quick pocket heal the heart do not panic.

    "Quick" 2011 obstetrics and gynecology is a small tool, easy to carry, can quickly access to relevant knowledge of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in preparation for clinical need. Department of Obstetrics, gynecology articles, articles in obstetrics and gynecology operation for the spindle in the small book, treatment scheme in concise, to concentrate on the main points of clinical manifestations, disease language list. Content not seeking system,,

  • Infertility have a way

    The survival and reproduction of human is the foundation of development of human society and progress. China since ancient times also said, there are three kinds. However, in recent years due to the impact of the deterioration of the environment and the mental pressure and other factors, the ratio of infertility couples had an obvious increasing trend. This book aims to reproductive knowledge about,

  • Inflammation of Department of gynaecology

    "Introduction of gynecological inflammation" content: since 2000, "healthy homes -- medical science into the tens of thousands of 10 year action" to carry out, has been attached great importance to the Ministry of health, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the health administrative departments. Up to now, this activity has been carried out for nearly 4 years, combined with self,

  • Infertility treatment compendious

    According to the guideline of TCM syndrome differentiation, with rich experience in clinical practice, the creative use of "six two five" He Fang, Yishen seed decoction, three purple flaccidity vibration soup in treatment of male sterility, to warm the kidney cells scattered cold treatment of kidney deficiency cold house infertility, the use of "three stage", "Five" treating metrorrhagia 青附, Zijin Dan in the treatment of primary,

  • Uterine artery embolization with gynecological embolization

    The main detailed introduction Chinese edition preface preface preface part one translator order: uterine fibroids in the first chapter of uterine myoma and myoma of uterus artery embolization in the second chapter of myoma of uterus artery embolization of the background and significance of the third chapter of myoma of uterus artery embolism related pelvic anatomy of fourth chapters of uterus,

  • In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer technology laboratory

    In vitro fertilization and embryo transfer technology: laboratory, ISBN:9787117153225, author: Huang Guoning, editor in chief,

  • Pregnancy Atlas

    Book in map form, image, intuitive, kindly introduced the sperm and egg is how the mystery date: a boy, a girl is what determines how growth; baby; baby's body is Ankang; the mother body changing what kind of pregnancy do what inspection; to ensure the child,

  • Gynecological urinary surgery operation

    "Gynecological urinary surgery operation (Second Edition)" from the embryology, anatomy, physiology to write, designed to enable people to judge the normal and abnormal and have the basis. Operation section emphasize evaluation to make clear before operation, familiar with professional operation treatment purposes, and a modern operation according to the direction and progress of history. You can recognize,

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