The utility of clinical nursing operation guide

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Peking University Medical Press   Author:Du Yanying, chief editor of his high   Pages´╝Ü325  

Nursing work is an important part of clinical medicine, and is closely related to the rehabilitation of the patients, safety. Along with social progress, improve the standard of living, were also put forward higher requirements on the quality of nursing, nursing, safety nursing service. Since May 12, 2008, "the people's Republic of China nurses Ordinance" promulgated, the rights and obligations of the nurses with legal protection, at the same time, more emphasis on the responsibility of nurses. In order to meet the needs of nursing work, to further strengthen the hospital clinical nursing, nursing care for patients to provide safe, high quality, satisfactory, we made the "practical clinical nursing operation guide", in order to improve the nursing quality of their business, have superb technology, appropriate use of communication skills, guiding the work of clinical nurses. This book combines the latest literatures nursing field many editors and rich clinical experience, scientific, comprehensive and practical characteristics. The book consists of 7 chapters, systematically explains "the people's Republic of China Regulations" nurse, nurse etiquette demands, the nursing service standard points, inside and outside, women, children and other disciplines of specialist knowledge of disease, the key points of nursing work flow, burst. Inform the content of emergency procedures and special nursing technical operation. The book is not only suitable for clinical nurses to learn reference, but also can be used as teaching material and teaching of nursing care professional reference book.
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The first chapter of clinical nursing service specification, general washing method two, surgical hand disinfection, three sterile holding forceps use method four, aseptic package using method five, sterile plate method six, taking sterile solution method seven, wearing sterile gloves act eight, temperature measurement method, the measurement of nine pulse methods ten, respiration, blood pressure measurement method for the measurement of eleven twelve, blood sugar monitoring method thirteen, oral administration act of fourteen, commonly used drug allergy test fifteen, intradermal injection, subcutaneous injection, sixteen of seventeen intramuscular injection, intravenous injection of eighteen nineteen, closed twenty, closed intravenous infusion of intravenous transfusion method twenty-one, venous indwelling needle body twenty-two, PICC catheter placement was twenty-three, infusion pump / micro pump using method twenty-four, arterial blood specimen collection method twenty-five, femoral vein blood sampling method, twenty-six vacuum blood collection, twenty-seven collection of sputum specimen twenty-eight, throat swab specimen collection method twenty-nine, oxygen therapy in thirty, oxygen atomization suction method ultrasonic atomizing inhalation of thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, a syringe suction gastrolavage...... The second chapter the third chapter of common diseases nursing routine health education fourth common diseases routine diet nursing work process fifth chapter sixth chapter emergency procedure chapter seventh invasive nursing operation informing procedure and informed consent regulations appendix nurse nurse image standard reference
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