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"Psychiatric nursing" can be divided into skills (the first chapter to the fourteenth chapter), management (Chapter fifteenth and chapter sixteenth) and the appendix three parts. Skills section contains a brief history of the development of psychiatric nursing, psychiatric nursing work, psychiatric nursing characteristics and requirements, the cause of mental disorders and classification of psychiatric symptoms, common terminology, common psychiatric nursing, the basic skills of psychiatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, special nursing, psychiatric emergency psychiatric emergencies rescue nursing routine, a common psychiatric treatment and nursing, psychiatric drug treatment and nursing, rehabilitation nursing and management, psychoactive substance induced mental disorders, mental disorders and nursing care of patients in community and family care, child and adolescent mental disorders and nursing. Part of the management system of nursing management included clinical commonly used, including system, psychiatric care of nursing staff job responsibilities. The appendix contains a large number of cases, the regulations on the medical accident treatment, Chinese mental class. "Psychiatric nursing" practical, reflect the characteristics of higher vocational nursing, informative, rich in content, combined with clinical frontier, is the nursing students of higher vocational education teaching materials, can also be used as a reference book for nursing staff.
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The first chapter 1 Introduction second day psychiatric nursing work third day psychiatric nursing characteristics and requirements of the second chapter is the cause of mental disorders and the classification of the first cause of mental disorders second section classification of psychiatric disorders in Chapter third, the symptoms of mental illness and first day learning symptoms of mental illness and the purpose and significance of the second common spirit the fourth chapter symptom interpretation of the basic skills of psychiatric nursing first contact with patients and to establish a good relationship between nurse and patient second day care and observation of third psychiatric nursing the fifth chapter of common mental disorders in nursing in the first day of schizophrenia affective disorder in second day care nursing of third day of hysteria fourth psychogenic nursing mental disorder nursing fifth obsessive-compulsive disorder nursing sixth phobia seventh anorexia nervosa nursing eighth epilepsy comorbid psychiatric disorders of nursing care of sixth chapter psychiatric disease special nursing technology section safety nursing technology for the second festival diet special nursing technology third day sleep barrier nursing technology fourth day delivery nursing fifth violence prevention techniques in Chapter seventh psychiatric emergency nurse First day Dutch act, self injury and nursing care of second day home nursing care of third day stupor nursing care of fourth day choking prevention and nursing care of fifth day feeding nursing care of patients with delirium in the six section of chapter eighth psychiatric emergencies rescue nursing routine first heart, respiratory arrest, hanging, drowning first aid section second patients nursing routine third poisoning rescue nursing routine ninth chapter psychiatric diseases and nursing in the treatment of first non convulsively electroconvulsive therapy in the treatment of nursing care of second day work and recreational therapy nursing third section Morita nursing care in the treatment of fourth function of health education in tenth chapter psychiatric drug treatment and nursing in the first section, commonly used drugs classification and usage of the second section common mental medicine side effect nursing care and management of the eleventh chapter of heroin addicts in the first quarter of the second rehabilitation nursing care of twelfth chapter spirit alive substance induced mental disorders and nursing in the first section summarizes second common psychoactive substance induced mental disorders third psychoactive substance induced mental disorders of the nursing of thirteenth chapter in patients with mental disorders community and family nursing in the first day of mental disorders in community nursing Second section of patients with mental disorder family nursing chapter fourteenth children and adolescents mental disorders and nursing in the first section of second children with autism in children with autism nursing third mental retardation fourth mental retardation in nursing care of fifth children with ADHD children with ADHD section sixth section seventh nursing day children phobia eighth day children phobia nursing fifteenth chapter psychiatric nursing system first outpatient nursing system in section second outpatient injection room, dressing room, emergency room system of third day ward management system fourth day supply room work system in section fifth section sixth operation room system study staff working system in Chapter sixteenth of nursing staff job references Appendix 1 appendix 2 medical malpractice case library regulations in Appendix 3 China psychiatric classification
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