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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: The Fourth Military Medical University press   Author:Gao Guoli   Pages:146  

With the rapid development of society. The increasingly fierce competition, people's mental pressure increasing, the prevalence of psychiatric disorder gradually increase. To strengthen the prevention and nursing of mental illness has become an important topic in modern society. In 2008 January, Premier Wen Jiabao issued by the State Council decree 517th of the people's Republic of China, issued the "Regulations" nurse, regulations in the medium occupation school, college nursing graduates can participate in national nurse licensing examination. This means that health occupation education with the nurse practicing qualification examination zero distance contact. This textbook is written on this background. "Psychiatric nursing" mainly for secondary nursing, midwifery students use, plan classes for 36 hours, and the theory of 32 hours, 4 hours of training. The book has fourteen chapters, including: introduction, psychiatric nursing basic knowledge, basic nursing, psychiatric mental illness state of crisis prevention and nursing, psychiatric treatment process of care, organic mental disorder, nursing care of patients with schizophrenia patients, psychoactive substance induced mental disorder nursing mood disorder patients, nursing, nursing care of patients with neurosis, personality disorder in patient care, nursing, stress related disorders in childhood and adolescent mental disorders and nursing care of patients with mental disorders, family and community nursing. Training course content is: the prevention and nursing of the common diseases of psychiatric nursing and the crisis state. "Characteristics of psychiatric nursing" is: ① reflect “ double certificate &rdquo compilation mentality. This textbook compiling principles from traditional “ with the discipline system to lead to ” “ to solve practical problems for the nursing post lead change by “ ”, the knowledge as the main line to ” “ nursing practical skills as the main line ” change, adhere to “ close to students, close to post &rdquo, close to the society; the basic principles, combined with the nurse practicing qualification examination of &ldquo, ” test; according to the actual demand, the new period nursing posts reflect “ practical oriented, good enough for the degree of ” characteristics, pay attention to ideological, scientific sex, advanced sex, enlightening and suitability of the combination, the formation of “ the theory practice test ” three-in-one secondary occupation education in nursing specialty “ double certificate ” training materials system. To build up the competency based learning concept, strengthening nursing thinking ability training, increase training and skills training, increase training theory development capacity. Insert the case analysis in teaching materials, the center link, interactive classroom, to arouse the students' problem consciousness and concern for the nurse practicing qualification examination, help students to broaden their horizons, active thinking. Clinical nursing context training part close to the nursing post. The rich teaching resources; the testing part for students' autonomous learning and teachers' teaching reform to provide convenient, facilitate students to active, inquiry learning and experience, to improve the students' ability to analyze problems, to solve the problem. Consistent with the psychological characteristics of students. According to the characteristics of secondary occupation education students, basic knowledge is relatively insufficient, in the expression to explain profound theories in simple language, become easy, simple, enhance readability.
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The first chapter is the introduction section psychiatric nursing history section second psychiatric nursing ethics and legal third day psychiatric nursing category and quality of nursing staff requirements of chapter second psychiatric nursing basic knowledge of the etiology of mental illness first day second day third day symptom of mental disease and mental disease diagnosis. The third chapter psychiatric nursing section of psychiatric nursing second day psychiatric nursing chapter fourth psychiatric patients state of crisis prevention and nursing in the first day of violence prevention and nursing care of second day Dutch act behavior prevention and nursing of third day run away behavior prevention and nursing care of fourth sections of other crisis prevention and nursing care of fifth chapter the treatment of mental illness nursing in the first section of psychotropic medication treatment and nursing of second section electric convulsive treatment and nursing of third sections of other treatment and nursing of sixth chapter organic mental disorder nursing care of patients with first cerebral organic mental disorders second somatic diseases caused by mental disorders in Chapter seventh schizophrenia patients nursing the eighth chapter mental activity substances in patients with mental disorders caused by nursing the ninth chapter Nursing of patients with mood disorders in Chapter tenth neurotic patients nursing in the first day of anxiety neurosis obsessional neurosis second day third Festival phobic neurosis eleventh chapter personality disorder in nursing care of twelfth chapter stress related disorder, nursing care of thirteenth chapter children period of mental disorders and nursing in the first day of ADHD patients nursing the second section of autistic children care section third tic disorder patients nursing fourteenth chapter mental disorders in patients with family and community nursing section for patients with mental disorder family nursing second community mental health nursing practice guidance simulation test reference answer English table references
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