Otorhinolaryngology nursing routine

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Zhengzhou University press   Author:Xie Chunhong   Pages:347  

As an important part of medical and health care, nursing career playing more and more important roles in the construction of harmonious society, it also with the development of medical level, presents a comprehensive, coordinated, sustainable development trend. The improvement of people's living standards, but also put forward higher requirements on the quality of medical care. How to meet the needs of patients, improve the overall quality of care, but also an important task in front of us. Strengthen the training of the nursing team of high-quality talents be imperative. In order to standardize and popularization of ENT diseases, skin and venereal disease and nursing knowledge, the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Department of nursing organization in the long-term facial features, skin disease and venereal disease clinic work, has the rich clinical experience of nursing experts, carefully reading a lot of literature, summarized the nursing experience, and combined with clinical practice and new college nursing technique, prepared this nursing tool book. Ent nursing in nursing is a young discipline, developed very rapidly in recent years. With the transformation of medical model, nursing idea renewal, more emphasis on humanistic care to provide comprehensive, system, the holistic nursing service for patients. The book combined with clinical practice, in order to holistic nursing concept as a guide, to clinical utility, advanced operation, for the purpose of, mainly introduced the facial features, skin disease general nursing department, outpatient care routine operation, routine nursing routine, common diseases nursing routine, five department, dermatology department? Nursing technical operation and specialized examination. The book consists of 4 parts, 37 chapters the first article diseases in Department of Stomatology nursing routine, a total of seven chapters. The second article ear nose throat diseases nursing routine, a total of six chapters. The third article diseases in Department of Ophthalmology nursing routine, a total of twelve chapters. The fourth article nursing skin venereal diseases routine, a total of eleven chapters. Each chapter introduces etiology and pathogenesis, clinical manifestation, common diseases in the principle of treatment and nursing, focusing on the nursing points of various diseases, based on the author's clinical experience and the experience of combining development specialist to carry on the facial features, skin disease is venereal diseases nursing, disease observation, technical operation to make the key introduction.
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The first Department of Stomatology? Task Second Department of Stomatology nursing care routine first Department of Stomatology nursing work tasks and characteristics of the first section Department of Stomatology nursing feature of the second chapter of oral four hand operation section to ensure normal operation of the basic requirements. Section second medical and nursing, transfer from position of the third section of the four handed technique dental instruments and exchange the fourth section four handed technique for comprehensive quality of nurses in Chapter third Oral Department of internal medicine nursing routine section of tooth hard tissue diseases of non? Second pulpitis and periapical periodontitis pulpal periapical diseases third periodontal fourth day oral mucosa recurrent aphthous oral leukoplakia herpetic stomatitis...... Second pieces of Otorhinolaryngology diseases nursing routine third diseases in Department of Ophthalmology nursing routine fourth skin disease 崜 care routine
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