Obstetrics and gynecology nursing rounds

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Shanghai science and technology   Author:Zhang Lingjuan / Zhang Jing | editor: Hong Tao   Pages´╝Ü380  

This book is the "series" of clinical nursing rounds volumes, based on the latest data and editor's rich experience in clinical nursing, from the clinical and teaching practice, in order to emphasize the patients as the center of the concept of holistic nursing care to write. The book is divided into physiological and pathological obstetrics and gynecology obstetrics, the 3 chapter, from. 54 the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology common cases representative. Introduction to history of each case report, nursing ward round and related knowledge as a clue. History report part mainly introduces the details of cases; nursing rounds in part by a question and answer, the gradual deepening of the case analysis and discussion, nursing theory, method and operation of certain patients were fully explained; important knowledge points and nursing summary of relevant knowledge is added in case not involving. The book is rich in content, informative, practical, and can be used as a first-line nurses in Department of gynecology and obstetrics to continue learning books, can also be used as a nursing education in Institutions of higher learning reference materials.
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The first chapter physiological obstetric cases 1 pregnancy diagnosis and prenatal examination 2 cases pregnancy nursing 3 cases normal delivery cases in 4 normal puerperium chapter second pathological obstetrics case 1 hyperemesis gravidarum patients 2 cases of ectopic pregnancy in 3 cases of abortion 4 cases of hypertensive disorder complicating pregnancy and 5 cases of placental abruption placenta previa, 6 cases and 7 cases of oligohydramnios polyhydramnios 8 9 cases of multiple pregnancy 10 cases of postterm pregnancy 11 cases of pregnancy complicated with heart disease and 12 cases of pregnancy complicated with viral hepatitis 13 cases of pregnant women with diabetes 14 cases of pregnancy complicated anemia 15 cases of primary uterine atony cases 16 abnormal vaginal case 17 persistent occipitoposterior position 18 cases of premature rupture of membranes were 19 cases of umbilical cord prolapse 20 birth canal injury 21 cases of uterine rupture in 22 cases 23 cases of fetal distress neonatal asphyxia 24 cases of postpartum hemorrhage 25 cases of amniotic fluid embolism 26 cases puerperal infection 27 cases postpartum psychological disorders in third chapter 1 cases of 2 cases of gynecological vaginitis of vulva of vestibular big gland inflammation in 3 cases of chronic cervicitis 4 cases of pelvic inflammatory disease 5 cases of genital tuberculosis case 6 Cases of sexually transmitted diseases in 7 cases of amenorrhea in 8 cases of dysfunctional uterine bleeding of 9 cases of primary dysmenorrhea in failure cases of 10 perimenopausal syndrome 11 cases of vulvar cancer cases in 12 cervical cancer cases and 13 cases of endometrial carcinoma and 14 cases of 15 cases of uterine fibroids ovarian tumors and 16 malignant trophoblastic tumor cases in 17 endometriosis cases 18 uterine prolapse 19 cases of 20 cases of genital fistula 21 cases of infertility 22 cases of contraception contraception 23 genetic counseling
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