Diseases in Department of internal medicine nursing routine

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Zhengzhou University   Author:Wang Junping / Li Xiaojing Liu Yanjin / / | editor: Chen Changying   Pages´╝Ü391  

"Diseases in Department of internal medicine nursing routine" is a reference book for nurses of the hospital clinical departments, solve the operation specification of common diseases nursing problems, all kinds of hospital nurses job business training teaching books, is a nursing professional personnel to continue education in order to obtain the new theory, new knowledge, new technology training books, is engaged in the nursing management, nursing teaching the reference book, at the same time, College of nursing undergraduates and graduate students learning books. "Diseases in Department of internal medicine nursing routine" is divided into 11 chapters, including the respiratory system diseases, circulatory system diseases and routine nursing care routine, digestive system disease care routine?, urinary system diseases nursing routine, blood system diseases, diseases of the endocrine system routine nursing care routine, connective tissue disease and rheumatism care routine, routine nursing, diseases of the nervous system disease of elderly care routine, tumor diseases in Department of internal medicine nursing routine, radiation oncology nursing routine. This paper expounds the overall clinical diseases in Department of internal medicine and Department of internal medicine nursing routine of the commonly used in professional nursing technical operations of conventional, highlighted the nursing and health guidance, including psychological nursing. "Diseases in Department of internal medicine nursing routine" the high quality nursing service concept and essence into the concrete operation, fully embodies the basic theory, clinical nursing of the basic knowledge and basic skills, strong operability, easy to understand and master, for easy access.
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The first chapter of respiratory diseases nursing routine first acute respiratory tract infection of acute upper respiratory tract infection, acute trachea bronchitis second pneumonia of streptococcal pneumonia staphylococcal pneumonia fungal pneumonia in third segmental bronchus expansion shaped section fourth of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of fifth section of bronchial asthma in sixth primary lung cancer seventh lung abscess in eighth day chronic pulmonary source heart disease ninth disease of pleura pleural effusion of spontaneous pneumothorax tenth internodes interstitial lung disease and respiratory failure eleventh day twelfth festival of acute respiratory distress syndrome in thirteenth day sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome fourteenth pulmonary embolism fifteenth common respiratory treatment technology of pleural needle biopsy of thoracic paracentesis of closed drainage of pleural cavity fiber bronchoscopy inhalation technique (dry powder inhalation) the second chapter circulatory system diseases nursing routine first heart failure acute heart failure of chronic heart failure in second day arrhythmia Ge third cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death in section fourth, hypertensive fifth atherosclerosis and coronary atherosclerotic heart atherosclerotic angina pectoris myocardial infarction sixth infection Endocarditis seventh dilated cardiomyopathy hypertrophic cardiomyopathy restrictive cardiomyopathy and myocarditis eighth pericardial disease acute pericarditis contraction pericarditis section ninth mitral valvular mitral stenosis insufficiency aortic stenosis, aortic insufficiency three tricuspid stenosis three tricuspid insufficiency of pulmonary valve stenosis of pulmonary valve insufficiency of multiple valvular disease in section tenth, congenital heart disease, ventricular septal defect, atrial septal defect......
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