Critical care nursing science and Practice

Date of publication:2011-3   Press: Higher Education Press   Author:(British) Adam, (English) Osborn, Lining main translation   Pages:483   Words:950000  

Written by Sheila Gon Adam, Sue Osborne's "critical care nursing science and Practice (Second Edition)" is divided into 17 chapters, from the environment to the patient, from the body to the system of nursing care, from drug use to the effect of critical care nursing assessment, covering all aspects of critical care nursing. "Critical care nursing science and Practice (Second Edition)" published in England in 1997, in 2005 revised edition, in 2006 2008, two reprint. "Critical care nursing science and Practice (Second Edition)" has received extensive attention in the nursing field.
"critical care nursing science and Practice (Second Edition)" critical care clinical practice knowledge? And potential, the related theory, in order to nurse understand is what happened to them on the care of patients, for patients with more effective, more scientific, reasonable nursing service.
"critical care nursing science and Practice (Second Edition)" highlights the development direction of critical care, and emphasizes the critical disease itself and the prevention of complications and prognosis in critically ill, guidelines in critical care nurses should not only pay attention to nursing follow-up extension services and critical care, but also to pay attention to how to effectively prevent various complications in the daily care of occurrence, guide nurses are high quality in critically ill patients.
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first chapter critically ill continuity of care take care of
second chapter critical care environment.
third chapter in the critical care environment with
Debbie Field
fourth chapters contributors -- Chapter breathing problems
fifth chapter critically ill patients with monitoring of
sixth chapter cardiovascular problems.
seventh chapter stroke arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation in cardiac operation.
eighth chapter
contributors -- Felicia Kwaku
ninth chapters chapter kidney problems,
contributors -- Felicia Kwaku
tenth chapters chapter chapter author Fairley and Siobhan of Mc Lernon
Chapter contributor Judy Watkin
eleventh chapter gastrointestinal diseases and nutrition
twelfth chapter systemic immune inflammation, sepsis and multiple organ dysfunction.
thirteenth chapter and fourteenth chapter?
blood system diseases
fifteenth chapter of immune system and immune suppression and monitoring of patients with
sixteenth chapter endocrine, obstetric and medical emergency
seventeenth chapter in ICU impact assessment
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