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Date of publication:2009-4   Press: The Open University of China press   Author:Edited by Huang Renjian   Pages´╝Ü331  

With the development of community health services, the role of nurses in community health service is more clear, responsibilities more clear. In order to adapt to the new situation and new tasks, the development of community health service in 2008, with the support of Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, "tutorial" compilation group of extensive solicitation of teaching staff, community nurses and training expert opinions and suggestions, began to "tutorial" structure, revision principles and the specific content of repeated research, formulating and revising scheme.
"tutorial" second edition revised on the basis of the Ministry of health "of community nurse training program", based on the basic requirements of community nurse occupation quality and skill, highlighting the cultivation of nursing comprehensive practical ability, but also with reference to the practice of developed countries, complement the related content, certain forward-looking; as follows the main additions and modifications to the first edition:
the whole structure have to adjust, more outstanding teaching pertinence, practicability and maneuverability, the chapter 15 chapter was reduced to 1
3 chapter: the deletion of the first edition of disease pathogenesis, mechanisms of drug action, drug treatment dose of concrete theory and community nursing; community nutrition guidance content, distributed to every chapter disease patient care and chronic disease, infection in special population in community nursing technology; increase the project and method of operation; expansion of the emergency and rehabilitation nursing part.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter is the introduction of
the first festival of community and health
A, the concept of the community
two, the concept of health
second community health service of community health service.
A, the basic concept of
two, the community health service characteristics of
three, the development of community health service status of
third community nursing mountain
A, community nursing concept
two, the development of community care process of
Fourth community nurses.
A, community nurse's roles and responsibilities,
two community nurses requirements
second chapter family and family care
first day family assessment of
A, health
two family characteristics, family assessment content
four home development stage, the family on the health effects of
five, pedigree chart
? Second day family crisis and corresponding
a family crisis,
three, family resources to deal with the crisis.
a family visit, visit the basic requirements for
three interview program, visit
fourth day family nursing management.
A, family nursing aims and contents of
three home care, community nurses in the family The role of nursing in
third chapter community nursing method
the first health records, health records.
a content
two, health records established and maintained
second day care program.
A, community health assessment
two, determine the nursing problems
nursing plan four,
five nursing, nursing evaluation of
third interpersonal communication
A, an overview of
three basic elements of interpersonal communication, interpersonal communication, the types and levels of
four, influence factors of interpersonal communication.
five, community nursing in interpersonal communication.
A, overview of
two, the contents of health education program, and
three community nurses in health education and the role of the
Fourth of children and adolescents health
the first section provides an overview of
A, age stage
second health care management of neonatal care.
A, normal neonates characteristics of
three newborn home health care, home visit to the newborn
fifth chapter of women's health
sixth chapter health care for the elderly.
seventh chapter common chronic disease patient care
eighth chapter common. Nursing care of patients infected
ninth chapter community mental health and nursing management of
tenth chapter commonly used nursing technology
eleventh chapter first aid technique
twelfth chapter rehabilitation nursing
thirteenth chapter hospice
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