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Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Gong Min, Yang Minying, Hao Jing The Fourth Military Medical University press (2010-01)   Author:Gong Min et al   Pages:428  

"The 12th Five Year Plan of national medical nursing teaching in Higher Vocational Education (for the nursing of foreign nursing midwifery professional): basic nursing science" consists of 18 chapters. Content includes: introduction; admission and discharge nursing; the comfort and the safety of patients; nursing occupation safety and protection; drug therapy and allergy test method. Teaching each chapter has set learning goals, including "learning objectives" to "master, familiar with, understand the" three requirements described expression, emphasizes the key points, to mobilize the enthusiasm of students, for students to learn. Knowledge links in the text, in order to provide the related background knowledge, improve the comprehensive quality of nursing students. Into the classroom interaction, through the list of clinical cases, increase the classroom atmosphere, enhance the students to understand and grasp the key content. At the same time the unit test, discussion questions to train the students' ability to discover problems, use knowledge to solve problems and to cultivate students' critical thinking ability. It lays the foundation for the students to participate in the nurse practicing qualification examination.
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The first chapter is the introduction section 1 the development of nursing second learning "basic nursing science" the significance of the second chapter of environment in the first day of environment and health, Second Hospital Third patients bed preparation for Chapter third at admission and discharge the first day care patients with hospital nursing second patients nursing third patients carrying method the fourth chapter comfort and the safety of patients first day comfortable second patients supine section third nursing care of patients with pain in section fourth satisfy patient safety requires fifth chapter hospital infection prevention and control of nosocomial infection in second day first day cleaning, disinfection, sterilization third aseptic technique fourth isolation technology, the sixth chapter of nursing occupation safety and protection the first section nursing safety control section second nursing occupation protection seventh chapters with clean first oral nursing second day hair care third skin care fourth section of pressure ulcer prevention and nursing of fifth day morning and evening asked the nursing care of eighth chapter first day of rest and activity and rest second festival ninth chapter vital signs observation and nursing care of the first section temperature observation and nursing of second day pulse Observation and nursing of third day stroke breathing observation and nursing of fourth day blood pressure observation and nursing of fifth section temperature drawing tenth chapter of hot and cold therapy section second section heat therapy third day cold therapy eleventh chapter diet and nutrition section of nutrition and health of second day hospital diet for third day diet nursing the twelfth chapter first urinary excretion nursing care of second day defecation nursing thirteenth chapter drug therapy and allergic test first delivery of basic knowledge of second day dosing procedure third day oral administration law section fourth injection for fifth day spray inhalation sixth drug allergy test and treatment of anaphylaxis in section seventh for local delivery of the fourteenth chapter of intravenous infusion and blood transfusion method the first section intravenous infusion second venous transfusion fifteenth chapter collection section specimen collection the significance and principle of various samples were collected sixteenth chapter second section observation and rescue of critical patients and nursing section observation of second day rescue of critical patients in Chapter seventeenth dying patients nursing section section second dying patients and their families nursing care of third day A case key vocabulary comprehensive training writing skills appendix occupation after the death of the eighteenth chapter of medical care and nursing records the first medical and nursing document writing and management requirements of section second and medical care in the file English table syllabus (Reference) reference
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