• Basic nursing

    Basic nursing, "basic nursing science" in twenty-one chapters. The main content includes: introduction, quality and the role of nurses, the basic concept, nursing care, nursing safety and protection, the hospital and the hospital environment, hospital admission and discharge nursing, nursing lying and patient safety, hospital infection prevention and control. ,

  • Application of nursing medication

    "Fudan excellence twenty-first Century secondary occupation education nursing textbook series, drug application of nursing" is one of the core curriculum in secondary occupation education in nursing teaching series. "Fudan excellence twenty-first Century secondary occupation education nursing textbook series, drug application of nursing" consists of 34 chapters, respectively, outlines the basic principles of drug application,

  • The nurse for books

    "Are you ready for the" content of the scientific, practical, operational, can be used as the majority of nursing graduates apply for an important reference and guide nurses before. The nurse occupation ideal candidates is the necessary way to achieve a nursing graduates. For nurses before what should be prepared to do what? The book is the nurse,

  • A nurse ICU.

    "One pass" ICU nurses in the form of interlocution outlines ICU common nursing 400 questions, including the basic theory, ICU ICU care nursing knowledge and ICU nursing skills, content is extensive, accurate answer proposition, concise, user-friendly, easy to remember and operation. "The ICU nurses,

  • Intensive care nurses. PDA.

    "Critical care nurse: palm:" from a practical, convenient angle, the intensive care knowledge into a pocket book, for first-line clinical nurse portability, access to work in. The book has 7 chapters, including the common care, care flow chart, critical care points, commonly used laboratory values and clinical significance, supervision,

  • Digestive endoscopy nursing and technology

    "Digestive endoscopy nursing and technology" introduced a variety of digestive endoscopy and treatment principle of construction, repair, accessories, maintenance and disinfection, the overall layout of endoscopy room, registration and information management of digestive endoscopy, endoscopic diagnosis of diseases, gastrointestinal endoscopy and therapy nursing; also introduces special diseases,

  • Milk stone baby care to remind

    "Milk" stone baby care to remind you of what is the Sanlu milk powder incident, melamine, pediatric urolithiasis judgement, treatment, prevention, in detail, and made to remind how to take care of the victims doll. Sanlu brand infant milk powder incident, the Party Central Committee, the State Council attached great importance to,

  • The ward nursing management and nursing quality control

    "Wards nursing management and nursing quality control assessment" editor provides ward nursing management and nursing quality control assessment reference standards of the rich, can choose in tabular form for the reader, covering all aspects of clinical nursing work and nursing management, is divided into 40, each separately by 5 ~ 60 sub,

  • Surgical nursing exam guide

    "Examination" surgical nursing wizard for ordinary higher education "eleven five" national planning materials "surgical nursing" the latest version of the supporting counseling books, written in both to the latest version of postgraduate nursing students comprehensive examination syllabus and the national nurse licensing examination syllabus. "Examination" of "surgical nursing guidance outside,

  • General surgery clinical nursing path

    "General surgery clinical nursing path" is divided into two parts the implementation of clinical nursing path and general surgery clinical nursing path, the implementation of clinical nursing path scheme is introduced in clinical nursing path background, concept, implementation of the basic conditions, procedure, significance and matters needing attention of general surgery; clinical nursing path,

  • The nurse job interview clearance

    "The nurse job interview clearance" content of the scientific, practical, maneuverability is strong, can be an important reference and guide books as the majority of nursing graduates and employment nurses before. The interview is for nurses to experience an important pass, is also the most difficult to deal with. "The nurse job interview clearance" interview, interview the basic knowledge,

  • Standardize nursing technical operation

    "Project nursing operation nursing technical operation standard" includes 45. Each operation technology is composed of three parts operation process, theory and standard score. Operation process using the procedure, the steps clear, strong operability; theory of part of the question and answer form to meet the related operation,

  • Learning and problem sets of surgical nursing

    "Higher vocational college nursing specialty teaching materials, surgical nursing guidance of learning and problem sets according to" directory "surgical nursing" textbook chapters sort, content to chapter for the unit, each chapter consists of three parts, the first part is the key and difficult points, "chapter of surgical nursing" to be concise and to the point the,

  • Learning and problem sets introduction to nursing

    "Learning and problem set" is organized in order of introduction of nursing science textbook chapters, each chapter includes learning requirements, contents, exercises and answers the four part, to help students better understand, grasp the teaching material content, achieve better learning effect. The research object of nursing with modern biomedical,

  • Nursing care of the elderly security risk management and first aid guide

    Nursing care of the elderly security risk management and first aid guide, ISBN:9787509119945, author: Zhang Jianping,

  • Division of nursing

    Fascicle nursing, "national physician, nurse" three bases "Training Series: by the Ministry of health medical administration department commissioned by the Chinese Academy of nursing, Hospital Management Institute organized some experts" nursing care section, on the basis of the basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, closely combined with the development of clinical medicine and hospital staff industry,

  • The utility of human body science nursing

    Nursing practical human science, "higher vocational curriculum reform and innovation, practical teaching of nursing human" concise, practical principles, the traditional human anatomy, histology and embryology, physiology and biochemistry of the four course of a reasonable trade-off, organic integration, mutual penetration, com.. In order to adapt teaching content, optimum, enough,

  • Guidelines for clinical nursing practice teaching

    "The clinical nursing practice teaching guide" a total of five. The first chapter introduction, describes the macro management of teaching clinical nursing practice, and practice the department teaching plan formulation and implementation, common clinical teaching methods, holistic nursing practice and teaching, health education mode and education program as well as the modern nursing document writing,

  • The new routine clinical care

    "The new routine clinical care" comprehensive, involving specialist widely, combined with clinic. "The new routine clinical care" is composed of three parts, the arrangement of the contents from the shallower to the deeper, from simple to complex and step by step, from the outpatient service to the hospital, from the ordinary to the college, from the basic routine nursing specialist generally need to each system,

  • Surgical nursing

    "Twenty-first Century talent care planning materials, the ordinary higher education" eleven five "national planning materials, surgical nursing" main content: surgical nursing professional clinical courses of nursing, the teaching materials for the national "eleven five" planning materials, a total of twenty-three chapters, separately elaborated the surgical fluid generation,

  • A pediatric nurse

    "One pass" pediatric nurses in the form of interlocution of pediatric nursing common 400 questions, including the basic theory, pediatric nursing in Department of internal medicine nursing knowledge and nursing skills. Content is extensive, accurate answer proposition, concise, user-friendly, easy to remember and operation. ,

  • Practice Handbook of obstetric nurses

    "The obstetric nurses practice Handbook" is divided into 9 chapters, introduces English diagnosis of names and terms of commonly used drugs, commonly used terms, interpretation of the female reproductive system, dissection, application of fetal intrapartum assessment, physiological, psychological characteristics and nursing operation technique, commonly used in delivery room, abnormal parturition disposal, delivery room internship program and evaluation,

  • Community rehabilitation nursing guidance of learning

    "Community rehabilitation nursing guidance of learning" is the community nursing in strict accordance with the National Higher Education Self-study Examination Guidance Committee (independent undergraduate course paragraph) special textbook contents and the self-study exam syllabus prepared, self-study and item selection and similar. This book learning guided by the student paper, self testing parts,,

  • Neural Department of internal medicine nursing

    "Neural Department of internal medicine nursing" in nursing, examination and treatment of neurological diseases in Department of internal medicine of knowledge as the main content, anatomy, from basic neurological department of internal medicine disease pathophysiology to a variety of clinical manifestations, treatment and drug monitoring and so on, knowledge interlocution form in detail. "Neural Department of internal medicine nursing" scientific and practical,

  • Chronic kidney disease community nursing and self management of common chronic diseases in community nursing.

    "Chronic disease community nursing and self management" in chronic kidney disease diagnosis, treatment and nursing care and basic knowledge, introduces three grade prevention community chronic kidney disease, emphasized on the early and early treatment, will be active to chronic kidney disease control in clinical controlled, can alleviate stage, emphasizing the kidney,

  • Home care nursing

    "Home care nursing" is the teaching of nursing Zhejiang University Publishing House of science. The number and the aging of our elderly population of speed is the worst in the world, how the economy is not developed situation to the aging society, is very concerned about the party and state the problem. In February 21, 2008, the National Committee on aging, released,

  • Nursing of infectious disease

    Nursing of infectious disease, "communicable diseases nursing (Second Edition)" is divided into 7 chapters, the first chapter describes the basic knowledge of communicable diseases nursing should possess, such as epidemic conditions and the influencing factors, characteristics of infectious diseases, infectious diseases, diagnosis and treatment principles, infectious disease prevention measures so, this chapter introduces the infectious disease,

  • Clinical common psychological problems and psychological nursing

    "The clinical common psychological problems and nursing" is divided into 3 parts and 22 chapters. Part one introduces the psychological health, psychological defense and psychological stress, mental and physical illness, psychological assessment and other relevant content; introduces the psychological characteristics of the outpatient, inpatient, common diseases, psychological problems and intervention, psychological and the relationship between doctors and patients;,

  • Nursing of traditional Chinese Medicine

    "Chinese medicine nursing" authors were engaged in Chinese medicine nursing education in Medical College experts and young scholars. In line with the focuses on the basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills, outstanding emphasize the principle of compiling the textbook. The structure, more use of the chart, and for the first time in the Chinese teaching materials in the use of the expression of mind map,

  • Modern clinical department of internal medicine nursing

    The book is divided into eleven parts and 88 chapters. The first chapter is the introduction, describes the nursing mode and the present situation, the development trend of Department of internal medicine nursing ward, Department of internal medicine, construction and management etc.. The twenty-first chapter introduces the respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system, blood system, nervous system, kidney disease, rheumatic disease,

  • Nursing practice book

    "Nursing practice book" is nursing tool. "Nursing practice book" a total of 22 chapters, including the introduction of sanatorium nursing, nursing management system and method, all levels of nursing staff's responsibilities and work flow, nursing care and technical operations of conventional, trauma care and first aid, nursing and technology,

  • Community mental health care study guide

    "Hunan province higher education self-study examination of student series of community nursing professional teaching materials: community mental health care study guide (Second Edition)" is divided into ten chapters, each chapter has learning guidance, comprehensive exercises and answers. Learning can help students to review, grasp the key content of each chapter is comprehensive,

  • Dictionary Blackwell nursing

    "Blackwell nursing Dictionary (Second Edition)" covers nursing professional fields, including normal measurements, concept, professional institutions, journals, continuing professional development, professional practice, higher education quality assurance framework code, understanding in practice and the implementation of clinical research. This dictionary,

  • The charge nurse handbooks

    "The charge nurse handbooks" that the theory of accurate and precise, emphasize the system and transfer of knowledge, emphasizes the combination of theory and practice, and strive to embody the "take the patient as the center", "people-oriented" ideology. The nurse is to ensure that the hospital management implementation of line managers, in order to promote the participation of all management, change passive service into,

  • Nursing and rehabilitation of osteoporosis

    "Nursing and rehabilitation" osteoporosis has four parts, focusing on senile osteoporosis medical knowledge, prominent senile osteoporosis in nursing and rehabilitation of the basic knowledge of community and family, for elderly patients with osteoporosis study and reference, is also the community doctors carry out the ideal reference book of osteoporosis education,

  • Training course for community nurses

    "Training course" community nurses in the development of community health services national policy guidance, outstanding scientific, advanced and practical, to meet the health needs of the community health service focus groups as the main line, starting from the basic theory, basic knowledge and basic skills, the community nurses in the six functions should bear,

  • Nursing research

    "Nursing research (two): Study Guide" is based on the Ministry of health of undergraduate nursing professional planning materials "nursing research" (people's Medical Publishing House, Xiao Shunzhen, 2006) and the self-study exam outline and write, in order to allow candidates based on fully understanding the contents of each chapter, through the exercise,

  • Communication skills for nurses

    "Communication skills" the nurse is the crystallization of dozens of senior nurses for years or even decades of work experience, sex, innovation sex, practicality and its content of science, illustrated the way in order to detail the introduction of nurses in the work of all kinds of specimen collection techniques, aseptic technique operation skills, all kinds of technical skills, commonly used treatment,

  • The common clinical nursing of multiple diseases routine

    "The common clinical nursing of multiple diseases routine" consists of eight sections and thirty-seven chapters, a comprehensive introduction to the routine care of common diseases in clinical departments, especially the technology of nursing and psychological nursing for patients in a hospital. At the same time "common clinical nursing of multiple diseases routine" also introduced new business related to medical care in recent years,

  • Handbook of new nurses in Department of gynecology and obstetrics

    "Handbook of new nurses in Department of gynecology and obstetrics" the editor with the latest information at home and abroad, starting from the actual clinical obstetrics and gynecology nursing, has compiled the 12 chapter. The chapters are in pursuit of efficiency as the goal, to simplify, the complex work orderly, standardized clinical nursing. The specific content involves the occupation moral quality of nurses in Department of gynecology and obstetrics,

  • Clinical nursing technical operation and quality evaluation

    "The clinical nursing technical operation and quality evaluation" according to the Ministry of health related technical specifications and requirements, based on domestic and foreign nursing quality standards, divided into two parts, respectively, on the basis of nursing in forty-eight and nursing in thirty-one of the system specification. Each operation of preparation before operation, operation,

  • The utility subjective optometry Technology Handbook

    "Practical subjective optometry technical manual" describes the most commonly used clinical subjective optometry technology, is divided into eight chapters: the first chapter introduces the basic knowledge of related ametropia overview; the second chapter phoropter to explain the subjective optometry optometry doctor tools most commonly used; the third to seven chapter discusses control, don't astigmatism correction, single,

  • Community nursing

    "Consists of 12 chapters of community nursing", the basic theory, main content includes the community nursing basic working method, basic knowledge about community nursing service characteristics and focus. One of the first to the fourth chapter mainly introduces the basic concept of community health service and community nursing, nursing procedure, epidemiology, health education,

  • Nurse observation skills

    "The nurse observation skills" tells the story: with the development and change of nursing mode, the last functional nursing, nursing responsibility system has been replaced by the holistic nursing care, nursing staff in the implementation of holistic nursing, all patients from the body to the humanization, individualized psychological nursing, nurses can not blindly,

  • Nursing

    "2010 Nursing (judges) to pass the exam will do 3000 questions" is nursing (judges) qualification examination counseling information, according to the latest examination outline, and the types and number of calendar year Zhenti in all test subjects and sections of the distribution, carefully selected more than 3000 chapter review strong training problems (including fine,

  • The art of War: clinical guidance of gastrointestinal surgery

    "Gastrointestinal surgery clinical guidance" is divided into six chapters, and is equipped with many beautiful illustrations, respectively from the six parts of abdominal injury, abdominal hernia, stomach, duodenal diseases, intestinal diseases, peritoneum, omentum and mesentery, disease pathogenesis, disease appendix of disease pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment etc.,

  • Department of orthopedics nursing technology

    "Department of orthopedics nursing technology" utility is divided into 7 chapters, respectively introduces commonly used in Department of orthopedics, Department of orthopedics nursing, nursing technique symptoms of diseases in Department of orthopedics nursing routine nursing care, joint replacement, arthroscopic operation nursing, rehabilitation nursing, limb fracture patients in the Department of orthopedics. The new theory, New Technology Department of orthopedics nursing, with a large number of graphic, image,

  • Study of Chinese medicine nursing

    "Basic nursing study guide" in strict accordance with the research on textbook construction of higher medicine, Ministry of health planning materials "nursing" (people's Medical Publishing House, chief editor Liu Jixin) content and the self-study exam syllabus prepared, exam questions and difficulty for the self test, and,

  • The nurse candidates written examination guidance

    "The nurse candidates written guidance" applied to the test content, test time and methods, common examination questions, exam tips and strategies are introduced in detail. Focus on the basic anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology and medical theory, basic nursing knowledge and inside and outside, women, children and other special nursing,

  • Modern clinical surgical nursing

    "Modern clinical surgical nursing" is divided into two parts, a total of 17 chapters. The first part is the pandect, with the 10 chapter expounds the development, construction and management of surgical nursing in surgical wards, carried on the elaboration in view of nursing in surgical patients in peri operation period, the psychological, pain, nutrition, transplantation, and introduced the commonly used external,

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