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Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Ma Ying, Gu Yuqi, people's Medical Publishing (2009-06)   Author:Ma Ying, Gu Yuqi   Pages´╝Ü439  

Psychological counseling and intervention refers to the use of the theory of psychology knowledge and skills, help the visitors elimination in the work, learning, life because of a variety of factors induced cognitive confusion, emotional confusion, depression and other adverse psychological state, improve interpersonal relationships, improve the caller principal method of dynamic adjustment and adaptation to the environment, so as to promote the the purpose of the physical and mental health. In the society, some misunderstandings still exist for psychological counseling and intervention, it is mainly aimed at the mental state is non normal circumstances peopleAnd setting, and no ordinary people. In fact, the psychological counseling and intervention is widely used in various organizations in various industries, and each individual is an application science. Because in the complicated social life, everyone may have different degrees of psychological problems or mental crisis, life size things happen relationship with. Great things in life, such as: promotion or laid-off turnover, list, or because of marriage or divorce, bankruptcy or make a fortune; more trivial things in life, such as: Workplace relationships between annoyance, children period between parent and child emotion in daily chores, countermeasures. Whether it is positive or negative events, changes will correspondingly bring change of the life style and attitude to the individual. When the capacity of the degree of difficulty of these events beyond people solve problems or caused great changes on demand, usually cause people psychologically disturbed, and accompanied by the tension, anxiety degree of emergence, frustration and confusion, and even lead to improper behavior, plagued the people's work and life. If the individual can not be timely adjust myself to this kind of change state of mind and emotion, it is prone to mental confusion or psychological crisis. And psychological counseling and intervention can help people to get rid of this trouble or psychological crisis, overcome bad habits, but also can effectively help people dredge psychological, direction, maintain mental health, positive face of stressful events, improve the ability to adapt to society, and even has to save the significance of life. Along with the people to the psychological consulting requirement is increasing day by day, hope to get psychological counseling and intervention that is increasing year by year, but the proportion of psychological counseling and intervention team of professionals with growing demand imbalance, professionals lack. It is this social demand, cultivation of psychological counseling and intervention and the corresponding professional talent attracted the attention of the entire society. There are various types of psychological consultation knowledge training class in society, to participate in the training of personnel from all walks of life, teachers, doctors, students, civil servants, police officers, and some free occupation etc.. At present, China has established a "psychological consultant qualification examination" system, obtain counselors are eligible to engage in psychological counseling and intervention work. People apply for counselors is increasing year by year. But the candidates even passed the qualification examination for counselors, counselors qualifications, because the system theory knowledge and the lack of clinical experience, are not proficient with caller access, can not be better to do psychological counseling. Now, there are specialized books and periodicals many psychological aspects of the market, but many books on the theory of superabundant, and on clinical case studies and analysis; or the opposite, a lot of case counseling and lack of relevant theoretical analysis. All in all, difficult to meet the actual needs of counseling and intervention worker psychology.

The current domestic a counselor training boom, all over the country are using their teachers or various special relationship established counselor training class, all over the country to participate in training courses are also more and more. However, according to market to reflect, those trained students even through the examination to obtain qualification certificates, but still can not directly receive visitors access, unable to effectively do the psychological counseling. Because the qualification exam, study content, just so they can get some psychological consultation with some basic knowledge and concepts and methods of consultation is very simple; and psychological counseling needs counseling personnel in the basic understanding of the related psychological knowledge, theory and methods to systematically grasp the psychological consultation, a lot of case analysis example but with practice experience, teaching content, counselor qualification examination is unable to achieve this goal, therefore, even with the qualification certificate, still can not be effectively engaged in this occupation, this also is those confused by trained school have place, they needed to continue education in the psychological consultation. In addition, there are also not going to pass the psychological consultation qualification certificate of the people, in order to be able to do their own psychological health care or help others, to learn the knowledge of psychological consulting has a pressing desire to learn, but they were unable to find the relevant training institutions to meet the demand of the books and, according to these people, also can continue to education combined with psychological counseling to meet their needs. In view of this, we and the Ministry of civil affairs departments associated with education, training of counselors, counselors to continue education and training work, therefore, the psychologist published strong continuing education series. This series is different from the university teaching material, is also different from the psychological consultant training materials, but the counselor should knowledge and methods must master and the combination of non professional psychology student planning the structure and writing method. Each book 30 words; the combination of theory and case, pay attention to the application of operation, outstanding, frontier. Requires clear thinking, clear, simple language and clear. Theory is introduced to explain profound theories in simple language, readability is strong. Case analysis on the basis of the theory knowledge, not absolute analysis. Series of readers is above the intermediate title or above college level of knowledge of all mental lovers; obtain qualified students, counselors counselors obtained certificates of training students, psychological health education of the students.
Catalogue of books

The first chapter psychoanalytic therapy first psychoanalytic therapy overview section second psychoanalytic therapy mainly third psychoanalytic therapy adaptability fourth psychoanalytic therapy evaluation and discard the second chapter hypnotherapy first hypnotherapy overview section second hypnosis therapy the specific content of the third section hypnosis therapy and clinical application of fourth day self hypnosis third the first section of chapter behavior therapy behavior therapy overview section second behavioral therapy methods in section third of chapter fourth brief evaluation of behavior therapy cognitive therapy and cognitive therapy is the first section of second section Beck cognitive therapy and clinical application of third day Mei Qin Baum's cognitive behavior modification therapy fifth chapter client centered therapy first client centered therapy overview second section of client centered therapy process section third client centered therapy basic technology of the sixth chapter of positive psychotherapy the first positive psychotherapy overview section second of positive psychological treatment methods and case for my third day of positive psychotherapy theory from the seventh chapter of Morita therapy the first section of the Morita therapy overview section second Morita therapy treatment for Morita in the third quarter method Clinical application of the eighth chapter of Naikan therapy section of Naikan therapy principle and type second Naikan therapy condition and process of third day therapy features and applicability of the ninth chapter of sandplay therapy first sandplay therapy origin second sandplay therapy to implement section third sandplay therapy of the role and attitude fourth sandplay therapy the tenth chapter cases even dredge psychological therapy section dredge psychological therapy overview section second dredge psychological therapy practical technology and the case for my third day of psychological counseling and mental health characteristics and Prospect of the eleventh chapter of family therapy first family therapy overview section second family therapy process section third case of family therapy for my twelfth chapter interaction the first section analysis therapy interaction analysis therapy overview section second interaction analysis principle of treatment of third day interactive analysis the application of the thirteenth chapter of biofeedback therapy biofeedback therapy in the first quarter of second nervous system disease and mental disease third functional gastrointestinal disorders in section fourth, diseases of the circulatory system the fourteenth chapter first festival of music therapy treatment overview section second music therapy the method and technology of Shu Di Three music therapy clinical application of fourth oriental music therapy and treatment instrument fifteenth chapter painting therapy first painting therapy overview section second paintings in the psychological assessment of the application in section third of chapter sixteenth of painting therapy clinical application of cognitive comprehend therapy first cognition insight therapy overview section second cognitive comprehend therapy method in section third understanding therapy clinical application of seventeenth chapter Wujian therapy section Wujian therapy overview section second Wujian therapy therapist training third day Wujian therapy diagnostic evaluation section fourth Wujian therapy technology in the eighteenth chapter the psychotherapy of TCM section TCM psychological therapy overview section second psychotherapy of TCM basic theory of TCM Psychotherapy section third methods the nineteenth chapter Taoist cognitive therapy section Chinese Taoist cognitive therapy overview section second Taoist cognitive therapy core values third Taoist cognitive therapy techniques in section fourth Taoist cognitive therapy evaluation reference
Chapter excerpt

Illustration: in the first chapter, the first section of psychoanalysis psychoanalysis of psychoanalytic therapy is one of the most important treatment method of psychological therapy, founded in late nineteenth Century by the Austria psychiatrist Freud. Its theoretical basis is the creation of Freud's psychoanalytic theory. Psychoanalytic therapy, have broad sense and narrow sense, psychoanalytic therapy in narrow sense refers only to psychotherapy Freud himself created, and psychoanalytic therapy generalized refers to Freud's disciples in the inheritance and criticism of Freud therapy based on the creation and use of the therapy. Psychoanalytic therapy mentioned in this thesis refers only to the Freud method, namely the classical psychoanalytic therapy. A, psychoanalysis is different from the traditional study of perception, thinking, conscious mental problem theory of psychoanalysis, but on the basis of clinical treatment focuses on the study of the subconscious, passion, motivation and personality and other deeper content, so usually the psychoanalysis is also known as the depth psychology. Psychoanalysis founder Freud think: can be divided into three levels of human consciousness, psychology, namely before the conscious and subconscious. Consciousness is the psychological part related to direct perception, is that people can experience the part before; consciousness is part of consciousness, namely, "although there is no conscious but can think up" that part; in the view of Freud, former consciousness in between conscious and subconscious, it can be called back part, also is that you can recall the experience. The unconscious impulses, including people's repressed desires, past trauma experience, not for real allow emotions and thoughts, motive conflict and complex, although not being conscious, but to some extent will affect people's lives, it is the normal activities of the internal driving force. Freud in a hysterical visitors were found the course of clinical treatment: visitors to tell the sex related, the temptation from their childhood fantasy or spontaneous desire. The so-called sexual temptation is actually a shadow memory. The normal state down the visitor in the nostalgic childhood to heterosexual parents and to same-sex parents hate experience in the subconscious, but visitors in the symptoms and the dream of this experience will be displayed. Therefore, he put forward the root of psychological obstacles in psychological conflicts childhood sexual psychology development failed to solve. This has a strong emotion of desire or motivation is repressed in the human subconscious in the field, though the self is not aware of it and understand it, but it has not disappeared, but lurking and continue to play a role in human psychology, consciousness, to exert influence, through the psychological transformation mechanism to show symptoms of neurosis or the dream and the failure form. Psychoanalytic therapy is to dig out the psychological conflicts repression in the subconscious, remove its camouflage, which rose to consciousness, and let visitors understand the, to correct or eliminate in reality under the guidance of the principle, so that the psychological barrier to eliminate, the disease can be cured.
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"Technology and the method of" psychological counseling is Ma Ying and Gu Yuqi write, by people's Medical Publishing house.
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