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"Blue" is a out of the ordinary about depression works: the author is a prestigious best-selling author and depression researchers, more special is, he himself is a three degree suffered from severe depression, grinding patients, which makes both the large number of interviews, investigations and studies to detailed the material in this book, the author also records imprint is engraved on my heart. "melancholy" course, this unique life experience to encourage authors and readers of every -- with great courage and wisdom, to discover the beauty of life.
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Andrew Solomon, graduated from the Yale University in British Cambridge American and Jesus College, art critic, "New York guest" "Art Forum" columnist. Author of "the open era Soviet Union art" and "rock the boat" novels, which appeared in the "Losangeles times" first novel award. He was writing the book, is a severe depression patients. After several crashes and try to find out the solution, he compiled a report, published in the "New York guest". Did not expect this report readers vast echoing, he decided to expand the story for a medical, psychological, from literature, history, political perspectives comprehensively depression book.
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The first chapter second chapter third chapter melancholy collapse treatment of fourth chapter fifth chapter sixth chapter offbeat treatment group seventh chapter, eighth chapter of history of addiction Dutch act ninth chapter tenth chapter eleventh chapter poor political evolution of the twelfth chapter of hope
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In 2001 won the National Book Award, America Amazon's best books award, has been translated into 21 languages, won 11 international awards, sold 250000 copies worldwide. Depression may be the human cannot escape the devil, but love, wisdom and strength of will and great power, can help you out of despair of the domain, it is always a moment of magic, impossibly beautiful. Do not see evil, don't know to cherish the good; when you are going through hell, can be found in paradise. "Blue" is a attract people's attention, no limitation, an open mind, practical and useful book. This book is the best that human beings through mental strength to overcome great fear of mental disorder, and it also gives us all hope. "The times" -- the invitation literary editor Erika Wagner blue: a book by despair, suffering from severe depression in the corner writers have written autobiography, heuristic function. -- "news weekly" Andrew Salomon in writing this book, are suffering from severe depression third degrees of invasion...... I want those annoying trouble, it is only a short Feeling's Gone Away, because Andrew has shared with us his reliable, full of touching plot personal story. -- "independent" "blue" is a book full of courage and memorable book, in addition to detailed investigation and study of literary grace and moving, the practicability of with medicine. "The observer" -- "melancholy" make you learn humility, to continue the road of life, and for some of the opening of a new bureau. It is a rich, elegant and profound challenges. -- "the Sunday Herald" @##@
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