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Date of publication:2008-4   Press: World Book Inc   Author:[America] Susan Band, [u] Edward Meisner   Pages´╝Ü308  

Author: (United States), translator: Zhong Hui Susan Band bender, doctor of medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) psychiatrist, specializing in child and adolescent mental disorders. Dr. bender and Harvard Medical School psychiatry clinical teachers. Since she was in San Francisco, California University to receive a medical degree, in MGH complete psychiatric residency training in psychiatric treatment of children, psychological dynamics for writing in 1998 won the MGH psychiatric "". Edward Meisner, MD, MGH senior psychiatrists, clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Meisner graduated from Harvard Medical School, completed an internship in San Francisco, later in the America Air Force School (USAF) study of aviation medicine. As a South Korean Air Force Department of general surgery consultants,
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In the first part the first chapter first contact to determine the interview consultation schedule then? For the first time to meet patients, no matter how inconvenient, as long as they put forward, I almost all nod answer, because I don't want to lose the treatment may be due to objective reasons. However, with the accumulation of experience, I have changed. Now, before determining the first meet in the back, I will first sort out what time their own convenience admissions, and then only provide these time periods, thereby avoiding the inappropriate arrangement. Although the initial reception of the time is not the future treatment of time, however, patients often will most probably it did not actually happen that the same time. If the time of first admissions is an exception, then, in terms of future treatment time, the therapist must explain the situation to the patients. In the treatment of the first year, sometimes appointment absurd, as every Wednesday morning at 6:30, I got the ride to see patients. To tell the truth, at the beginning, I really don't mind. Someone willing to find my treatment, I have to one's heart's content. Summer, when I ride 30 minutes arrived at the clinic, the sun has been rising, along with the first ray of dawn, we start the interview, I also the interview as I one day the most important thing. In the winter, my mood also like winter West under the sunset, gradually lost heat. In order to make. Before the sun rises, I must spend 15 minutes of hard across the snow to the subway station. When I pant for breath to clinic, patients did not appear. I called to ask the reason, he said it was too cold, really can't so early for appointments. This is only the beginning of his winter repeatedly fail. I tried to change the time of interview, he insisted that the whole week, only then has the empty. I fell into a common dilemma: treatment for beginners, I put more enthusiasm than he is, and I don't want to put forward to the agreed time of interview.......
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Recommended sequence. The translator order introduction part I consulting the first chapter first contact with the second chapter first met third chapter to create therapeutic alliance risk assessment Dutch act fourth chapter consolidation therapy Union about psychosomatic history chapter fifth acquisition of psychological and social history of the development of screening of sixth common mental disorders chapter treatment plan part II settings and related elements of the seventh chapter is the eighth chapter pricing the ninth chapter and the charges.. call -- from degenerative dependence to emergency tenth chapter, eleventh chapter of late and delay its confidentiality and security boundary in part III of chapter twelfth @##@ chemical substance abuse The same is the dialogue, the dialogue between therapist and patient why so mysterious? Psychotherapist how "words" to the disease? This book will answer for you. This is a psychological counseling and treatment guide books, financial "psychology" and "language arts" in one, guide the psychologist says what, why, how in the interview said that; covering from reservation visitors to the termination of treatment of psychological treatment process. The book cleverly psychology knowledge into the case of treatment, according to consulting practice psychotherapist simulated situations dialogue scene. The use of the unique dialogue design, positive and negative examples to make your work in practice can easily understand and grasp the psychological counseling and therapy.
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"The answer" psychotherapist art unique dialogue design, positive and negative examples to make your work in practice can easily understand and grasp the psychological counseling and therapy.
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  •   Even a child care behavior development professional, very practical, than listen to the ten so-called experts show noun, income; a scale, can draw on paper, light. Recommend. Excellent service, fast. Thank you.
  •   More cases, only pay attention to what, not what constructive suggestions
  •   This book is a translation of the foreign language books, not the same feeling culture, can only say casually have a look, but also for some cases, there should be TIPS, tagging it needs attention... Anyway, the general feeling
  •   If not a psychologist can also be obtained from the specific methods of communication.
  •   Li Ming teacher recommended, to watch it.
  •   The book is too bad, because there is no way to get in touch with the seller, I really want to give up, the paper range very, really, here you can see the other side of the word, it is the interference of reading, it is more important for the page is completely random, call a person incomprehensible! Do not know who to contact!
  •   To complement each other sincerity and author of the translator.
  •   Well, are studied, the quality of the book look OK
  •   Can download, buy only after the know, now regret
  •   With a bit of professionals, non professional is only for entertainment.
  •   Is a very good book, but!
  •   The language is simple, vivid case, be good at giving systematic guidance
  •   First, the quality of the book is very bad, old, broken! Second, time for replacement procedures, work delay, mismanagement, resulting in half a month, I take the initiative to call the two phone calls about the status of orders, the results did not have the goods!
  •   This is a very suitable for new consultants reading book, told we do some settings and teach us to meet some situation, it is practical.
  •   Psychology of reading textbooks, have never met before booking, to the Advisory, charges and so on are doing one one shows. Just some of the content does not meet the conditions of China.

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